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【Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba】Words of Wisdom – Shinobu Butterfly Chapter – Beautiful flowers have poison….

Basic Information


Shinobu Kocho is one of the highest-ranking pillars of the Kisatutai .
He is also commonly called “Mushibashira” because he is a master of Mushino breathing.

His birthday is February 24th. His age is 18 years old. He is 151 cm tall. Weight: 37 kg. Her hobby is telling ghost stories, and her favorite food is ginger tsukudani.

Shinobu Butterfly is a bit of a special trooper, with a good knowledge of pharmacology and a superior intelligence to create poisons that can defeat demons.

He keeps a cute smile on his face, and acts in a kind and polite tone to everyone. He seems to have a calm personality at first glance, but he seems to control his emotions on a regular basis, and various aspects of his personality can be seen in his works.

Zenitsu Wagatsuma, who has excellent hearing, has this impression of Shinobu, who came to his rescue at Nada Spider Mountain.” The sound of this person, Shinobu, has no regularity and sounds a little scary. But when she was treating people who had been turned into spiders, she was like a goddess. And she’s insanely cute, I could eat her face alone.”

Also, when talking to Shinobu, Sumijirou Kamon, who has an excellent sense of smell, said, “You smile, but you always smell angry.”

In response, Shinobu said, “Kanae Kocho, the former pillar killed by the demon and her beloved sister, felt sorry for the demon until the moment of her own death. In order to inherit her feelings, she tried to share her feelings with the demon, but her feelings did not reach the demon, and her fatigue and anger just kept accumulating.

The Nichirin Katana is a slender sword with a poisoned blade. When it is sheathed, the poison can be mixed differently. This makes it possible to change the formula of the poison each time depending on the demon, and it has a slightly better blade than other warriors.

He also has a blade in his foot and a hidden weapon that he uses when his hands are full.


The famous technique is “Centipede Nomai Centipede Bellows”. This technique swings in all directions with a strong step that gouges the ground, disturbs the opponent, and pierces the blade aiming at the gap.

People and demons should all get along, don’t you think so, Mr. Tomioka?

Volume 4 – Episode 28 – Urgent Call
…These are the words that I asked Yoshio Tomioka when I ordered him to go to Nada Spider Mountain where Lui, the head of the Onikiri-tai, was staying. There are not many warriors who want to be friends with hostile demons. Shinobu does not show too much anger towards the demon, but speaks to it gently.

I’m the only swordsman among the pillars who can’t cut demons’ necks, but I’m also the one who created a poison that can kill demons.

Volume 5 – Episode 41 -Shinobu Kocho
…On the Nada Spider Mountain, while Murata, a member of the Onisassaikai, was being attacked by the sister of Lui, a member of the Lower Strings, Shinobu fluttered down like a butterfly. She spoke softly to Lui’s sister, but with a light movement, she stabbed the demon with the poison blade she had prepared.” There are also swordsmen like me who use poison,” he said. In this scene, the existence of Shinobu Kocho, one of the pillars, was revealed.

“You said you couldn’t get along with demons”, so what is it? That’s why everyone hates you.

Volume 5 – Episode 43 – To Hell
…At Nada-Gumo Mountain, I found the demon Nezuko Kamado, and when I was about to slash him, his pillar companion, Giyu Tomioka, protected him. I wondered why he was protecting her when he was a demon, and before he went to the Nada Spider Mountain, he answered, “It’s impossible to get along with demons as long as they eat people. It was with this in mind that Shinobu unintentionally provoked the unintelligible behavior of Giyu.。



Well, I should be able to do it, but I can’t help it, if I can’t do it, I can’t help it.

Volume 6 – Episode 51 – The Nitirin Katana Returns. …
…Shinobu, with her knowledge of pharmacology, is also in charge of treating the wounded soldiers. This is when Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are recovering from their injuries after the battle, and they are doing “functional recovery training” to regain their strength.

While Inosuke and Zenitsu were struggling with the “Full Concentration and Jyochu” technique that Tanjiro had mastered earlier, Shinobu provocatively spoke to Inosuke to motivate him to do it again. As expected, Inosuke took this provocation in stride and said, “Huh? I can do it, of course I can! I’ll rip your tits off,” he replied in an extremely vulgar manner.



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