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【Nisekoi】Past popularity poll results summary! Thorough explanation of popular characters!


Nisekoi is a romantic comedy manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2011 to 2016.
The original author is Naoshi Furumi, and the comic has a total of 25 volumes. It has been made into an anime twice, and even into a live-action movie starring Kento Nakajima and Ayami Nakajo.
In this article, I will introduce the popular characters of Nisekoi.

Nisekoi First Popularity Poll Results

The voting period started on November 5, 2012, and the results were announced in the 9th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump 2013 and the 7th volume of the book.
The total number of votes cast was 17759, and the results are as follows

No.1 Kosaki Onodera 4893 votes
No.2 Kirisaki Chitoge 4338 votes
No.3 thrush seishirou with 2982 votes
No.4 Marika Tachibana 2694 votes
No.5 Ruri Miyamoto 971 votes
No.6 Ichiryo Raku : 660 votes
No.7 Maiko Shu 506 votes
No.8 Claude 253 votes
No.9 Kyoko-chan 147 votes
No.10 Naoshi Furumi 70 votes

Nisekoi Second Popularity Poll Results

The voting period took place between November 11 and November 30, 2013, and the results were announced in the November 2014 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.
The total number of votes cast was 24020, and the results were as follows

No.1 Kosaki Onodera 5510 votes (Previous ranking: No.1)
No. 2 Marika Tachibana 4518 votes (4th place last time)
No.3 Chitoge Kirisaki 4341 votes (Previous ranking #2)
No.4 Ruri Miyamoto 2902 votes (5th place last time)
No.5 Tugumi seisirou 2889 votes (3rd place last time)
No. 6 Haru Onodera 1212 votes (17th place last time)
No.7 Raku Ichijo 662 votes (6th place last time)
No. 8 Kaze 515 votes (New)
No.9 Paula McCoy – 494 votes (New)
no.10 Shinohara Mikage # 441 votes (New)

Nisekoi 3rd Popularity Poll Results

The voting period took place between November 30 and December 21, 2015, and the results were announced in Weekly Shonen Jump 2016 issue 17.
The total number of votes cast was 15795, and the results are as follows
No.1 Chitoge Kirisaki 4443 (2nd place last time/3rd place last time)
No.2 Kosaki Onodera 4337 votes (No.1 in the previous ranking and No.1 in the previous ranking)
No.3 Tugumi seisirou with 2048 votes (No.3 last time / No.5 last time)
No.4 Marika Tachibana  1623 votes (No. 4 last time and No. 2 last time)
No.5 Haru Onodera 1041 votes (17th last time / 6th last time)
No.6 Ruri Miyamoto 792 votes (5th place last time / 4th place last time)
No.7 Kanade Kurahane  216 votes (New)
No.8 Senka Tachibana – 186 votes (New)
No.9 KAZE-chan 165 (New last time / No.8 last time)
No.10 Elrain Figaretto 159 (21st place last time / 17th place last time

Top 5 characters in the popularity poll

Here are the characters up to the fifth place ranking in the third and final popularity poll.
Although the third popularity poll has the lowest total number of votes, the characters up to the fifth place had more than 1000 votes cast, showing a bias in the popularity of the characters.
Among them, the popularity of Kirisaki Chitoge (1st place) and Onodera Kosaki (2nd place) was tremendous, with a combined total of 8780 votes, more than a majority of the total votes cast.

No.5 Onodera Haru

The fifth most popular Nisekoi character is Haru Onodera.
Haru Onodera is the younger sister of Kosaki Onodera, and although she is a bit strong-willed and stubborn, she is basically honest and serious. She is a student at Bon Yari High School and is one grade below Raku and his friends. When she is not at school, she helps out at her family’s Japanese sweets shop with her sister, Kosaki Onodera.
In junior high school, she attended an all-girls boarding school, and seems to be somewhat uncomfortable around boys. Therefore, at first she was very wary of Raku, believing the false rumors around her.
However, her girlish side, such as her longing for the prince who saved her (actually Raku Ichijo), is gaining popularity.
Although she is strong-willed and stubborn, she is actually serious and pure, which is probably what won her fans’ support.

