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【Rent-A-Girlfriend】What is the scum level of the main character, Kazuya Kinoshita? Verification Summary

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From the TV anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” that will air in the summer of 2020, we take a look at the main character, Kazuya Kinoshita!
He is said to have one of the most trashy personalities among the many romantic comedy protagonists, but we’re going to thoroughly examine just how trashy he really is!

Kazuya Kinoshita Character Overview

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He is a male character who appears in “Rent-A-Girlfriend” and is the main character of the film.
He is a first-year student at Nerima University, and is a member of the Business Administration Department.
He is one year older than the heroine, Chizuru Mizuhara, who is also in her first year.

He is an ordinary brown-haired boy with no special appearance.
He has a medium build and is quite ordinary.

After his first girlfriend, Asami Nanami, broke up with him after only a month, saying that she had found someone else she liked, he decided to use a “rental girlfriend” service to relieve his grief and met Chizuru.
To ease her grief, she uses a “rental girlfriend” service and meets Chizuru. She introduces Chizuru as her girlfriend to the people around her, and the rental relationship continues for a while to make sense.
At first, he is negative about Renkano, but as he gets to know Chizuru, he begins to like her and his prejudice against Renkano begins to disappear.

Her personality is lax and bratty, and she is not afraid to tell lies because she only cares about what’s best for the moment and tries to make things up as she goes along.
However, Chizuru’s earnest pursuit of her dreams inspires her in some small way, and she gradually improves.

He has at least a modicum of conscience, and is aware that he is causing trouble for Chizuru with his lies, and is often immersed in self-loathing.
For better or worse, he has a strong will to help others, even if it means risking his own life, such as jumping into the sea without hesitation to save Chizuru from falling off a ferry.

The voice actor is Shun Horie.

Preaching and badmouthing while putting yourself on the shelf

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Before “Rent-A-Girlfriend” was made into an anime, …… or rather from the very beginning of the series, the main character Kazuya was called a “scum protagonist” by readers.
In fact, there are multiple scum elements in him that make you want to cover your eyes and not be able to defend him.
I’ll address them one by one.

First of all, the thing that irritated the readers and viewers the most was his pompous behavior.
In recent years, the imposition of values and preachy dialogues have become more and more frowned upon, but in this context, Kazuya shows off some outrageous moves that seem to go against the times.

The most striking example is in the first episode at the beginning of the story.
Having been dumped by his girlfriend, a desperate Kazuya decides to use a rental girlfriend service, something he has never done before.

What appears in front of him is Chizuru, who has a high-spec appearance.
After enjoying the date fully and paying the bill, Kazuya feels a crush on her when she holds his hand before parting, and mistakenly believes that he has been given special treatment.

But of course, that’s just a Renkano technique to get repeat customers.
When Kazuya finds out that the same thing was done to other users, he gets upset and gives the lowest review satisfaction rating of 1 star.

This is the first time I’ve seen him in action. ……
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean. Chizuru, like an old man lecturing a young man, picked Chizuru up again and asked, “Don’t you feel bad about getting paid to date an unattractive virgin you don’t even like?” and “You’re going to break up with her soon, so it doesn’t matter how much you think about her.

Chizuru was just trying to be a professional, and she was not at fault.
I got the impression that he just used Chizuru as an outlet for his stress because he was rejected by her, and at this point, it was already clear that this was a romantic comedy between a scumbag hero and a cute heroine.

Even after that, there are many more unsightly things she says and does, such as putting herself on the shelf and calling Chizuru a “bad girl” in her room.

Lies, pretense, condescension

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What solidified Kazuya as a scum protagonist was his habit of lying.
His biggest lie is that he told everyone around him that Chizuru, who is only his girlfriend, is his “girlfriend”.
Moreover, he lies to his relatives and friends without restraint.

The trash point here is that the reason he lied to his friends was because he was embarrassed to pretend that Renkano was his girlfriend.
Lying for the sake of looking good is a typical kind of falsehood, but in his case, it goes beyond that.
He may not mean to do so, but the above reasons are objectively disrespectful to Renkano, and in turn, disrespectful to Chizuru.

To put it bluntly, there is always a sense in him that he is embarrassed to have pretended that Renkano is his girlfriend.
That’s why he says things like “self-centered bitch” and “evil” to Chizuru, who has caused him a lot of trouble and has even shown him mercy.

Her misunderstanding of Chizuru is so great that she even says to Chizuru herself, “If I get back together with my ex-girlfriend Asami, I think Chizuru will be offended.
This is a statement that is completely condescending.



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