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It was actually a woman! Here’s a summary of 10 female cartoonists who were thought to be male

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It’s easy to think that men draw shonen manga and women draw shoujo manga, but that’s not true. Sometimes women draw shonen manga and men draw shonen manga.
There are many women who draw shonen manga in particular, and it is not uncommon to find that the manga artist you thought was a man is a woman.
So in this article, I’ve compiled a list of 10 manga artists that I thought were men, but in fact they are women.

No.1: Hiroshi Arakawa

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Hiroshi Arakawa is the author of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” and “The Silver Spoon”.
It’s hard to imagine a woman from the name “Hiromu”, isn’t it?
Female manga artists often have thin lines, but Mr. Arakawa’s drawings have strong lines. The unique characters and powerful battle scenes could easily be mistaken for being drawn by a man.
Mr. Arakawa’s self-portrait is a Holstein. Since Holstein = female cow, Mr. Arakawa himself was not expecting to be mistaken for a man.
He is now recognized as a woman, but it was a big shock to readers when he turned out to be a woman.

No.2: Hoshino Katsura

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Katsura Hoshino, the creator of “D.Gray-man”.
The powerful battle scenes created by the attractive characters are just like a jump manga.
There are many readers who have a preconceived notion that the manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” is drawn by a man, and there may be few readers who see that Mr. Hoshino is a woman.
D.Gray-man” is unique in that many of the characters in the series are popular with women. It’s because the author was a woman that he was able to continue to create characters that are highly popular with women.

No.3: Daisuke Higuchi

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The soccer manga “Whistle” that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump Daisuke Higuchi is the author of
Who would have thought that a woman would be drawing the soccer manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”?
If you can imagine a woman with the name “Daisuke”, please let us know, but you can’t imagine a woman with the name.

No.4: Ierow Tanabe

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Ierow Tanabe, the author of “Yekkaiishi”.
The battle manga “Yekkaiishi” which is a battle manga about monsters has many elements that are typical for a boy’s manga.
Both the characters and the battle scenes have the feel of “Weekly Shonen Sunday”, and we get the impression that it is a boy’s manga drawn by a man.
BIRDMEN” which is currently being serialized is also a manga that has elements that are typical of a shonen manga, just like “Yekkaiji”.

No.5: Fumiya Sato

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Satou Fumiya is in charge of drawing for “The Case Files of Kindaichi Boy”.
The drawings fit the style and content of a mystery story. The name “Fumiya” also makes you think he is male.
Since “Weekly Shonen Magazine” is a magazine for boys, he seems to have chosen a male pen name for his work.
Satou-sensei has a low voice, and when he answers the phone, there is a high probability that he will be mistaken for a man. There aren’t many female manga artists who can be mistaken for a man not only because of their name but also because of their voice.



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