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[Tensura] Predictions for the second season! How far will it be animated?

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Thoroughly predict what the second season of “Tensei sama shita shita slime no koto”, which is scheduled to begin airing in October 2020, will be about!
We’ll be bringing you a roundup of how many cool episodes we’ll be airing, how much of the original story we’ll be adapting, and a brief introduction to the story!

The second season will be split into two cool seasons

The total number of copies of the series of the original and comicalization reached 15 million, and it has become the most popular work in the history of not only the romance series, but also the most popular work in the history of the romance series “Tensei-sama shita slime no koto”.
The first season of the anime aired from 2018 to 2019 also received a good reputation, and of course the Blu-ray and DVD, related products including the original work sold well across the board, and it has become a popular work known to everyone now with collaborations with various companies.

The second season of the Tensura anime will begin in October of 2010.
The first season was broadcasted as 2 consecutive cools, but the second season is scheduled to be divided into 2 cools.
It has been decided that October to December 2020 will be aired from October to December 2020 as the first part of the second season, and April to June 2021 as the second part of the second season.

Then, if there is nothing in January to March 2021, there is actually a plan to broadcast a Tensura related anime in this cool as well.
It is an anime adaptation work of the spin-off 4-panel manga “Tensura Diary: Reincarnation is a Slime”.
There are some serious developments, but overall it is more light and comical than the main story, and it depicts the daily life in the Demon Federation Tempest.

Predicting the scope of the second season’s visualization!

The first season of the anime of Tensura was filmed up to the end of the original volume 4, “Human-Magic Exchange”.
In the manga version, it’s up to the early part of volume 12.
It ends near the end of the episode where Rimuru rescues the five children who were destined to live a short life, which is a memento of Shizu-san.

Thus, the second season starts at the end of the Human-Magic Exchange episode, where Rimuru is swooped on by Hinata Sakaguchi, a former student of Shizu’s and the head of the Holy Order of the Western Holy Church.
The story takes a sharp turn from here, and the story starts to move in a big way.

Tempest, a land of demons that has grown rapidly in a short period of time, is of interest to the demon kings and a threat to humans.
In particular, the kingdom of Pharms, the gateway to the West, is geographically close to Tempest, and in terms of trade and technology, Tempest could become a superior tambourine to their own country.
There are various forces and characters involved, such as the Holy Church in the west and the otherworldly people with unique skills who are the trump card of the Kingdom of Pharms, who support the invasion, and the Tempest is plunged into an unprecedented crisis in which many schemes are stirring.

The thrilling storyline of the original work is the topic of conversation, and it has been highly praised, so the second season of the anime is expected to be a climax from the very beginning.

So how far will the second season go?

The aforementioned ‘Demon King Awakening Arc’, which describes the crisis of Tempest, is in volume 5.
After that, the episode “Yaboshi Kishou Hen” in volume 6, in which 10 demon kings gather to perform the Walpurgis party, the episode “Yaboshi Kishou Hen” in volume 6, the episode “Holy Demon Conflict” in volume 7, in which Hinata goes to Tempest by herself, and the episode “Territorial Conflict” in volume 8, in which preparations are made for the opening ceremony….

The series is scheduled to air for the same two cool seasons as the first season, so if the series is to be run at the same pace, the second season will be limited to volume 8.
However, the Kaikoku Matsuri will continue until the next volume 9, “Demon City Kaikoku-hen”, which means that it will be a little too short to finish the series until volume 8.
Therefore, I think there are two ways to go about it, either slowing down the pace to the holy and evil chapter, or speeding up the pace and doing the Demon Capital Kaikoku Arc to the end.

The Kaikoku Festival episode was fleshed out quite a bit in the book version and was well received by the fans, but at the same time, it can be said to be a daily life part that doesn’t greatly affect the main plot, so it can be rushed and omitted to some extent, and the omitted episodes can be supplemented with OAD.
For that reason, I expect that the pace will likely be quicker than the first season and will be digested in the second season until the demon city opening up in volume 9.


The second season will be divided into two cool seasons, so there is a high possibility that the first cool season will end in a good way.
Therefore, I think that the first cool volume will be 5-6 volumes, and the second cool volume will be 7-9 volumes.
Compared to the first season, it will be more serious, but the second half will be heartwarming, and it will be the second season where the character of Tensura can be enjoyed to the fullest!

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