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【Obscenious Ao-chan can not study】 Animation making commemoration summary! Hero and blue are cool beautiful girls … pure …… but sluts! What? Shady blue

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To celebrate the boy magazine edge serial series “Nasty Blue-chan Can not Study” as animation, we have summarized this work!
Cool beautiful woman and honor student, because the father was an organoleptic novelist, focus on delighting the charm of Horie Ao, the main character who will make progress in the erotic direction a delusion!

Delusions love comedy whose sensual novelist’s daughter runs away

“Nasty Blue-chan can not study” is a manga work that Kawahara’s love professor is working on.
When we start serialization from the monthly magazine edge which is the successor magazine of the monthly boy’s rival, it is a ranking of popularity instantly.
In December 2018, it was decided to make a television animation with the title of “Learnless Blue-chan can not study.”

The main character of such a work is Horie Ao female student who is studying intensely to pass university to live alone.
“Ao” was taken from “AoKan” with the name given by the father who is a functional novelist of super-selling.
Blue, who was a first grade elementary school student, did not know the meaning of Aokan, his life got rattled due to announcing his origin as a class attendance, so that he could escape as soon as possible from his father’s house “ero Goten” It seems that he is struggling to study until he throws out youth.

But already late.
Ao has already received the influence of his father in Moro.
A man has recognized that everyone sees a woman with sexual eyes, “a lump of sexual desire”, and has grown into a serious mischief.

Although it is still good if it is only it … But from the influence which my father spun erotic word since early childhood, Ao has become a girl like a lewd who associates with obscene things every time there is a thing That’s it!
Of course the surroundings do not know that AO is such a girl, and from classmates it is considered “cold honor student for men”.

However, there was a boy who was interested in such blue.
It is a cool looking rear tone, Takumi Kijima .
It is blue that Kijima talked to me often because it is “aimed at sexual intercourse”, but … It is quite seriously confessed with a light image and I can not hide embarrassment.
Moreover, he seems to be playing, it turns out that it is a virgin.

This work is a large love comedian that drew a delusional strong love affair with these two people clumsy.

Production is SILVER LINK.

SILVER LINK. Is a company that produces anime “Let’s learn Ao-chan”.
As an animation production company, its name recognition is high, it is completely established, so it seems like a long-awaited impression, in fact the establishment was a relatively new company in 2007, the original contracting work began in 2009 broadcast “Tayutama – It is from Kiss on my Deity- “.

In 2010, we made not only production but also investment with “Baka to Test to Shoukanju”, and the record of hits improves brand recognition at once.
Even then, we will build up our achievements steadily, and in 2013 we will have “Fun noodles” “Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya” “I do not care what you guys are bad! “Strike the Blood” mass-produced works with high-profile, and established its position.

Keisuke Inoue is the director.
He is in charge of assistant director at “Revenge of Masamune Kun” and “Manager of Sunohara Souso”, this time will be his first directorial work.

Michiko Yokote is a series organization.
It is a familiar script writer for anime fans.
“Genshiken” “Invasion! Ika girl” “SHIROBAKO” “Ms. Takagi who is good at skill”, the number of hit works that I was able to handle is unknown.
Mr. Kawahara of the author also said at his own account “Are you making a lot of works that I know … It is true to the clouds, I heard Yokote san, I have nothing to say yet Oh.” I was deeply impressed.

Character design is Miwa Ooshima.
It is those who are in charge of ‘GJ part’, ‘Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA’, ‘Anhapi ♪’, and who are also doing the sub character design of ‘Detective Conan’.
It is a popular animator at the level where illustration work collections are released under a single name.
The other staff and cast will be released after December 2018.



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