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Announcing the Top 20 Female Characters Who Look Good with Jito Eyes! No. 1 is the heroine of that national anime?

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A big feature on goofy characters!
We’ll be ranking a wide variety of characters, including those who usually have a goofy look in their eyes, those who have a sarcastic personality, and those who are struggling to make ends meet.
Which character from which work of art is the queen with the darkest eyes?

No.20:Aoba MOka

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Leading off the Top 20 is a girl genius who plays guitar in the girls’ rock band “Afterglow” in “BanG Dream!
She’s a popular character with a relaxed and easy-going manner of speaking.

Her upper eyelids are usually slightly closed, making her a “gaze type” character.
She doesn’t have much emotional ups and downs, and her strong character is a characteristic of this type.

Her voice actress is Chika Misawasa.


出典 : © アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive」製作委員会 : アニメ「プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive (プリコネR)」公式サイト | Cygames

She is one of the main characters in Princess Connect!
Although she is a tsundere, she is a sensible person in the Bishokuden and a hardworking tsukkomi.
She sometimes uses disturbing words such as “bukkiru,” but she is a serious and kind girl.

Her eyes are usually bright and clear, but when she’s annoyed, she turns into an emotional jittery-eyed type to express her emotions.
Neneka was the most famous character in the series, but since Cal’s fame has skyrocketed with the anime, she was chosen.

Her voice actress is Rika Tachibana.

No.18:Rezei Mako

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She is the pilot of the Anko Team of Oarai Girls’ Academy, led by Miho Nishizumi, the main character of “Girls und Panzer”.
She is also a genius at her own pace, and can master the controls of the ship just by reading the manual once.
However, due to her low blood pressure, she is an extreme night owl and is always late.

As a genius, she is always the “stare in the dark” type.
However, it is possible that she is simply sleepy-eyed.

Her voice actress is Yuka Iguchi.


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PANDORA IN THE CRIMSON SHELL -GHOST URN-, she is a battle android owned by the genius scientist Uzal Delilah.
After the ownership of Nanakorobi Nene, a cyborg girl, was transferred to him, he has been working with her.
Although she is an android, she has a high sense of pride, and when the ownership was transferred to her, she was hurt because she thought that she was sold because she was useless.

She is always looking at you with a blank stare, but she has a lot of emotional expression.

Her voice actress is Manami Numakura.

16位:Black Cat

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One of the heroines of “Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, her real name is Ruri Gokou.

She doesn’t socialize much and her interpersonal skills are low.

She is always looking at people with a blank stare, and is a genius gamer.

Her voice actress is Kana Hanazawa.


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One of the main characters in “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World” she is the older sister of the twin maids of the Rosewall mansion.
She always treats the main character, Subaru, with an arrogant and poisonous tongue, but she is not aggressive in all directions.

Compared to her younger sister Rem, her eyelids usually droop, so she belongs to the “always-on” type, but her eyes are not that obvious, and when she looks at Subaru with white eyes, she has perfect eyes.

Her voice actress is Rie Murakawa.


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She is a main character in the To LOVEuru series and one of the greatest assassins in the universe.
Her code name is Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness).
She’s a girl who doesn’t open up to others, who is cool and rarely shows her emotional ups and downs, but after meeting Rito and Mikan, she starts to change.

However, after meeting Rito and Mikan, she started to change. She is an “emotional jittery-eyed type” who mainly looks at Rito when she is disappointed in him.
When she says, “I don’t like echy things,” she doesn’t seem to have the same expression.

Her voice actress is Misato Fukuen.


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She is the third daughter of the three main sisters of Minami family, and her real name is Minami Chiaki.
She is a fifth-grader with a cool, fast-paced tongue and a sense of humor that would make you feel right at home if her classmates called her “Princess.
However, she also has a bit of an absent-mindedness befitting her age.

She always has half-lidded eyes.
Her eyelids are quite droopy, so you can tell at a glance that she has a goofy look.

The voice actress is Minori Chihara.


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She is a main character in “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, and her real name is Kanna Kamui.
Her real name is Kanna Kamui. She is a young dragon who followed Thor to the human world, where she was assigned to work as a live-in maid in Kobayashi-san’s house.
Since then, he has grown fond of Ms. Kobayashi and is attending elementary school while staying at her house.

He is an “always-on” type of dragon, who usually looks at people with a blank stare regardless of their emotions.

Her voice actress is Maria Naganawa.

No.11:Nunotaba Sinobu

出典 : ©鎌池和馬/冬川基/アスキー・メディアワークス/PROJECT-RAILGUN S

She is a third-year student at Nagatote-Joki Academy who appears in the “A Certain Scientific Railgun” Sisters Arc.
She is one of the researchers who participated in the “Mass Production Project” to mass-produce clones of Mikoto Misaka, and is characterized by her use of English in conversation.

In the original work, his main characteristic is his extreme gray eyes, but in the anime, his design has been changed to a jittery-eyed type, which is rare in the world.
But in the anime, the design was changed to a jito-mei type, which is rare in the world.

Her voice actress is Ikumi Hayama.



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