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“TAKAGISAN who is good at teasing” BD 1 volume To the Amazon limited edition “Takagi san gym clothes style T shirt” is set! I wonder if it is a wearable thing ….




Will be released on March 28, Blu-ray of the current fiscal year anime “teasing good of Takagi-san”, the specification of the Amazon limited special edition of the DVD was announced. 
In addition to the usual benefits in the Amazon, Limited Edition “Takagi’s gymnastics-Style T-shirt” is now set to be released. This set of with a T-shirt has become the items that do not fall into the hands only in the Amazon.

The size of the T-shirt, from the image of the official web site,
Width 50cm
Length 70cm
Sleeve 43cm
roughly since has become like a much M size, it does not seem to choose the size.
Since the front of the shirt are printed as “1-2”, “Takagi” for practical use might have a little courage.
Voice actor Rie Takahashi’s Takagi’s role is also a state in which puzzled as “would you use to what the heck” in twitter.



Takagi’s “teasing well 

, the romantic comedy manga by Yamamoto TakashiIchiro in serialized in monthly production of Shogakukan. 2018 January than TV anime is being broadcast. Manufacture the Shin-Ei Animation, the director is Hiroaki Akagi of” Hinaroji ” Is going. Takagi’s the role of the heroine “Fate / Grand Order” (Matthew, Kyrie write) “Re: a different world life to start from zero” (Emilia) of Rie Takahashi, “Attack on Titan” to Nishikata-kun of the hero (Ellen Yeager) of Yuki Kaji has been appointed.

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