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Why is Elise the main heroine of [The Eighth Man]? The Strengths of the Big Boob Sister Character

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Yao, that’s not going to happen!” which will begin airing in April 2020. Here’s a summary of one of our heroines, Elise, from
We’ll examine why she has all the elements you want in a sister, a healer and big tits, and why she’s treated as the main heroine!

Elise Character Introduction

‘Eight men, that’s not going to happen! She is one of the female characters in the book and one of the heroines of the film.
She is the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim, a major church figure, and the niece of Klimt Christoph von Armstrong, the royal head mage of the Kingdom of Helmut.
Her real name is Elise Katharina von Hohenheim.

She is the same age as Wendelin, a.k.a. “Vell”, and was 12 years old when she first appeared.
Because of her ability to use the power of holy healing, she was sent to train as a nun, but her grandfather doted on her.

Her appearance is beautiful, with golden hair and amethyst eyes.
Her greatest feature is her large breasts, which were F-cup at the age of 13 and grew to G-cup by the age of 15.
Normally, she wears a monastic dress like a sister.

She is beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside, full of compassion and kindness, and is called the “Saint of Hohenheim” because of the aforementioned qualities of a healer.
She is a perfect saint who can cook and sew without a hitch and has all the feminine qualities of a perfect saint.

She is voiced by Asuka Nishi.

Is the real heroine coming in late?

‘Eight men, that’s not going to happen! and is often introduced as the main heroine of Elise is described above, but she first appeared very late in the web version of the novel, published in Let’s Become a Novelist. We finally meet Vel in Episode 35, Volume 2, Episode 10 in the book version, and at the end of Volume 3 in the manga version.
The other heroines, Louise and Ena, have been around since volume 1, so they would be in the position of “third heroine” according to romantic comedy conventions, where the earlier a heroine appears for the first time, the stronger the main feeling.

Nevertheless, Elise is still treated as the main heroine because she fits into the “main wife” position early on in her first appearance.

Elise and Vel’s encounter came about when Vel boarded a magic airship with her friends and headed to the royal capital to attend the wedding of her brother’s fifth son, Erich, during summer vacation.
During the journey, the magic airship is unexpectedly attacked by an ancient dragon that has been turned into undead, but Vel defeated it single-handedly.
It was his debut battle as an adventurer, but he was aware of his independence right after his reincarnation, and he had been studying under the superb wizard Alfred, who had acquired “holy” magic, and it was a win for him because of this affinity.

After defeating the legendary ancient dragon and successfully recovering the dragon’s magic stones, bones, and other materials, Ver became rich overnight, and furthermore, he was treated as a hero in the royal capital.
He is treated as a hero in King’s Landing, and is given such a warm welcome that His Majesty the King requests an audience with him.
Cardinal Hohenheim, who was present at the audience, urged Vell to be baptized in the main church.

The two met by a few odd coincidences… but this is where the story takes a strange turn.
Before his reincarnation, Vel, a 25-year-old second-rate businessman, had mastered a whole range of sales talk, so even though he was 12 years old, he responded to Cardinal Hohenheim’s grandson’s boast with a smile and a goody-goody.
The flow of that talk led me to ask, “Do you think I should run for (son-in-law candidate) too? When I talked about the service, I was interrogated, and the king’s approval was obtained beforehand. Therefore, the engagement was decided early.

This engagement was done by the political strategy of Cardinal Hohenheim, but Elise does not show any dissatisfaction with it.
Maybe she had a sense that her grandfather’s decision was absolute because of the worldview of this story where political marriages take place as a matter of course, but it seems that she was interested in Vel when she was rumored to be the “Hero of the Dragonslayer”.
Then she actually met Vel and dated him after the engagement, and found him to be someone who sympathized with the pressure of being called the “Saint of Hohenheim” by those around her, and she was truly attracted to him.

From then on, Elise is budding into a real wife, albeit at the engagement stage, and she almost stands by him as an adventurer, while firmly following Ver, who is unfamiliar with the common sense of the nobility.
She says nothing backwards and forwards in her words, she has a kindness worthy of being called a saint, but at the same time she shows the strength of her core to express her opinions when she needs to, and she has the appearance of a main heroine.
Formally, she is a political marriage, but she is a legitimate heroine who does not show any of those things.



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