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Blade of the Demon’s Destruction] Impressions of Iguro Kobanai change drastically? 3 Attractions!


The hugely popular manga “Blades of Demise”. It began in 2016 in Weekly Shonen Jump, and as of the 19th volume, it has a total of 60 million copies in circulation. This is a very popular manga that has broken through. Among them, this time from the pillars of the nine strongest swordsmen of the Demon Killer Squad, Iguro Obanai, the snake pillar. I would like to introduce you to the

If you’ve been watching the anime, you’ll know about Ikuo, who first appeared in episode 22, “O-Tan-sama”, and he looks like a picky snake. You may have the impression that you are a person who is not very good at what you do. I think there are a lot of people who read the manga books who think it’s time for him to be active. Also, many people who read Weekly Shonen Jump may have a different impression of Ikuro. Isn’t there?

In this article, I will introduce you to the appeal of Iguro Kobanai.

It contains spoiler content for anime and book readers, so if you don’t want to see spoilers, be warned.


Name: Iguro Obanai
Rank: snakebill
Height and weight: 162 cm and 53 kg
Birthday: September 15.
Birthplace:Hachijojima, Tokyo
Hobbies: willow trees, haiku, watching the process of making candy art
Favorite food: grated kelp

Iguro Kobanai is a snake pillar, a user of the snake’s breath, a derivative of the water breath. He wears a black and white patterned haori, and a white cheekband to hide his mouth, which was previously slit open by a demon. covered by his mouth.

Kaburamaru, which is on his shoulder like a scarf, is also Ikuro’s best friend and can read and tell him about demon attacks, so the two of them are one and the same.

Additionally, Ikuro has different colored eyes on both sides of his body, and his right eye is barely visible, as he was born with weak eyesight.

Sweet, actually! I’m a picky eater

The first thing that makes Iguro attractive is his nettlesome personality. Is a neti-neti personality attractive? If you’re wondering what to do, don’t worry.
It’s true that Ikuro may be a difficult character who basically has neither trust nor expectations of anyone other than the same pillar as his master, Yoya Nayashiki.

However, due to Ikuro’s prickly personality, he is able to always assume the worst because of his careful and calm grasp of the situation.

For example, when Saneya Fujikawa stabbed Neduko in the Pillar Meeting in episode 22, when Sanjiro tried to save her, Ikuro sensed this and stopped him.
I think it’s because of his stubbornness that he is able to calmly analyze and deal with the situation. Also, I think it’s because he’s more worried than anyone else that he’s so stingy with his words.
There you have it.

I think it shows the kindness of Ikuro.

Ally over yourself! Friendliness (Spoiler alert!!!)

The second thing that appeals to me about Ikuro is his camaraderie.
The anime, which would be a spoiler for readers of the book.
Here are two examples of companionship from the final battle with misery.

Caring for your fellow man

In the fight against misery, when Ikuro was about to faint, he said, “If one of us is out, the burden will be on the others. We can’t disperse the misery’s attacks. Get a grip. I’ll fight for Amuroji’s share too. (Quoted from the Blade of Demon Destruction) and there was a moment when he thought to himself.

Ikuro is not afraid of dying himself, but rather he is concerned about the burden on his allies after he dies
and you can see that they are always fighting with their allies in mind.

Others before yourself!

The pillars put up a good fight against the misery, but they are knocked out. That’s when they regain consciousness, and Sumijiro fights the misery.
During the fight, Sumijiro runs out of oxygen and is almost knocked down by misery.

When he regains consciousness, Ikuro rescues him with his body. As Ikuro helped him to protect him, his face was torn off and he lost both eyes in the cruel attack. I think that this kind of behavior is not possible without thinking about your friends.

This kind of behavior, in which he does his best to help his friends without regard for himself, is not possible if he does not think about them.

From these two examples, you can see that Ikuro is very considerate of his friends.

Pure and single-minded (spoiler alert!!!)

The third thing Ikuo has going for her is that she is pure and single-minded.

We haven’t seen that yet in the anime, but Ikuro likes Ganroji Mitsuri.
She communicates with Ganroji and gives him a long striped sock as a gift when he is embarrassed of his troop uniform.

Also, when Ikuo was giving training to Sumijiro, he said “I heard about you from Ganroji. I heard your story from Ganroji and it looks like you had a lot of fun practicing with me” (quoted from Blade of the Demons, Vol. 15). When he said, “Well then, go ahead and die, you trash. Don’t talk to Ganroji so familiarly. He is very jealous of Kenjiro.

He is very fond of Ganroji and rescues him when he is in danger and sends him to safety.

I hope you understand that Ikuro is a pure-hearted and single-minded person.

My love and frustration for Ganroji, as evidenced by my battle with misery

In a grueling battle with misery, Amuroji was seriously wounded, and Ikuro rescued Amuroji and left him in the care of a demon killer to fight. We returned. At that point, Ganroji said, “Wait! I’m coming with you! Ikuro-san! Mr. Ikuro, I hate you! Don’t die! I don’t want anyone else to die! (quoted from the Blade of Demon Destruction) and tells him in tears.

Hearing this against his back, Ikuro reflects on what his clan has done.
I want to beat the wretched man to death. Please, I hope that this will purify my foul blood. If I can be reborn as a human again in a peaceful world without demons, this time I will definitely tell you that I love you. (quoted from the Blade of Demon Destruction), he went to the battle with this thought in his mind.

So Ikuro is too much in love with Ganroji, but he can’t forgive his family for what they have done, and he can’t take the first step!

Is it love at first sight or love at first sight when Ikuo and Ganroji meet?

So since when does Ikuro like Amuroji? I think this brings up a question.
The answer to this is that when Ikuro first became a pillar and was anxious to become a pillar, he met Ganroji.

It’s love at first sight.

Because she was too normal a girl when she met Ganroji at her first pillar meeting, Ikuo was a past The guilt for the family was saved. ‘There must have been some painful trials, frolicing over trivial matters, laughing like rolling bells, until he became a pillar. In the end, Ikuo had his first impression of Ganroji and said, “I don’t feel that at all. You have made love to him.

From the above, you can see that Ikuro is naive and sometimes jealous, but he has a single-minded love for Ganroji.



We’ve introduced you to the charms of Iguro Kobanai.

– His prickly personality is a manifestation of kindness as well as calm judgment and analysis.
Acting without regard for oneself and thinking about one’s fellow man
We value our friends, but we value the people we love even more for their single-mindedness and purity.

So the above three are the three things that make Iguro Kobanai so attractive.
It’s a complete change from his stingy and sarcastic personality, isn’t it?
What will happen to Ikuro in the future?
It’s definitely a character to keep an eye on if you’re a cartoonist or reader of a book.

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