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Voice Actor] The top 10 characters played by Miyuki Sawashiro have been announced! Which character is your signature work?

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The top 10 most popular and well known characters Miyuki Sawashiro has played in the past!
What is the most famous voice actor who has played various roles under the nickname “Miyukichi”?
We’ll be announcing it in a countdown format, starting at #10!

No. 10: Mira-Maxwell.

She is the female protagonist of the game Tales of Xillia.
In the beginning of the game, she was a natural character who called herself “Maxwell” and acted cool and serious, but was not very familiar with the common sense of humans, but it was later revealed that she was actually a human created by Maxwell.

In the sequel, Tales of Xillia 2, she also appears in a parallel world, and although her character is a bit twisted, she has a human-like personality.
She is more popular with fans than the less human Mira, and it seems that quite a few users have cried over her farewell.

Sawashiro specializes in a dignified voice and has a reputation for acting a character with a high level of dignity, and besides Mira, Shinku from “Rosen Maiden” also received high praise.

出典 : Ⓒいのまたむつみ Ⓒ藤島康介 Ⓒ2012 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. : Tales Of Xillia2 テイルズ オブ エクシリア2 | バンダイナムコゲームス公式サイト

No. 9: Bishamonten

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One of the seven gods of good fortune in Noragami.
She is a beautiful character with beautiful blonde hair, but she is also a martial artist who is described as a “walking arsenal”, and is the most powerful person in the game, and has earned the title of the strongest warrior god.

She is also in charge of sex appeal due to the amount of revealing clothing she wears, and is sometimes called a “lascivious woman” in the work.
And yet, she is a cool woman full of class, which makes her popular among female fans.

Sawashiro often plays adult women such as Shion in “PSYCHO-PASS: Psycho-Pass”.
A lot of anime fans were convinced when she was chosen to play Fujiko MINE Fujiko from “Lupin III” as the third voice actor.

No. 8: Hanako Koyanagi

出典 : ©ふじた・一迅社/「ヲタ恋」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ヲタクに恋は難しい」公式サイト

One of the main characters in “Otaku ni Koi wa Dareiku wa Hard to Love”, she is a 27-year-old female office worker.
At first glance, she gives the impression of being an intelligent, sharp woman, but inside she is a crass and drunk cosplayer.
She is a hardcore otaku who also has a taste for BL to some extent.

She is basically a savvy person and often shows her maturity, but in reality she is a typical tsundere.
She has a lot of female fans who want to live a life like her.

Crass girls can also be played by Sawashiro, as her voice and image fit well with the character’s personality.
Mode Red from the “Fate” series and Seo Yuzuki from “Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun” are some examples.

No. 7: Izumi Hatsuse

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He is a beast race (warbeast) from “No Game No Life” and has big ears.
He is a genius gamer comparable to the protagonists “_____(blank)”, but other than that, he is almost a clunker, and his extremes are favored by fans as cute.
The spin-off manga “No Game, No Life, Is! She was chosen to play the main character in

Sawashiro often plays adult women, but on rare occasions, she also plays young girls such as Aruru from Utawarerumono.

No. 6: Serti Struelson.

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She is a major character in the “Durarara! series, he is a famous character who is officially considered to be the main character in the “Durarara!
He is a living urban legend of Ikebukuro, called “Headless Rider”, and is an incredibly stylish Durahan.
Since he is a Dullahan, he has no head, and wears a cat ear helmet.

You’d think he couldn’t speak because he doesn’t have a face, but he uses a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to vocalize, so you can hear his voice on a regular basis.
If she had a face, she would be quite a beauty… she has a dignified and gentle voice that makes you imagine she would be quite a beauty.



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