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【Darwin’s game】A summary of the highlights, synopsis, and other points of interest【Anime adaptation】

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Darwin’s Game” is a manga work that combines a battle of different abilities and a death game.
The original manga has gained high popularity and has finally been adapted into an anime.
This time, we will focus on “Darwin’s Game”.
I’ve summarized the main points of interest, including a synopsis of the work, with spoilers for the beginning.

Film Information

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Darwin’s Game is a manga series written and drawn by Flipflops, a duo consisting of Shu Fukayama, the author, and Yuki Takahata, the artist.
The manga has been serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Champion” since January 2013, and as of September 2019, 18 volumes have been released.
It is a work that combines a battle of different abilities and a so-called “death game”.
The game is not played while the characters are trapped in some closed space, but they participate in the “death game” while living their daily lives in the real world.

Another feature of the game is that huge amounts of real money are being spent in the game.
Therefore, if you keep winning, you can get a large amount of prize money and power.
There are also people who will betray you for their own gain, and people who will do anything for money.
The game unfolds in such a chaotic environment, with many different agendas at play.

The total number of copies sold as of November 2018, when the anime adaptation was decided, was over 2 million.
And in January 2019, the total number of copies sold exceeded 2.3 million.
With the effect of the anime adaptation, there is no doubt that sales will increase further.

The story of Darwin’s Game

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Kaname Sudou is an ordinary high school boy who can be found anywhere.
One day, he receives an email on his cell phone inviting him to play an app game called “Darwin’s Game”.
He signs up for the game, and his life is changed forever.
This game is a game where players sometimes kill each other by using different abilities called “Sigils” in reality.
At first, Kaname didn’t even know how to use his “different ability,” but through various encounters and training, he has risen to the top level in the game.

A serious development where expediency is not an option

In “Darwin’s Game”, we don’t see the “Ore-TUEEE” type of “Warriors” development that has been popular in recent years, not just in anime.
The main character, Kaname, is just an ordinary high school student.
Kaname is a normal high school student, and she doesn’t overwhelm others with her physical strength or her “different abilities” to become a “Musou”.
Instead, she often uses her intelligence to outsmart her opponents and win strategically.
Another feature of the game is that you often work with your friends to confront the enemy as a “team.
Utilizing the power of your friends and “different abilities (sigils)”, you will fight together to defeat powerful enemies.
This is the basic flow of the game.

Of course, there is no “reincarnation” setting.
The characters are just ordinary people.
Kaname, of course, is the main character, but the rest of the characters also have a lot to show.
There are many opportunities for the main character to play an active role in this work.

A wide variety of “Sigils” that form the core of the story

What attracts the most attention in battles of different abilities are the “different abilities”.
In “Darwin’s Game”, the different abilities are called “Sigils”, and there are many types.
For example, Kaname, the main character, has the ability to make herself invisible.
For example, Kaname, the main character, has an ability to duplicate any object she has ever touched.

What makes “Darwin’s Game” unique is that it’s not just about fierce battles between different “abilities.
In many cases, strategic battles are fought by making full use of intelligence and wits, so you can enjoy the game while using your head.
Of course, there are also straightforward clashes between power and power, so you can enjoy the gap between those times.



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