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【Fate Series】Summary of OP theme song

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The Fate series, which started out as a PC game, has expanded to anime, movies, video games, and other media, and has become a popular series among the people. In this article, we’ll introduce all the theme songs of the Fate series for each game, anime, and movie.

【Fate/stay night】Summary of OP theme song

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Fate/stay night” was released in 2004, and it’s memorable first title in the “Fate series”, and its remake “Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]” and the fan disc “Fate/hollow ataraxia”. and its remake “Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]” and the theme song of the fan disc “Fate/hollow ataraxia”.

【Fate/stay night】「THIS ILLUSION」

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The techno-infused sound with lyrics full of claustrophobia and sadness matches well with the world of [Fate/stay night]. It is a masterpiece loved by old fans.

【Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]】”Golden Glow”

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The combination of the lighthearted melody line that tickles your heart and the lyrics that seem to describe the emotions of the main characters of the work is a song that fits perfectly into the world of “Fate/stay night”.

【Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]】「ARCADIA」【saber route OP】

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Also from the PS2 port [Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua], this is the OP of the Saber Route, the main plot of the game. This is a rock number with an up-tempo rhythm. The transparent voice of the vocalist is a cool song.

【Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]】「HORIZON」【Rin Tohsaka route OP】

HORIZON’, the OP of Rin Tosaka’s route, is a variation of ‘ARCADIA’ used in Saber Route. As befits the OP of the route, the lyrics are more closely related to Rin Tosaka.

【Fate/stay night[Réalta Nua]】「Another Heaven」【Sakura Madou routeOP】

Also one of the variations of “ARCADIA”. This one is a lyric from the Makiri Sakura route.

【Fate/hollow ataraxia】「Ataraxia」【PC版】

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It’s a ballad that’s perfect for a story that gets to the truth behind the festive atmosphere.

【Fate/hollow ataraxia】「broKen NIGHT」【PSVITA版】

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This is the theme song of Fate/hollow ataraxia for PSVITA. It is an impressive ballad with memorable melody and gentle vocals.

【Fate/EXTRA series】Summary of OP theme song

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A work that takes over the worldview of the Fate series and reworks it as an RPG. Here is a list of the theme songs of the Fate/EXTRA series.

【Fate/EXTRA】「Ranse Eroica」

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The song has a sophisticated sound and heroic lyrics. It feels like the beginning of an epic story.

【Fate/EXTRA CCC】「Sakura Meikyu」

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Contrary to the serious and cool melody of the game’s OP, the lyrics of this song are somewhat impressive. It seems to reflect the emotions of a certain character in the game.


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The song starts with a gentle intro reminiscent of folk music and then builds up to the chorus. The high note of the chorus gives me goose bumps!

【Fate/Grand Order】Summary of OP theme song

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Fate was released in 2016 for smartphones. It is a national game that competes for supremacy with the likes of “Puzzle and Dragons” and “Monster Strike”.

【Fate/Grand Order】「Color」

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It is the OP theme song of “Fate/Grand Order”, which is well known in TV commercials. It seems to be a song about the heroine’s feelings, but the impression of the song changes when the last chapter is cleared.

【Fate/Grand Order】「Backlighting」

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This is the OP theme song for the second part of the main storyline that started in 2018. This song is a perfect song for a new start, with a sense of determination for the second part of the story.



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