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It’s actually a masterpiece! 10 classic Sega Saturn software titles!

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Although Sega has withdrawn from the home console market since the last home console Sega released, the Dreamcast, Sega’s most famous console, the Sega Saturn, is home to a number of classic software titles.
The SEGA Saturn overtook its contemporaries, the Nintendo 64, to take second place to Sony’s PS in terms of home console market share at the time, thanks to the existence of the classic titles we’re introducing here.
Here are 10 titles from Sega’s classic Sega Saturn that we’d like to recommend to you.

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story1~3

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 Manufacturer:Bandai
 Genre: Action Shooting
 Number of players: 1

It was released in three parts between 1996 and 1997, with the sub-titles Shiver Blue, Inheritor of the Blue, and Judged One, respectively.

Game Features

It’s an action-shooting game that takes place in a 3D field with depth, and features play from the perspective of a mobile suit cockpit.


 Enjoy the arcade-like atmosphere.
Multiple endings that vary by rank

The graphics, controls, and cockpit perspective are similar to those of an arcade game, and the main appeal of this game is that you can enjoy a powerful, authentic 3D action shooter on a home console.

Street Fighter ZERO

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 Manufacturer: Capcom
Genre 2D Fighting Game
Number of players 1 to 2

This is the first in a new series of games from the hugely popular Street Fighter series, and is one of the first ports of the Sega Turn, which was originally known for its 2D graphics.

Game Features

One of the main features of this game is that the graphics have been completely redesigned from the “Strike 2” series, with a change from doodads to animated pictures.


 ZERO counters are addictive.
Many new characters.

The ZERO counter felt so good that once you decided to use it, you became addicted to it, and at the time, there were a lot of players who were more interested in fighting each other with ZERO counters than with special moves.

The Legendary Giant Bugle

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Manufacturer River Hill Software
Genre: SRPG
Number of players:1

It was a pioneering game in the modern era of Real Time Strategy (RTS), which ran from 1993 to 1996 and was released on both the Super Nintendo, PS and SS.

Game Features

The basic flow of the game is to organize units as you wish and clear the stages, but this SRPG is packed with strategic elements such as terrain checks and unit combinations.


 great introduction to the RTS.
 Basic battles are automatic.

As mentioned above, it is a pioneering game for RTS, so it is a great introductory software for those who want to play the current popular RTS.
In addition, there is almost no player intervention in the basic battles, and the main thing is to develop your character, so it can be said that the hurdle is low for a game of this genre.

The Apocalypse IV

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Number of players:1

This is the eighth game in the Tengai Makyo series of classic RPGs for the PC Engine, and is set in the United States, where the world view is different from previous games, with the consensus being “the misguided West as seen by the Japanese”.

Game Features

The basic system is the same as the previous games in the series, but by moving from the PC engine to the Sega Saturn, the graphics and background music have been greatly improved and the game has evolved into a more realistic and powerful game.


 Top class animation at the time
It’s not too difficult, so it’s easy to enjoy

Unusually for this era, 3D polygons were rarely used in RPGs, and instead the animation presented in 2D graphics was one of the best of its time.
This was a game that made good use of the Sega Saturn’s ability to excel at 2D processing, which was not good at 3D processing, and because the level of difficulty was not that high for the Tengai Makyo series, it is also recommended as an RPG that anyone can play casually.



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