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The scenery of that animation! 5 songs recommended for sacred place pilgrimage

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Have you taken pilgrimage to the sacred place?

When I go to the city that is the stage of animation, I feel like I’m in the animation, and I feel like I’m going to walk away from the character.

I will introduce recommended animation for such sacred pilgrimage!


RAKI☆SUTA (Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture)


Popular animation depicting the everyday life of a cute character of four people.

It is a sacred pilgrimage that is now being actively performed, but it is an animation that can be said to be its pioneer.

Especially, Washimiya Shrine is very popular among fans, even a few years after the animation broadcast has ended, events have also been held, and many fans are traveling.



Girls & Panzer (Oarai Town, Higashi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki)


Popular animated cartoon 「GARUPAN」

The sanctuary Oarai-machi has actually realized collaboration with animation throughout the town, and each character’s panel is placed for each shop.
There is also an image like a shop of ○ ○ 【character], some of the shopkeepers contact the fans as if the character of the panel that is placed is a daughter,
I can enjoy conversation like “thank you for wearing a T – shirt at ○ ○”.

Would not it be less anime that actively collaborated so far w

Even within animation, the state of the town is reproduced fairly faithfully, and there are places where the scene in animation is reproduced in the actual town!



lovelive! (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)


Started from planning magazines, animation, games. Animation that made up movies and boom, love live!
While there are lots of idol animations, such as imas and akatsu, after anime broadcasting it may have been a representative of idol animation for a while.

Such a love live! The stage is Akihabara.
To be precise, in the vicinity of Jimbocho, there are many aggressive collaborations with surrounding stores and stores that are actually models.

Among others, “Bamboo Mura” which became a model of the main character, Honobu’s house, many members who pilgrims from the time such as members of Mu’s to practice or Kanda Akashi who was member Tojo Nozome worked .

By the way, I do not know how it is now, Lawson at the foot of Kanda Myojin, at that time it was fun with Nozomi Tojo



We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day. (Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture)



Common name “ANOHANA”

The stage of the work is Chichibu city in Saitama prefecture.

It seems that the production side and Chichibu city had pre-negotiated consultation from what it was this animation production originally.
Even now it continues to actively collaborate, and it seems that that flower is making a big boost to the local activity.

True, works close to these areas are nice, are not they?

Even after the work is finished, I feel that the world is still going on.



K-ON! (Shiga Prefecture · former Toyosato Elementary School / Kyoto Prefecture)


Anime “K-on!” Has become popular enough to cause social phenomena! ”

It is a work modeled on the commodity in which things appearing in animation, such as musical instruments used by members and headphones are real, but the stage is also real.

First, K-ON! There are two theaters, the former Toyosato elementary school in Shiga prefecture, one of which is a model of the school that Yui passed.
Although it is reproduced to a fairly fine place and it is drawn, this is rather an impression that the school in fact is making more changes ,,, w

Unfortunately it is not currently managed as a school, but it seems that you can do a tour etc. in advance if you make a reservation.

Another is around Kyoto station!

The scenery of the town which was drawn in the scene other than school is scattered around Kyoto station here.
There are a lot of stations, such as the station where wheat comes out on the OP, the stairs to jump with members, the river stone

I want to take all the same poses.



There are many other sacred places, but most of all I hope that the local society becomes sacred place of something, but it is not yet likely to come …

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