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The history and nostalgic titles of beloved arcade games for all ages!

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Space Invaders, which appeared in 1978, was such a big hit that it became a social phenomenon, and this led to the establishment of a category of games in general.
Later, the popularity of arcade games began to wane with the spread of TV games, but it is no exaggeration to say that arcades are the origin of popular action, shooting and fighting games that are also popular in home video games.
In this article, we will discuss the history of arcade games, the origin of gaming, and popular titles from the past.

The appearance of Space Invaders in 1978

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One thing that cannot be overlooked when discussing arcade games is the existence of Taito’s Space Invaders, which made the game a household name.
Space Invaders was the biggest hit in the history of arcades, selling 200,000 to 300,000 units, a number that has not been surpassed even today.
The launch of “Space Invaders” led to a massive increase in arcade revenues, and it was a social phenomenon, with “Space Invaders” users pouring into every corner of the city, as coffee shops, candy stores, and bowling alleys took advantage of the boom and installed them one after another.
However, the social phenomenon was short-lived, and in 1979, a year after its launch in 1978, the invader boom gradually came to an end.
As the boom came to an end, the clientele of coffee shops and bowling alleys with arcade games deteriorated to the extent that “game centers are a hangout for delinquents,” and an increasing number of schools were banned from entering game centers due to criticism from the PTA, leading to a decline in the scale of arcade games in history.

Popular titles of the time

 Space Invaders
 Block Breaker
 Heian-kyo Alien

The advent of the family computer in the 1980

The introduction of Nintendo’s home console, the Family Computer, further accelerated the shift away from arcades.
When the Famicom (NES) was first introduced, arcade ports of popular games such as “Donkey Kong,” “XEVIOUS” and “Mappie” were popular in the mainstream, and the NES was an explosive hit as people could enjoy playing games at home.
The difference in performance between the Famicom (NES) and arcade games at the time was incomparably greater than that of the arcade games, but at a time when there were no complex games, even the inferior Famicom was able to enjoy ported games, which led to a complete dichotomy between “Famicom” and “arcade” game users at the time.

Popular titles of the time

 Hot-blooded hard-headed Kuniokun
 Larry X
 Galaga

1980 Differentiate yourself with non-video games such as crane and medal games

By the time the NES began to become commonplace in homes, medal games with special medals and crane machines with prizes such as sweets and stuffed animals became the mainstream in game centers, instead of the traditional video games.
Medal games with gambling motifs, such as bingo games, slots, and horse racing games, were particularly popular, and since there was no age limit, they were supported by a wide range of age groups.
However, this pseudo-casino style spurred the aforementioned negative image of the arcade as a hangout for delinquents, and led to the introduction of new laws against unfair practices and stricter rules by schools.
However, it can be said that this style of arcade has survived to this day, and it is certain that the style of game centers, where you can enjoy games that you cannot play at home, successfully differentiated them from home consoles such as the NES, and this pseudo-casino style is still supported by many arcade users today.

Popular medal games of the time

 World Derby
 Medal Games for Kids
 Video Poker



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