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【The Misfit of Demon King Academy】Are Misha & Sasha really twins? Verification Summary

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From the TV anime “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” to be aired in the summer of 2020, we have a big feature on the heroines Misha and Sasha!
Although they are twin sisters, the two heroines actually have complicated circumstances, and we’ll get to the bottom of it and bring you the charm of each of them!

Misha Negron Character Overview

出典 : ©2019 秋/KADOKAWA/Demon King Academy : TVアニメ「魔王学院の不適合者」公式サイト

A female character and one of the heroines in “TThe Misfit of Demon King Academy”.
She is a student at the Demon King Academy Derzogade, and a classmate of the main character Anos Voldigård.

Her platinum blonde hair is long on the sides, and she wears it in a fluffy vertical roll.
She has a cute appearance with blue eyes and a straight nose, and her innocent expression is always calm.
She wears a white-colored uniform in the academy.

She is the twin sister of Sasha Necron, one of the Seven Demon Princes, and a member of the prestigious Ivis Necron family.
However, she is regarded as a lowly person and is not treated as a member of the royal family.

She has a very quiet personality, and is quite reticent, so she doesn’t say much.
She has a very strong magical power, recording an astonishing 100246, while other students’ magical power is 100-200.

Her voice actor is Tomori Kusunoki.

Sasha Negron Character Overview

出典 : ©2019 秋/KADOKAWA/Demon King Academy : TVアニメ「魔王学院の不適合者」公式サイト

A female character and one of the heroines in “The Nonconformist of the Academy of Magical Kings”.
She is a student at the Demon King Academy Derzogade, and a classmate of the main character Anos Voldigård.

She has blond hair, blue eyes, and twin tails.
She is Misha’s twin sister, and although her height and facial features are similar to Misha’s, her facial expression is the complete opposite and she is always determined to win.
She also wears a black uniform, unlike Misha.

She is a direct descendant of the Ivis Necrons, and is the owner of the “Demon Eye of Doom”, which evokes the “Doomsday Factor” in everything in sight, causing it to destroy itself.
She is called the “Witch of Doom” because of this threat.
However, since she is not able to completely control the Demon Eye of Doom, she sometimes unconsciously activates it when her emotions get the better of her.

He has a strong personality as well as a winning expression, and Anos says that he is “a little cocky.
On the other hand, when she loses a game, she has the grace to follow through quietly.

Her voice actress is Yuko Natsuyoshi.

Her encounter with Anos was a contrast

出典 : ©2019 秋/KADOKAWA/Demon King Academy : TVアニメ「魔王学院の不適合者」公式サイト

Misha and Sasha, the twin sisters and heroines of this work, seem to have similar facial features and wavelengths of magical power, but they are opposites in every other way.
And the encounter with Anos is no exception.

The encounter between Misha and Anos was quite peaceful.

The Demon Lord Anos, who was reincarnated 2000 years later for the sake of peace in the demon world, spirit world, god world, and human world, is curious about the current situation in the human world, knowing that his blood is mixed not only with demons but also with humans.
Moreover, his former castle has been turned into a school for training “Demon Emperors,” the closest thing to a Demon Lord, and when he receives an invitation from the Demon Lord Academy, Delzogade, he goes to the academy, not out of parental love, but out of a sense of originality and interest in the human world.
During the entrance exam, I met Misha.

Misha is a fast-paced girl with a unique air about her, and even when Anos lays waste to the other students with the power of the Demon King and uses a magic called “igurum,” which does not exist in the modern world, she does not show any particular sign of fear and becomes Anos’ confidant.
Later, when Anos gave the number “0” in the test of magical power, he saw that Anos had exceptional magical power, and when Anos later stated that he was the founder of the Demon King, he accepted it without hesitation.

However, he was not without emotion, and when Anos called him a friend, he revealed his joy with a smile that he had never shown before.
The relationship between the Demon Lord Anos and Misha deepened quietly and steadily.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s encounter with Anos began with a one-sided rant.
Sasha, who was sitting next to Anos, declared that Misha was a “defective doll” and a “junk doll that only moves by magic.
She did not treat Misha, who was supposed to be her sister, as either a demon or a human, and even said with a cold-hearted expression, “I have never thought of her as my sister.

He even said, “I’ve never thought of her as my sister.” However, it seems that he doesn’t hate his sister as much as he should.
When Anos was napping, Sasha approached Misha and asked her about her relationship with Anos, and when Misha answered that they were friends, Sasha muttered, “That’s good.

After that, Sasha offers Anos a game on the condition that the winner of the group test will do whatever the other person says.
Sasha plans to separate him from Misha, saying, “I’ll take Anos if I win.

However, there was no way that Anos, the demon king, could lose, and he won the match by a desperate margin.
On top of that, he took Sasha into his squad as a reward for his victory.

Although Misha and Sasha had such contrasting encounters with Anos, they had one major thing in common.
However, they have one major thing in common: they both have a fondness for Anos.

Misha opens her heart to Anos, who takes care of her in every way, while Sasha is in love with Anos, who replied that the reason he took her in was because “your magic eye was beautiful.
A strange relationship between the demon king and the demon sisters has been created.



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