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【Mayfly Project】He’s mysterious, but he’s actually a family man! Here’s a summary of Shuya Kano, aka Kano!

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Kano, or Shuya Kano, is the No. 3 member of the Mechakushi group in “Mayfly Project”. He has an aloof attitude, but can be relied upon in times of need! It’s also worth noting the differences between the novel route and the comic book route.

What is Kano?

Kano is a grinning, smiling, and teasing demeanor. Her true intentions are hidden, and she has an uncanny sense of smell, but her weaknesses, such as her aversion to the occult and her prone to motion sickness, as well as her painful past, make her one of the most popular characters in “Mayfly Project”.

Kano’s ability to “deceive the eye”

Kano’s ability is “deceptive to the eye”. It can make Kano’s own facial expressions and actions look and act differently, as well as disguise herself as someone else.

Kano always has a smile on his face, but according to his childhood friend and brother, Set, it is also due to his ability.

When transforming into a person, it is only possible to transform into a person or animal that can be seen in person and visualized clearly. When I wasn’t used to controlling my ability, I kept touching and smelling the object I was turning into to get an image of it. I cannot become a plant or a stranger.

It’s only their appearance that “deceives” them, so their true identity can be revealed by their tone of voice and name.

Kano’s ability to recall details of his appearance, smell, and voice, but Kano had no interest in himself at all and only recognized “pain” as his identity. Therefore, feeling pain allows Kano to return to his original form.
This is why Kido usually raises his hand to Kano so often.

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Kano’s music, “Yobanasi Disave”

Released in 2013 as a song by Kano, “Yogya Disave” has a bebop vibe, raging guitars and drums, and a music video that depicts Kano’s various expressions.
The strong impact of the chorus, “Oh my dirty! Not to mention, the lyrics, which give a glimpse of Kano’s sensitive and true feelings, always with an aloof attitude, have captivated many Kagepro fans.

The song was voted third out of more than 30 songs in the 2019 “Kagepro Song General Election” and is a solid favorite!

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Kano’s past

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Kano’s past is described in detail in the novel Mayfly Days, volume 5.

As a child, Kano lived with his mother and was abused by her. However, Kano himself felt that it was his fault for making his mother angry, and he felt guilty when his mother cried after hitting him.

One day Kano is stabbed to death along with his mother by a robber and comes into contact with Mayfly Days. Kano, who was rumored to have been abused by those around her, has always had a wish to hide the wounds on her body that caused her mother to be blamed. Therefore, she gained the “ability to deceive the eye”.

Afterwards, Kano, who manifested his ability after being dragged around by his relatives, was sent to an orphanage, where he met Kido and Set.

Kido has the ability to “hide his eyes” and Set has the ability to “steal the eyes” and can hear the voice of people’s minds. Because of their abilities and the odd behavior associated with them, Kano and Set are treated like monsters together in the orphanage.
However, the relationship between the three of them, who are forced to share a room with each other, is not a bromance. It’s not a good fit for Kido, who tends to speak so frankly, and Set, who is always afraid, and Kano repeatedly gets between them, but ends up making Kido angry …….

It’s not easy to imagine from the current relationship between the three of them: Kano teasing Kido, Kido hitting Kano but having a weakness in his hand, and Seto, who is a natural and generous character, being relied upon by Marie and the other members …….

Family Relationship with the Tateyama Family

The Takiyama family, who took in all three of them at once, made the relationship between the Kano’s family, which had often been strained in some ways, whole.
Kano came to love and respect Ayaka and Kenjiro Takiyama, who showed affection to her, calling them “mother” and “father” and Ayano, their only daughter, “sister”, even though she cherished her own mother.
Spending time in a kind and patient home, Kano became a “family” with Ayaka and her husband, Set and Kido.

Even after Kenjiro and Ayaka’s accident and Ayaka’s death, Kano was able to recover because of her family’s presence.



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