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【Attack on Titan】”What is the true identity of Zeke, the Beast Titan, and what is his true purpose?

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In this article, I will spoil the story of “Sieg Jaeger” in “Attack on Titan”.
“Zeke, the heir to the Beast Titan, has been involved in the story in fragments as a mysterious character, but his true identity and purpose are gradually being revealed.
Here is a summary of the information about Zeke.

Appeared as a beast Titan

The counterpart to Eren Jaeger, the central figure of Paradis Island, is Zeke Jaeger, the central figure of the enemy nation of Male.
First of all, let’s review how Zeke has been involved in the story and what kind of relationship he has with Eren.

The heir to the “Beast Titan”

Zeke made his first appearance in episode 34, “The Beast Titan.
The Scout Regiment decides to carry out a mission to find out the true identity of the Female Titan.
As part of the mission, a Titan with a strange physique that “speaks” attacked the area where the 104th students were gathered.
This “Beast Titan”, which has high intelligence and follows other Titans, is actually Zeke.
“Zeke, who had been in contact with Reiner, the Armor Titan, and Bertolt, the Colossal Titan, was hiding out on Paradis Island with the goal of retrieving the coordinates. Zeke, who had been in contact with Reiner, the Armor Titan, and Bertolt, the Colossal Titan, was hiding out on Paradis Island with the goal of retrieving the Coordinates.

A powerful enemy stands in the way of the Survey Corps

Zeke is characterized by his aloofness and elusive behavior, but his fighting ability after being transformed into a Titan is quite vicious.
During the mission to retake Wall Maria, he used his long arms to throw stones, destroying the Survey Corps.
However, he was taken advantage of by Levi and was seriously injured.
At that time, he met Eren for the first time, and left a word of concern for him.

What is your relationship with Ellen?

Ellen and Zeke share the same “Jaeger surname”.
It is later revealed that they were “half-brothers”.
Eren, who was born and raised on Paradis Island, and Zeke, who became a threat to Paradis Island, have an adversarial relationship, but Zeke says to Eren that he is “a victim of the same father” and that he will “save him one day”, showing that they have feelings that transcend their positions.

Zeke’s origins and past

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Royal blood

Grisha, who had been secretly working as a member of the “Eldia Restoration Faction” within Male.
Dinah, a descendant of the royal family of Eldia who did not evacuate to Paradis Island but remained on the continent.
Zeke was a child born between these two, and was “of royal blood.
When Mare was recruiting “Mare’s Warriors” as a fighting force to invade Paradis, Grisha sent Zeke as a spy for the Restorationists of Eldia, and gave him an education that could be called “brainwashing”.

The Beast Titan’s predecessor

The fact that Grisha used Zeke for his reckless plan, and that he expected and pushed him away without considering Zeke’s feelings.
Furthermore, the fact that his relatives were in danger of being sent to paradise caused a deep psychological trauma to the young Zeke.
Zeke’s emotional support came from Tom Xaver, the former head of the Beast Giants and a researcher of giantology.
Zeke accepted Kusava’s advice and accused his parents, and protected his grandparents by showing his loyalty to Male.



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