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Blades of Demons] A look at the appeal of Inosuke Sukihira, wielder of the Beast’s Breath!

Only three years after the series began, the total number of copies published has exceeded 40 million!
It began to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2016 and will be made into an anime in 2019.
Furthermore, it will be made into a movie in October 2020, and the manga [Blade of the Demons’
The author is Mr. Agoge Yohseharu.
It is a common story about a battle between a man and a demon at first glance, but it is a story of attractive characters. Thanks to this, everyone will be fascinated by the unique worldview. The kind-hearted and humanistic hero, “Kamon Sumjiro”, is a legitimate hero. The protagonist’s younger sister “Kamon Negeko” who is turned into an ogre but is cute and moe. Zenitsu Wagatsuma” is extremely timid, but shows his ultimate power when cornered. The rash and reckless character of “Inosuke Tsukihira”, who wears a wild boar’s headgear. He is the one who turned Priest Neduko into a demon and the top of the demons.
There are other members of the Oni-killing squad, the pillar of the Oni-killing squad, and the sad past of the demons, as well as the sad past of the demon side of the squad, and other unique characters from humans to demons that add to the work.
The list is endless, but in this article, I’d like to talk about one of the main characters and who I’d like to introduce you to a man who is simpler and straighter than that, Inosuke Beira!


Name: Inosuke Hasibira Inosuke
Age: 15 years old
Height: 164cm
Weight: 63kg
Birthplace:Otakesan, Okutama-gun, Tokyo
Birthday: April 22
Hobbies: Playing a game for children called “Kotorokotoro” (which Sumijiro taught me)

He is a member of the “Oni-kiri-tai”, a group of demon slayers, and is Sumijiro’s classmate. He was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby and raised by a wild boar. His upper body is naked. He wears a boar’s headdress on his head. He uses two swords, the sunflower sword with a chipped blade, as his weapon. He’s a two-sworded swordsman, which is rare in the Blades of Onishiki. There is a special move in the Blades of Onishin, called “Breath”. That “breath” varies from character to character, and Inosuke uses the “beast’s breath”. Normally, there are people who train demon killers called Ikute, but in Inosuke’s case, he was raised in the mountains. He has been able to create his own style of “Beast’s Breath” without any training.
We will introduce the charm and various episodes of the character “Inosuke”. I am!

The gap between personality and looks!

The wildebeest! The face of a wild boar, straight and always running, but also a little bit silly… just like the word! Inoske’s character, but underneath the boar’s headgear, there was an unexpected face.

No way, he’s super-beautiful! The first time I saw him, I was surprised. Because he looked nothing like I had imagined! With such a grimy headdress, maybe his real face is grim, or maybe he looks like a monster. Or maybe it’s a demon? I was expecting a lot of things, but I didn’t expect a beautiful boy with a female face. Zen-itsu said, “He’s a creepy guy…he’s so bare, but he’s got a girlie face on him. The end of the day. I couldn’t imagine Inosuke wearing a wild boar’s headdress and making a lot of noise.
However, there was an episode where he used his female face to his advantage, and he didn’t want to lose to a shop’s rival, the girl behind the signboard. The landlady who hired him is determined to make Inosuke a prostitute. You’ll have to wait until you read it to find out how it ends. The character and body are not yet aired in the anime and are included in the original 71 episodes. He’s strong, but he has a woman’s face. But it’s precisely because of that Inosuke that I find him all the more attractive (smile).
Their true face is included in the anime episode 14, “Wisteria Flower House of the Family Crest.

Fierce past and hoity-toity now!

As I mentioned in my profile column, Inosuke was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby and raised by a wild boar. He has a spectacular history of being beaten. Maybe that’s why he’s a little rough with girls, he can’t use chopsticks and has to grab his food by the hand, and although he can speak the language I was not taught basic education, such as not being able to write. I don’t know why the wild boar raised Inosuke, but it was soon after the mother boar lost her own child. It is thought that Inosuke may have been brought up to this point and learned to speak.
The boar is not the only one who has grown up to this point and learned to speak the language, but also a gentle It’s because I met my grandfather (human). This one is also not yet aired in the anime, and is included in episode 88.5, which is an extravaganza of the original story. [sic]
One day, he learns of the existence of demons and joins the “Demon Assassination Squad”, and meets Sumijiro, but there he meets a variety of human beings It is heartwarming to know the warmth of the people. For example, when Sumijiro said “Thank you” from the bottom of his heart, you will be relieved. You will be cheered when you feel the kindness of the landlady of the inn. His interaction with Zenitsu is slapstick. From the bottom of my heart, I am glad that he seems to be enjoying himself now.
The Ho Ho Ho Ho is included in the anime episode 16, “Bringing Forward Someone Who Isn’t Yourself.


I love taking the fight to the strong! Breath of the Beast!

When Inosuke was unaware of the existence of the demon and lived in the mountains, a member of the Oni-kiri group appeared.
Inosuke challenges the member to a fight and steals the Nichirinata from him, and that’s when he discovers the existence of the demon and the Onikiri-Tai. You will find out. He successfully passes the final selection test for the demon killers to fight the strong and weaves his own “breath”! . Usually, the breath is derived from fire, water, wind, rock and lightning, but the breath of the beast is derived from It’s not the original at all, it’s a “breath” that Inosuke created on his own.
To put it bluntly, it’s too awesome to be normal! Incidentally, it seems to be similar to the “Breath of the Wind” in nature.
In the original story, the fangs and kata of the first 10 characters are currently being shown.
Inosuke loves to take on strong men, but one day he encounters the father of Lui, the demon “Lui”, who is the “Shimogen no Ko”. He fights alongside Sumijiro, but Sumijiro is blown far away, so he has to wait until Sumijiro returns and He thinks about stalling, but quickly reconsiders and cuts off the demon’s arm. However, the arm regenerated and became even stronger, and that’s the first time he said, “No, I can’t win, I’m going to die” in front of the demon. The demon was about to be killed. Then “Yoshio Tomioka”, a water pillar of the oni-kiri-tai, appeared and defeated the demon easily. The demon was easily defeated. I tried to fight against “Giyuu”, but he was tied up with a rope easily. The episode reminds us that there are many strong men who can not stand up to Inosuke. It was (shock!!!)
“No, you can’t win,” is from the anime episode 18, “Fake Bonds.


There are a lot of characters in the Blade of the Demon, and Inosuke is one of them, with a fierce life. It’s been a tumultuous life for the higher-ups. But it’s not all misfortune, and it’s not all misfortune, and it’s not all misfortune. I’ve grown up to the point where I’ve been able to. I met Sumijiro, Priestess, and Zenitsu in the Oni-kiri-tai, and made some invaluable friends. They will continue to fight together and grow in strength and humanity. More and more, the demon destruction blade is getting more and more exciting! We can’t take our eyes off Inosuke in the future!

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