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Thirty slightly minor popular cartoons! I’ve put together a list of lesser-known but interesting anime

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It’s not a huge hit, nor is it terribly famous, but there are plenty of interesting cartoons out there for those in the know!
We’ve chosen 30 such popular anime that aren’t entirely unknown, but are on the fine line of being somewhat minor!


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This original anime aired in the winter of 2020.
Directed by director Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero and Aldo Noah Zero) and written by mystery writer Otaro Maijo, this work is quite difficult to follow.
Set in a sick near future where bizarre murders are frequent, the film depicts the behind-the-scenes workings of the organization “Kura”, which operates a system that obtains clues from the unconscious world of “Ido” by harvesting the murderous intentions of criminals left behind at crime scenes.

Because of the pointed setting of “Only a serial killer who can understand the thoughts of the killer can infiltrate the Id and obtain clues from the killer”, the main characters are decisively lacking in something even if they look decent at first glance.
Also, the world within the Id is described in the first episode without any explanation of the system described above, so the hurdles to understanding the world are high and it’s not an easy one to grasp.

On the other hand, the characters are strong and the entertainment value is not low, so once you watch it to a certain extent, you will understand how interesting this work is.
It is regrettable that the title of the anime “Infinite Dendrogram” was broadcasted by the same production company during the same cool season, which led to a lot of complications.

Crowd control! Seaton School

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This one will also be broadcast in the winter of 2020 and is a Cygames project, but it is not based on a game, it is an anime based on a manga.
It is a slapstick and animal trivia anime that depicts the daily life of Seaton Academy where various anthropomorphic animals gather.
It is a work with various entertainment elements such as gags, sex appeal, and a certain story.

Speaking of anthropomorphic animal anime with trivia, “Kemono Friends” is famous, but this work has more slapstick elements than “Kemofre”, and yet, there are emotional episodes that make it worth watching.
Unfortunately, it did not become a hit due to lack of popularity, but it was a very popular anime.

The Vineland Saga

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The action anime aired on NHK General from July to December 2019 and is set in northern Europe in the early 11th century.
The anime even adapted the Britten version, which focuses on the main character, Torfin, who wishes to avenge his father’s death, in a revenge drama.

The original manga is a hit manga that sold 5.5 million copies, so it is not lowly known by any means, however, since it was broadcasted on NHK, the impression that it was outside of the antennae of the people who usually watch late night anime could not be wiped out, so it has not been fully spread yet.
However, the content of the show has been highly praised, especially the beauty of the images, which made most of the fans of the original work groan.

Stop the sound!

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It is a music anime that was broadcasted in spring and autumn of 2019 in two divisions.
The main story is about the sweet and sour adolescence of men and women gathered in the koto club, which deals with the koto, one of the Japanese musical instruments.

It is different from koto and is not a major instrument, so it is not a major player, so it would be a minor part of music anime, however, it explains the technical aspects of koto in a way that is easy to understand and does not become too technical, and the characters who play the instrument are mainly drawn rather than the instrument itself, so you can enjoy it even if you are not interested in koto.

The handsome moves of the main men and the cuteness of the two heroines also stand out, and it is an excellent adolescent romantic comedy.

A life of loneliness

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An everyday anime based on a four-panel manga that aired in the spring of 2019.
It is a story about the main character Ichisato Bocchi (Hitori Bocchi), who is too shy and is worried about her future, who takes on a difficult mission to “become friends with the whole class” when she enters junior high school with the promise of her only friend who worries about her.

The non-kirara anime tends to be minor, as the kirara series tends to stand out when it comes to daily life stories based on four panels.
Nevertheless, this work gently depicts a mentally fragile Bocchi who struggles with crying and vomiting, her friends who are attracted to her, and her friendship with them, which touched many people who watched the work and gave them a warm feeling.

From the colored world of tomorrow

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This is an original anime from P.A. WORKS that aired in the fall of 2018.
It is a story about the main character, Hitomi Tsukishiro, a wizard who was born in the near future where magic exists, and who was unable to open her mind to others due to her color blindness during her childhood, and travels back in time to the year 2018.
While the main character is a wizard, the story does not depict much magic or fantasy elements, and it is a coming-of-age drama that focuses on the delicate heart of the character.

With many hits such as Angel Beats!”, “Hanasaku Iroha”, and “Shirbako It’s not the most flashy of the P.A. WORKS works it has produced, in terms of content or sales, but it’s It is a very atmospheric and calm anime that you can watch in a relaxed manner.

Planet With

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This robot anime aired in the summer of 2018.
It tells the story of Soya Kuroi, a boy with amnesia, who fights against the seven heroes who protect the city, the Grand Paladins.
It is based on the name of Mr. Goshi Mizukami, who is known for the popular manga “The Planet’s Samidare”, and the manga version is still being serialized in Young King Hours as of April 2020.

It is not an original work, but rather a purely original anime, and it seems to have lacked the centripetal force before it was broadcasted.
Nevertheless, it is a work with many mysteries scattered throughout, and the main storyline is gradually revealed, so it had the support of those who love to think about it.

Space Battleship Tiramisu

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The short anime aired in two separate installments in spring and fall 2018.
It follows the daily life of Subaru Ichinose, a pilot on the Earth Federation’s space battleship Tiramisu.

Although it is a robot animation, battles are not the main part of it, but mainly gags depicting the odd behavior of Subaru and the people around him.
It is difficult to attract attention for a short work that is only 10 minutes long, but the tempo and the sharpness of the gags are both great, so even those who are not good at robot anime can enjoy this work.

cherry blossom quest

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This is the third installment of P.A. WORKS’ work series, which aired in two cool seasons from spring to summer 2017.
Following “Hanasaku Iroha”, which is set in an old-established inn, and “Shirbako”, which is set in an anime production company, this work is a town development comedy centered around Yuno Koharu (Koharu Yoshino), who becomes a tourism ambassador in the countryside.

Since it was a work series that had a string of hits, it attracted a lot of attention before it was aired, but unfortunately it did not become a hit because it lacked the drama of the previous two works and had a simple content.
However, despite its subdued nature, it carefully portrayed the connections between people, and as the second half of the series progressed, that part of the story worked, and the final episode was as emotional as the other job series.

cherry blossom viewing party

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It is an anime based on a light novel, airing from spring to summer 2017.
It is a fantasy work set in the town of Sakurada, where people with abilities exist.
However, it is not a battle story, but rather a story about solving cases using the abilities of various town people.

The bottleneck of this work is the beginning of the work, as the episodes were very flat and went on for a long time, and many viewers gave up on the work at that point, which prevented it from becoming a major anime.
However, beyond that point, the episodes gradually become more dramatic and there is a raging foreshadowing storyline to be collected.



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