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【Flag up!Kemono Michi】Just the right kind of scrappy heroine named Sigure

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The Fall 2019 anime “Hagashira! Pick up the main character, Sigle, from “Kemono Michi”!
We’ve compiled a list of all sorts of quirky girlfriends who seem to be in the heroine position but aren’t like that at all, who are scum but also have common sense!

Sigure Character Overview

“Flag up! A female character from “Path of the Beast”.
She is a beastly girl with wolf ears and a tail, a resident of the Elgardo Kingdom in an alternate world where the protagonist, Genzo Shibata, aka Chemona Mask, was summoned.
She has long hair that is braided on both sides, and wears a cape.

When she was about to be sold for various reasons, she met Genzo, who was being hunted by the princess after she gave him a German Suplex, and after he saved her, they began to work together.
Genzo sympathizes with Genzo’s dream of “a world where humans and monsters can coexist”, and since he is qualified as an accountant, he manages the pet shop “Kemono Michi”, which Genzo opened, but Genzo has been tending to his pets one after the other, and the business is in a state of flux.

In “Kemonomichi”, he is mainly a comedian because he is basically a tolerant and decent character.
However, due to the fact that he has lived in poverty for a long time, he is very serious when it comes to money and does not hesitate to act like a thief.

In the original story, when she meets Genzo, she calls him “Master” instead of asking him to take care of her debts, but in the anime, he doesn’t take care of her debts and calls her “Genzo-san”.

The voice actor in charge is Akira Sekine.



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