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I’ve compiled a list of classic manga and novels that have been completed without being made into TV anime

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We’ve compiled a list of all the masterpieces that have made many fans swoon, but have never been made into an anime for TV, for different reasons!
From works that became OVAs but didn’t make it to TV anime until the end to hidden masterpieces, we bring you the manga and light novels that anime fans need to know about!

It was a big hit… why?

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There are several manga works that were huge hits but were never made into TV anime.
Surprisingly, there are cases of mega-hit works that have sold tens of millions of copies in total that were never made into TV anime.

This is especially true of magazines in the 1990s.
At that time the magazine was in its golden age, and at one point in time it had a higher circulation than Weekly Shonen Jump, but on the other hand, there were a number of works that were huge hits but were not made into TV anime and ended their long running series.

The two iconic manga are “Chameleon” and “Shippou Densetsu: Taku the Tokko”, both of which sold about 30 million copies.
Since they are iconic works of the golden age of magazines, it is surprising that they have not been made into anime.

On the other hand, it is difficult to adapt a manga with a Yankee theme into an anime, and I think that is the reason for these two works.
Even in JUMP, which has been actively trying to make it into an anime, Morita Masanori’s two big hit manga “Bastard BLUES” and “ROOKIES” have not been made into a TV anime.
Since they sold 60 million copies and 21 million copies respectively, they should have been made into TV anime, but Bastard BLUES was made into an anime movie and live-action, while ROOKIES was only made into a live-action.

Also, another Yankee manga, the 2018 drama adaptation of the popular Today’s Oscar” was also made into an OVA, but it was not made into an anime. has also been made into an OVA, but it has not been made into a TV anime.
It sold 40 million copies in 38 volumes, so even now there are many people who want to see it made into an anime.
The same is true of “BADBOYS”, a huge hit that was published in Young King.

It doesn’t have to be a yankee manga, but there is a tendency for manga that are socially problematic if copied… to be difficult to be adapted into anime.
Mori Tsuneji’s “Holy Land” and “Suicide Island” are probably works that fall into this category.
LIAR GAME” would also fall under this category.

Also, in the days when anime was rarely broadcasted late at night, works with extreme vulgarity, sex, and grotesque expressions were shunned.
In those days, works such as “Kotaro Makari Tooru”, “Go! Nangoku Ice Hockey Club” and “BASTARD! -Dark God of Destruction”, “University of Tokyo Story”, “Denei Shoujo” and “3×3EYES”, among others.
In particular, 3×3EYES was a huge hit with over 3,330,000 copies sold, but with the circumstances surrounding the anime at the time, it is understandable why the OVA was the best it could be.

At the same time, in the past, TV anime was considered to be something that children would watch, so it was difficult for manga that were not for children to be made into anime.
The romantic comedy “Tsurumoku Bachelors’ Dormitory” (Tsurumoku Bachelors’ Dormitory), which oscillates between adults and children, and the home comedy “Ribingu Game” (Ribingu Game) were all popular, but never made it into anime.

It seems that even works that have a strong image of live-action work are difficult to be made into anime again.
Psychometrist EIJI” was dramatized several times but did not become an anime.
The same is true for “Umizaru”, “Black Jack”, “Team Medical Dragon” and “20th Century Boys”.

Shoujo manga is particularly notable, with many works such as “To Hanazakari no Kimitachi”, “Strobe Edge”, and “Umimachi Diary” being made into live-action but not into anime.

Were there too many other famous works?

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In the case of a manga artist who has already created several blockbuster hits and has made an anime version of his work, there are cases where even the most popular works are not made into anime.
Mitsuru Adachi’s “Ruff” is a typical example.
It is a tremendous hit with a total of 12 volumes and 15 million copies sold, but in the end it was not made into an anime, probably because it was inferior to the touch of the previous work.

The same goes for “Happy!” by Naoki Urasawa.
which sold 18 million copies, but because it was on the same lines as the even bigger hit “YAWARA”, it felt a little bit like a second-hand novel during the series.

In addition, “Judo Club Story” by Makoto Kobayashi, “Jamaba Grumin UP! This is the type of work that falls into this category.
If you look at it as a standalone work, it is a great hit, but since it was a bigger hit than that, they may have decided that it wasn’t good enough to be made into an anime this time.



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