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【 Darwin’s game】Look out for the cool beauty of analysis shop Rein! An unusual ability (Sigil), personality and more in one fell swoop [anime adaptation confirmed].

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Pick up Rein in Darwin’s Game! She is cool and rarely shows her emotions, but she has a surprisingly large amount of dialogue. We’ll also pay attention to Sigil’s “World Function (Laplace),” which is different from the other players.

Character Overview

Rain is a character in Darwin’s Game.
He is the only player to survive Darwin’s Game at the young age of 13.
Known more by his street name of “Analyser” than by his name of Rain, he worked as a freelance informer.
Through his activities as an analyst, he possesses a wide variety of information networks and has a wealth of knowledge about the events in Darwin’s Game and the different abilities of other players (Sigil).

Her real name isReinRein Kashiwagi.
Although not limited to Rain, her real name is basically not used in the game, and she is mostly referred to by her player name.

Her hairstyle is short bob and her hair color is black.
He has a composure that is hard to believe for a 13-year-old, and he always appears calm and cool.
No matter who she is, she is always ready to point out the problem with a cool and calm attitude.
Sometimes she has a sharp tongue, which makes her look like a tongue-in-cheek person.

At the first “treasure hunt” event in the story, he meets Kaname, the main character.
They form a partnership, and together with two others, they form an impromptu clan with a total of four members.
Afterwards, Kaname successfully completed the event.
After the event, she became one of the founding members of the clan “Sunset Ravens” and officially joined the clan.

As if she thought she could become a love rival, Shuka told her squarely, “I don’t like you very much.

A girl who has survived by “escaping”

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Lane is only 13 years old.
He is far too young to throw himself into the deadly battle of “Darwin’s Game”.
Even with her sigils, her body functions are still immature.

The reason why she has been able to survive so far on her own is told when she meets Kaname.
Rein said, “What’s wrong with running away? That’s how I survived,” she said.

Yes, she has survived because she has been thinking only of escape from the beginning.
And in “Darwin’s Game,” avoidance of danger is valued as a point of art.
Therefore, she understands that if challenged in the “game”, she can “win a decision” by escaping without serious injury and bringing it to the end of time.
She is a clear believer that running away is not a bad idea.
She calls herself an “escape artist”.

She always carries a flash-bang, which she describes as “an essential item for a runaway player”.

unusual ability (Sigil) is a “world function (Laplace)” that predicts all movements

The name of the sigil held by Rein is “World Function (Laplace)”.
It predicts the movement of everything.

This is a great match for Rain, who is a “runaway” player.
In fact, when he was surrounded by enemies when he was running away in volume 5, he invoked Laplace to predict their movements.
He predicted the enemy’s movement by activating the world function (Laplace), which led him to the escape route, and then he moved according to it, toying with the enemy.
She never “fights” but “escapes” to win, and Laplace has a synergy with her.

In volume 9 of the book, Rein also refers to “the requirements for clearing Darwin’s Game”.
In addition to “system design and inferences from previous trends,” she also states that it is “the result of logical analysis of the world function (Laplace).
Combining her high information processing ability with Laplace, she is able to analyze information more deeply.
This is a Sigil that only Rein can handle.
Incidentally, she said that the condition for clearing the game is likely to be triggered by the appearance of a Class A1 player.



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