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【The Deceptive Warfare Madara】 The background music and direction are revolutionary! Game balance

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The Deceptive Warfare Madara is a manga that was serialized in the game magazine Marusho Famicom (NES) from 1987, and was released by Konami in 1990 for the Family Computer.
In this article, we’ll introduce The Deceptive Warfare Madara as a lesser-known but actually interesting classic franchise game.

Madara Original Story

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Before I introduce the FC game Madara, I’d like to share a little bit of the story of the original game.
The story revolves around these twin brothers, “Madara” and “Kageo”, who were born with the destiny of light and darkness on their shoulders, and is a fantasy work based on the theme of reincarnation.
The characters have many mysterious names such as “Kirin”, “Seishinja”, and “Miroku”, and the work is fantasy and fantastic.

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Madara Basic Information

Genre RPG
Supported models Family Computer
Released by Konami
Number of players: 1
Release year 1990

The story basically follows the original storyline, but since the original was in serialization when it was first released, the storyline in the second half of the game is original.
The gameplay is a basic RPG, but the battle scenes have a “tactical style” with characters moving on screen.
The game is a little bit unbalanced, which is a drawback, but the story itself is solid, so I’d give it a passable score for an RPG.

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High quality background music

FC’s BGM is often monotonous in nature, but this title was equipped with a Konami Characteristic Expansion Chip that allowed for high quality BGM that could not be expressed in FC, and the BGM was so highly regarded that the original game and arranged CD soundtrack was later released.
This expansion chip, a Konami characteristic called “VRC6,” was also included in Konami’s flagship title, Castlevania: The Legend of Castlevania.

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High quality production

This title is also known for its presentation outside of the background music, especially the “animated visuals”.

Today we take this technology for granted, but at the time, it was a fairly advanced technology to be used in a franchise, and it’s safe to say that this title truly revolutionized in-game events with its expression of this technology.
That’s how strong the impact of the game was at the time, and it was shocking.
The high quality of the production matches the storyline of the original game, so much so that it’s safe to say, “I don’t care about the gameplay, just enjoy the production”.

The disappointing point is that the game is unbalanced

When evaluating this title, one thing that is inevitably on the agenda is the “poor game balance”.
It’s a shame that the game’s poor gameplay balance has led to a jump in difficulty, even though the presentation and story are better than other RPGs.
I’ll introduce this without spoiling the game.

– In the mid to late game, they’ll launch a series of nasty whole attacks on you, whether it’s a boss or even a zako enemy.
There is a huge variation in the damage range when attacking, and the battle is not calculated.
Magic on the move is too limited.
The encounter rate is too high and enemies are attacking you all over the place.

Are you so reliant on the original work that you forget it’s a game? As much as I would like to think that it is, this imbalance is the reason why it failed to become a masterpiece, as it increases the difficulty level.


So far, I’ve introduced The Môtou Senki Madara as a lesser-known but actually interesting masterpiece franchise game.
As a result, I’d like to give a brief summary of this game: “No matter how good the story is, it’s too hard, so no one will know about it.
That said, it’s not an overwhelming game at all, and if you’re patient and persistent, you’ll be able to clear it.
Once you level up and become strong enough that you don’t mind the game balance, you can enjoy the main presentation (laughs), so with that in mind, it’s still one of the masterpieces.
It’s worth it just to see the “animated visuals,” so if you get a chance, try to enjoy it. summary

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