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【Sword Art Online】Who is the strongest swordsman Yuki (Konno Yuki), and what are his three charms! [SAO].

Sword Art Online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, the Alicization Arc, is set to begin in October 2019, and it’s a popular anime that’s gaining a lot of attention.
I’m going to introduce the charm of Yuki, the strongest swordsman in the popular “Sword Art Online”.

Character Overview

Yuki appears in the Mother’s Rosary Arc of Sword Art Online. His real name is Konno Kiwatsuki and his birthday is May 23, 2011.
When she was born, the blood she was transfused with was infected with HIV, so she became infected with HIV and developed AIDS. He has been battling with AIDS for 15 years and has been living in a virtual space for three years as a test subject for a medical full-dive system called Medicuboid, which was being tested.
Yuki is mainly active in Albheim Online, a.k.a. ALO, and her avatar is a long-haired girl wearing purple armor of the Imp race.
Her avatar is of the Imp race, and she is a long-haired girl wearing purple armor. She is also called “Zekken” because of her extraordinary strength, and she is the leader of the guild Sleeping Knights. Her strength is such that she can defeat Kirito in duels, but due to HIV, she has been sick since childhood and has very little time left to live.
However, he has been sick since childhood due to HIV and has only a short time left to live. In order to keep his name in the guild for the rest of his life, he challenges the bosses with only his guild members. However, the guild members were not able to win the battle alone, so he invited Asuna to join the guild and attack the 27th layer boss.
After that, when Yuki died, many users of ALO came to see the strongest swordsman off.
In addition to that, he entrusted the strongest 11-strike sword skill Mother’s Rosary to Asuna, who he loved like a sister.


The Appeal of Yuki, the Strongest Swordsman

Here we will introduce the appeal of Yuki, the strongest swordsman in the world.

Overwhelming speed and strength that surpasses even Kirito, who was considered a hero

The first attraction of Yuki is that she is so strong that she is called the strongest in ALO.
It’s no secret that Kirito and Asuna are the strongest characters in Sword Art Online, but Yuki is so strong that they wonder if she’s a returning player from SAO.
Yuki has beaten Leafa, Lizbet, and even Kirito in duels, though not with two swords. He also defeated Asuna, the Vice Commander of the Blood Knights, after giving it his all.
The most powerful swordsman in the ALO at the time, Eugene, has a sword skill of 11 strokes, which is far more than the 8 strokes of General Eugene’s Mothers Rosary.
The strength and speed with which Yuki, the strongest swordsman in ALO, overwhelms his surroundings is one of his charms.

The energy of a 15-year-old girl

Yuki’s second charm is her energetic way of expressing emotions using her whole body.
The gap between Yuki as the strongest swordsman in ALO and Yuki as an energetic 15-year-old girl is one of the most adorable aspects of her.
An example of how she uses her whole body to express her emotions is when Asuna approves of the Sleeping Knights’ recruitment.
Yuki was looking for the last member of the seven-member team because the members of the Sleeping Knights alone could not defeat the boss and conquer the boss. That’s when Asuna came into his life. He recruits Asuna as a limited time member of Sleeping Knights, and she accepts.
At that time, Yuki was so happy that she took Asuna’s hand and thanked her while putting her face close to hers.
Also, when Asuna tells her strategy and tells everyone to work a little harder during the boss battle, Yuki cheerfully calls out, “Oh! with a cheerful “Ooh!
I think this kind of energetic childlike innocence is one of Yuki’s charms.

Family and friends thoughts for a happy time

Yuki’s third attraction is his love for his family and friends.
Here, I’ll introduce Yuki’s feelings toward his family and his fellow Sleeping Knights.

●Feelings toward family
Yuki had a father, a mother, and an older sister in the real world. However, the whole family became ill, and Yuki’s mother, worried about the future of her children, thought about committing suicide at one point, but decided to fight the illness as a family.
In the midst of such a family, Yuki also begins to think about her own role in the family.
She tries to stay healthy so that her parents, who are worried about her and her sister, won’t have a hard time. In order to cherish the time I spend with my family, even though it is small.
She is a family-oriented girl who thinks about her family’s happiness.

●Feelings about Sleeping Knights
Yuki is the leader of the Sleeping Knights guild.
Originally, Sleeping Knights was a guild founded by Yuki’s older sister, and initially had nine members.
The guild was originally founded by Yuki’s sister, and originally had nine members, but because the guild was made up of seriously ill patients she met at the VP Hospice, her sister and the other two members passed away, leaving the guild with six members and Yuki as the leader.
It was decided that the guild would be dissolved when one of the six members disappeared so that everyone would not be sad. So, in order to create a proof of life for everyone, they decided to put the names of all the guild members on the “Monument of the Swordsman”.
Then, when Yuki and Shiune were in danger of being disbanded due to their medical conditions, they were able to conquer the boss with the help of Asuna.
Because he cared so much about the members of the team, he challenged a boss battle that would normally take 49 people to complete with 7 members, and I think he was looking for a strong swordsman to win the battle alone.
Such love for his family and friends is one of Yuki’s charms.


I’ve introduced the appeal of Yuki, the strongest swordsman in ALO.
Strength that surpasses even Kirito and Asuna
An energetic personality that uses her entire body to express her emotions
He cares about his family and friends.
These are just a few of Yuki’s charms.
Yuki is mainly in the Mother’s Rosary Arc, but she also appears in the Arisination Arc as she tries to save Asuna, so please look forward to seeing her.

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