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【Splatoon 2】 Good thing to enjoy the world of Splatoon even outside the game #splatoon # Splatoon

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“Splatoon 2” is pop and unique in world view and characters are gaining popularity. Many players think that they want to enter that world once.
By gathering related goods, you can enjoy reproducing the world view of “Splatoon 2”. This time I gathered information on related goods of “Splatoon 2”.

Gear Power Lottery Key Holder

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Gear power directly linked to strength depending on the compatibility of the combination. When trying to make a satisfactory combination within the game, it consumes a huge amount of time and items, so the stress accumulates.
Recommended for those who are stressed by the draw of such a gear power is the gear power lottery key holder. Since it is a key holder, you can draw a lot until you become a satisfying combination. It’s small and easy to carry, so you can draw a gear power anytime and anywhere.
It is fun to use it as a luck test before drawing a gear power in the game. There are three kinds of athma, fuku and kuzu, so you can buy a key chain of your favorite part, you can also arrange all kinds.

Chocolate egg

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Chocolate egg containing capsules with toys in egg-shaped chocolate. We sold chocolate egg that collaborated with various works. A thing that collaborated with “Splatoon 2” appeared in such a chocolate egg.
Miniature figures of familiar characters such as squids, girls, and boy series. Characters that appeared from “Splatoon 2” such as Shimei, Ida and Kojajji-kun are also added.
With all 15 types + secret, I can not wait until I open it, so I can enjoy the excitement.
Because it is about 200 yen per piece, it is a point that it is easy to purchase at a price that is easy to purchase as a figure, and points are easy to get at the supermarket. The sense of accomplishment when collecting and decorating all 16 kinds is exceptional.

Kisekae gear collection

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Kisekae figure that can change the gear of Atma · Fuku shoes. There are a total of 4 types of bodies of 2 girls and 2 boy sorts, so you can enjoy your favorite characters with your favorite characters. Although it is a price that one can easily buy with 500 yen and one coin, the point that the quality of painting and molding is high is a point.
There are 20 kinds of parts including ATTA · fuku · kuts, and you can enjoy a variety of coordination. Because it is a figure, you can look carefully from the angle you like, it is not difficult to take pictures like clothing shop advertisements. Also recommend finding your favorite coordination, posting photos taken to SNS, showing them to friends and so on.
When buying 1 BOX, all kinds of gears are available, so it is nice that extra expense does not increase. The third bullet has been released and one of the key points is that you can freely combine 1 to 3 bullets.

Squid Art Book

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Art book was popular also when “Splatoon”. The second version of “Splatoon 2” version appeared. It is the world of Splatoon which can not be observed carefully in a fast-moving game, but it can be seen slowly by becoming an art book.
In addition to illustration, many setting materials are included. Parts such as weapons and character settings that are not widely spoken in the game are also drawn in detail. It is one volume which makes contents of “Splatoon 2” more enjoyable.
Those who have the first bullet can compare and read, you can enjoy the changes of “Splatoon” and “Splatoon 2” and the evolved points. Bots illustrations that did not appear in the game are also must-see.



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