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【The Seven Horsemen of the Marronnier Kingdom】Consider the secrets of the Seven Brothers! Who is your father?

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The Seven Knights of the Marronnier Kingdom, which features seven brothers who each have mysterious powers. It is a manga work that has been attracting a lot of attention, winning first place in the onna division of “This Manga is Amazing! In this article, we’ll take a thorough look at the secret of the power of the seven brothers, which is the biggest mystery in the storyline of this work!

What is the [Seven Knights of the Marronnier Kingdom]?

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The Seven Knights of the Marronnier Kingdom is a fantasy manga by Nao Iwamoto. It is a popular work that won the first place in the female edition of “This Manga is Amazing!
It is still being published in the manga magazine “Monthly flowers”. The book has been published in three volumes.
The author, Nao Iwamoto also won the first place in the female division of “This Manga is Amazing!
It’s an accomplishment that has won first place two years in a row, and it’s a work that’s attracting a lot of attention from young lady manga fans as well.

The Seven Knights of the Marronnier Kingdom Synopsis

Located in the heart of the eight kingdoms, the Marronnier Kingdom is often targeted by the seven other nations around it.
This is where the landlady, Baribara, and her seven sons live.
Each of them has a different name: “Sleepless,” “Benevolent,” “Hotter,” “Cold,” “Beastmaster,” “Swordsman,” and “Harapeko.” Each of their sons has a slightly different name, and their goal is to one day be cool and save the princess of their country! .
That’s why, as a knight, he spends his days and nights honing his sword skills.

From time to time, the brothers are pleased and saddened by the sight of the princess.
Then one day, the seven brothers receive an order from the Prime Minister via Baribara.
They were told to go to each of the seven neighboring countries as knight commanders and ambassadors, and to appeal to the Marronnier Kingdom as a friendly nation.

However, this order led to an unsettled atmosphere not only in the Seven Kingdoms, but also in the Marronnier Kingdom.
The eldest son is not sleepy, being targeted by a mysterious young “visitor” in the “Land of the Long Night” where he is diplomatic.

The “Land of Living Things” where most of the inhabitants have been changed into animal forms. What is the trap that awaits the beastmaster there?

Kengariya makes friends with a visitor who enters the kingdom while the beastmaster is away and gives him the nickname “Hinyari”.
And then there’s Kagariya, who is attracted to Bruno, a young frontier count disguised as a princess from her own country.

What happens to each of the seven brothers’ love interests?
What is the nature of the special power each of them has?
Who was my late father?
What is the real purpose behind this diplomacy?

Set in a fictional, medieval European-style country, this “fairy tale” of sword and magic action fantasy and love opens!



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