No.4 Tachibana Marika


The fourth most popular character in Nisekoi is Marika Tachibana.
She is the only daughter of the police commissioner and has been physically weak since she was a child, but she hides this from everyone and always acts cheerfully. Like Chitoge and Kosaki, Marika is a girl who has a key.
She has been training to be Raku’s wife since she was a child, and is good at housework, but she is not good at studies or sports that are not related to love.
She is good at housework, but she is not good at studies or sports that are not related to love. She is also aggressive enough to hug Raku without giving him a second glance, but when Raku comes to her, she gets impatient, which is cute and is probably the secret to her popularity.
In addition, Marika has a straightforward personality and can hardly see anyone but Raku. She is so fond of Raku that she even names her parrot “Raku-sama. She also has a straightforward side, and has been growing her hair ever since Raku told her when she was little that she looked more girlish with long hair.
This single-mindedness and straightforwardness towards the person she loves is probably one of the reasons why she has become so popular.

No.3 Tugumi Seisirou

The third most popular Nisekoi character is Tugumi Seisirou.
Tugumi is a member of the Beehive and attends an ordinary high school while working as Chitose’s valet. In the beginning, he was a handsome boy who followed Chitose, but he was actually a girl with big breasts.
He is raised by Claude as an assassin, but he has a strong and cool side that makes Claude think he is a man until the very end. However, the cute side of the girl, such as her shyness and frequent crying, also attracted fans.
When she first appeared, she acted like a man, but after Chitose told her to be more girly, she started wearing a big ribbon in her hair.
He is also a good cook and has a homely side that separates plastic bags into usable sizes.
Thrush is one of the world’s best assassins, but his loyalty to Chitoge and his family-oriented side that grabs your stomach are probably the secrets to his popularity.

No.2 Onodera Kosaki

The second most popular Nisekoi character is Onodera Kosaki.
Onodera is one of the main heroines of Nisekoi, and attended the same school as Raku in junior high and high school. She is a natural and calm person, but she can be bold at times, and she has been in love with Raku since junior high school.
She has had feelings for Raku since junior high school, but due to their personalities and numerous obstacles, their relationship has not developed.
She is a shy and friend-oriented girl who is well liked by everyone.
Her cooking skills are so hopeless that her mother says she should never cook outside of her home, but she can make something delicious only once in ten thousand times. Also, although his cooking skills are not good, his skills in finishing and checking the taste of Japanese sweets are top-notch.
This is why they will become pastry chefs in the future.
If someone is injured, he will take out an adhesive bandage and take care of it. On the other hand, when he gets upset, his facial expression will immediately show on his face, which is a natural reaction.

No.1 Kirisaki Chitoge

The number one character in Nisekoi’s popularity ranking is Chitoge Kirisaki.
Like Onodera, Chitoge is also one of the main heroines, and goes to high school while playing the role of a fake lover with Raku.
She is violent and violent all the time, but she is a good-natured and kind-hearted person who can get along with anyone. She is a smart and athletic girl who can do anything, but she has a surprising side to her: she is terrible at cooking, to the point of burning everything, and she is not very good at cleaning up her room, which is always a mess.
To others, she seems perfect, but only to her boyfriend, Raku, she shows her bad side, which is one of her charms.
She and Raku were fake lovers, but as she gets to know him, she starts to like him. She also has a girlish side that makes her regret and worry about the things she says to Raku that she doesn’t mean.
The secret to her popularity is the tsundere side that she shows only in front of the person she loves, even though she seems perfect to everyone around her.。


I have summarized the popularity polls and popular characters of Nisekoi.
The third popular character
Haru Onodera, with her strong-willed and stubborn side, and her pure side.
The character of Marika Tachibana, who has a single-minded determination to go straight for the person she loves.
Despite being the world’s strongest assassin, Seishirou Tugumi has a family-oriented side.
She is the class madonna who charms men without any ulterior motives.
Kirisaki Chitoge, who can do anything but is a tsundere in front of the people she loves.
The above are the top five results of the third popularity poll.
There are many characters with strong personalities, so why don’t you read the Nisekoi books and create your own favorite character?

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