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[Theatrical Edition Dragon Ball Super Broly] Difference with past work and highlight summary # Dragon Ball

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Saiyan Brawley boasts overwhelming popularity among enemy characters in “DRAGONBALL”.
It has appeared several times in the past theater version, but it turned out to be appeared in the latest work in December 2018.
How do you get involved with the new character design Broly, Goku, the main character?
This time, I would like to put together a lot about Bloley.

【The Outline of Dragon Ball Super Movie】

Several months after the “The Power of tournament”.
Goku who knew that there were still strong people in the universe was devoted to training with Vegeta.
What appeared in front of such two people is “Broley” who is a Saiyan who should have been destroyed.
Why did the Saiya who died with the disappearance of the planet Vegeta appear on the earth?
Freeza resurrected from hell also gets involved and develops into a fierce battle.

[Characters appearing in this work]

The enemy character of this film and an important person.
Because of the mighty power of the Saiyans, they have a past that was exiled with their fathers by King Vegeta, the King of the Saiyans, and thus are not involved in the disappearance of the planet Vegeta.
He can not control the mighty power, and is also the owner of a dangerous face that often runs away.
As Remo and Chirai have not been involved with people other than my father, I have also become an entity that “I would like to do something”.
CV is Mr. Bin Shimada.
A veteran voice actor who can play the role of a crazy old man from a calm old man.
Representative works are “Chibimaruko-chan”,Tomozou Sakura , “Nintama Rantaro”, Hemhem, etc.


Broly’s father, the Saiyan’s survival.
It has a past that was exiled to the sons of King Vegeta, who has made Broly the strongest warrior and has an opportunity to revenge the royal family.
Although the circumstances are unknown, they belong to the new Freezer army that was built after the power convention and appear in front of Goku and Vegeta.
On the official site, it is described as “something is hidden in the equipment provided with the belt”, and it can be seen that he is a very important person in the play.

CV is Houki Katuhisa
Representative work is “ONE PIECE” role of Jinbei, “Inazuma Eleven” role of Kira Seijiro.


An old woman who belongs to the Frieza army and takes care of him.
It is the only one of the subordinates who can speak without disturbing the freezer.
The name comes from “blueberry”.


Scientist who belongs to Frieza army.
It is also the oldest member who has been in use since the time when King Kordo, Father of Frieza, was at the top.
We make equipment of the Frieza army and warships, scouters and battle jackets and are quite active in the technical aspect.


A female warrior belonging to the Frieza army.
He once stole the Galactic Patrol spacecraft, and he is also the owner of a unique career that has fallen into the Frieza army to escape from that chase.
It is characterized by tending to act impulsively without thinking after the other.

CV is a popular female voice actor Nana Mizuki.
Representative works include “NARUTO” Hinata Hyuga, “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Series” and “Fate Testarossa”.


It is characteristic that it is a character of a relatively good person though it is a soldier of Frieza army.
There has never been a encounter with the top freezer while belonging to the army.
As she belongs to the Freezer army for many years, she has some concerns for the careless children brought to the army, and especially for Broley, she has a desire to “do something”.

CV is Tomokazu Sugita.
Representative works include “GINTAMA” Gintoki Sakata, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” Kyon.

What is the difference between your work and past work?

“Theatrical version of Broly” has a considerable response since the announcement of Broly, Paragas, and new characters.
What is the difference between past work and new work?

Broly and Paragas Character Design

The first difference is the character design of Broly and Paragus.
Brorie of the past work was fair on the whole, and the expression was a character design like a man.
The upper body was naked, the lower body was wearing a charlw pants + red waist cloth, and the head had controls.

The new Broly is much more muscular than the old ones, and it’s also very eye-catching, and it’s generally a ‘wild-child’ character design.
The skin is also dark, scars on the cheeks, and the hair is characterized as being Zambara hair.

Paragas, on the other hand, has a slightly older design than the old one.
The old work was middle-aged with dark hair, but now it is gray and the eyebrows are long.

Age when Goku was sent to Earth

In the original Goku was put into a capsule in the state of a baby and sent to the Earth, but in “Theatrical Edition Broly”, the age at the time of being sent to the Earth has been slightly increased.
You can see if you look at the preview PV, but it looks like 5 to 6 years old.
Also, Goku’s parents, Burdac and Gine, have appeared.
According to the original, Burdac was involved in the disappearance of the planet Vegeta, and would die without meeting Gokuo, but in the movie’s version of the movie there is inserted a scene that will be alive with Goku.

Since the scene where parents and Goku live apart is a frightening thing, please check it with your eyes.

Freeza appearance

In the past theatrical version, freezer was not involved in the story at all because it is dead, but now it is resurrected by Wiss, and it is involved in the story by leading the new Freezer army.
Freezer to be considered the strongest alien and Broley to be called the strongest Saiyan.
It is a look at what kind of battle it will be.



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