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Summer 2018! Finally Free! Opens the long-awaited third phase! !

出典 : ©おおじこうじ・京都アニメーション/岩鳶高校水泳部 : TVアニメ『Free!』公式サイト

Anime “Free!” That captured the hearts of more female fans than the first period broadcast of 2013

Starting animation broadcasting from 2013, with the original draft of light novel “high ☆ speed!”
While the novel is setting in early childhood, in the case of animation, he focuses on the main characters who have grown to high school students.
It is a sports youth animation focusing on swimming,
The official website is a story of Hidomi who has been captivating many older sisters, just to announce “swimming of men’s high school students full of joyful vibrant joy and youth and ties”.

With the popularity boiling, “High ☆ Speed!” Appeared as a movie version in December 2015.
The sales of DVD & Blu-ray exceeds 25,000 sheets, the momentum closer to the best 3 of the successive popular works of Kyoto animation which is said to be the highest in the industry.

This time Free! Started summer 2018, third animation started full. Let’s know the charm of Free! For people who have not seen it yet for the new chapter!


What is Free!
Focusing on swimming, a youth story weaving five key members

The main character  (Nanase Haruka) likes to swim and is a sophomore in high school who has his own thought against water.
In her childhood she demonstrated her talent with the swimming school without regret,
Haruka who grew up dragged himself from swimming and reluctantly captures life as “just a man if it is over 20 years old”.
Haruka who is unfriendly and does not try to get involved with others has a unique air feeling,
On the other hand, her childhood friend and best friend  (Tachibana Makoto) is warm and troublesome, and is on the side as a good understanding person of Haruka.

The beginning of the story is triggered by  (Hazuki Nagisa) who is the junior of those two people.

Nagisa suggests that the swimming school that three persons passed through will be demolished, so that everyone else will dig a time capsule.
Being accompanied by Nagisa who is outstanding in boldness and bold behavior, the three sneak into the ruins of the night.
Then there is the appearance of  (Matsuoka Lin), a former relay competition fellow.
Makoto · Nagisa is pleased at the reunion with an old friend who was supposed to go swimming abroad,
Meanwhile, the crown that should have been bright and sociable, it does not show its appearance, it shows a cold attitude.
凜 was studying overseas aiming for Olympic athletes, but it collided with unexpected walls at the destination of study abroad and irritated.
At this time he was suffering from quitting swimming and had been returning home for a moment.

Three people, Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa, established a swimming department at Iwaki High School at a later date due to the proposal without Nagisa’s crazy proposal.
And as a member, classmate Nagisa, Rei  (Ryugasaki Rei) will be forced into a half force.
The other school student, who passed the swimming and power school, passed the swimming from the setback but was not belonging to the department.
However, listening to the launch of the swimming department of Iwasaka High School via Makoto, Rin who has a strong rivalry in the far away belongs to the swimming department as inspired.

After that, the story flows with the main point on the daily life of the main members encouraged to practice for the prefectural conventions, past bastards, and itchy conflicts, and will attract the swimming without getting tired …

Attraction of Free!
Attraction Part 1 Kyoto animation quality

I tell you the first time, but this time I am in charge of Kyoto animation.
Speaking of Kyoto animation, the animation quality is high enough to recognize the highest peak in the industry and the otaku army from the delicacy of its drawing, and has left numerous animated cartoons.
(Famous where “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” “Keio !!” “Frozen dessert” “Beyond the Boundary” … beautiful without complaints full of realism anywhere)
It is impossible for Kyoto animation to have “painting collapse” that is easy to become a flame story in the otaku industry.
Rather it is impossible to search for painting collapse. The animation is made with so much insistence so the company name has already been branded.

Also, sometimes I do not remember the impression if the picture is simply beautiful, but the movement that touches the details is amazing.
If you return to the point of view to Free!, You can spray it, splashing wet flesh body, wet skin moist, fresh skin … Although it has an exposure effect due to swimming competition, it is beautiful enough to drink saliva without thinking unintentionally.
It is the strength of Kyoto animation that can express with reality so far, I will grab the audience’s heart.
As will be described later, the quality of this quality is important as a major premise that women are captivated by characters.

出典 :

Attractiveness 2 Won the support of women Painting · setting · beautiful voice · story

It is the setting of the character to further utilize the excellent drawing.
This work, Free! Is not an exaggeration to say that it is an animated cartoon for women (although it is fun to say that it is a work that is fully drawn even if a man sees it) It is a beauty form set where each character holds the point of a woman.

Haruka of the main character is cool but somewhere natural. Makoto of best friend is Otobu appointment type. Nagisa of younger is an innocent puppy. Rei of the constitution involved is a serious character. The rival’s バル バル is cold but more enthusiastic than anyone ….
The feeling which covered everything without just removing the acupressure point of a woman is Free!
Everyone is different than everyone, rather than everyone.
There are things that acquaintance says “Host is doing swimming”, but I think that it is not a mistake.
Rather it is enough to understand the word.

Also, each unique character has its own clear vector.
There are five people, not just gathering and swimming,
For example, if a squirrel has a strong rivalry mind against Haruka, Nagisa invites Rei to the swimming department persistently, Makoto is a close friend and expounds her chest inside … etc.
Human patterns are clearly depicted.
This is a delicious deployment for rotten lady. Even though I blush in front of the wet ground with swimming, this setting is cunning. It is like being enduring the threat of Moe during the animation broadcasting.

And the last thing to pierce is a voice actor who breathes in to the character. This time Free! Is only complaint luxury voice actors.
Never a famous voice actor raises the completion of the work,
When we look at the character setting of Free! And the names of voice actors in advance notice, the cast this time matches the character so that an image is perfectly formed.
Also, there are only talented persons who are passionate fans around any character. There is no hesitation in the character as long as the voice is good.


Attraction 3 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Many of manga and animation works have regions and places that the author regarded as models.
Of course, how far you modeled depends on the work level, but in Free! The model of the model Tottori prefecture Iwami cho, Tabo area has exactly the finished illustration.

In the play, since the scene full of emotions is skillfully drawn, despite the place I visited for the first time, it is about “this scenery … I know!”
It will be fun to find each one by themselves and since the pilgrimage of Holy Land in Free! Is establishing as one of the business,
Even a certain travel agency has a plan to “pilgrimage Iwami cho of Free!”.
Many fans from all over the country have visited, so there are many inn that welcomes you warmly.

Of course, I would like you to consider moderate sightseeing with consideration to the residents of the neighborhood,
Sometimes you can enjoy having animation with the perspective you said may be realistic.

In the summer of 2018, the third period finally starts !!!

Well, the long-awaited Free! 3rd period was announced at official announcement.

This schedule is scheduled to start this summer, 2018 summer.

I am still very thankful for this one with the heat of “Theater version Free! – Timeless Medley – Kizuna” still not cool.
This time, the non-broadcasting episode 0 of the new TV series has also decided to hold as a special screening event.
Event tickets released on 4/18 (Wednesday) 2018/4/18 (Wednesday) “Special edition Free! – Take Your Marks” “Priority selling tickets are enclosed in Blu-ray & DVD’s first award, so those who are interested are necessary confirmation.
I hope you will enjoy tasty youth through the screen this summer.


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