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【Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club】What is the hidden secret of Yuuki Setsuna! An in-depth examination

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From the popular anime “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujyoukai”, we’re featuring one of the Nijigasaki members, Setsuna Yuuki!
The school idol boasts nationwide fame for her overwhelming performance and passion, but she has a surprising secret. Here’s a thorough explanation of the truth!

Setsuna Yuuki Character Overview

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A female character from “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujikai”.
She is a second-year student in the regular department at Nijigasaki Gakuen, is 154cm tall, and has three sizes: B83, W56, and H81.
She always wears a school idol costume.

She has long, straight black hair, and wears the right side of her hair in a tuft with a feather hair clip.
Her eyes are also black.

She is a school idol at Nijigasaki Gakuen and is a celebrity who attracts attention from students of other schools.
She had been working as a solo artist before she joined the Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club, but she started working as a group with the first five members including herself.

She is a “serious school idol” and is very passionate and stoic about school idols.
Her performance is very powerful, and she charms everyone with her energetic smile that contrasts with her usual mature face.

Her personality is overly serious and cool.
Her personality is overly serious and cool, but she gets emotional easily, and although she usually speaks politely and respectfully even to her juniors, sometimes this is not the case anymore.

Her performance as a school idol is straightforward and dynamic, but her personal life is mysterious.
There is an urban legend that no one has ever seen her in school, and there have been so few sightings of her that people wonder if she really goes to school.

Her image color is “Scarlet”.
She is a member of the three-member unit “A・ZU・NA” with fellow Nijigasaki member Ayumu Uehara, a second-year student, and Shizuku Osasaka, a first-year student.

The voice actress is Tomori Kusunoki.

What is your relationship with the Chairman, Nana Nakagawa?

Setsuna has two surprising secrets.
One of them is her relationship with Nana Nakagawa, the student council president of Nijigasaki Academy.

Many fans guessed that Setsuna had some kind of secret when the character introduction of Nizigaku was done.
This is because while the other members were depicted in their school uniforms, she was the only one in an idol costume.
This led many fans to ask, “Is she actually a ghost? “Maybe she’s not a girl, but a boy’s daughter? “Isn’t she just trying to keep a low profile? and “Isn’t she just trying to keep a low profile?

In such a situation, the existence of the student council president attracted a lot of attention.
This is because μ’s and Aqours had a student council president among their members, but not among the Nijigasaki members.
For this reason, there are a few fans who say, “Isn’t Setsuna working as the student council president in the school? So there were more than a few fans who believed that Setsuna was working as the student council president in the school.

And so, in September 2019, the game app “Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS, the student council president, Nana Nakagawa, appears in the first chapter of the game.
She wears glasses and her hair is braided, but the color of her hair and eyes, and most importantly, the fact that her bangs are almost intact, made most users guess that Setsuna = Nakagawa Nana.
Later, in Chapter 1 Episode 10, Setsuna herself reveals that she is Nana Nakagawa.

Apparently, “Yuuki Setsuna” is her stage name.
So far in the Love Live series, no school idol has ever used a name other than their real name.
She is the first school idol in the series to use a name other than her real name.

The reason why she used her stage name has to do with her family situation.
Her family is very strict and school idols are not allowed.
So she disguised herself and changed her name so that her parents would not find out about her activities.

In the anime version, she appears as both Setsuna Yuuki and Nana Nakagawa from the first episode.
In the second episode, her identity was revealed by Karin Asaka, which was different from the way she was revealed in the squad.

One more thing, Setsuna has a secret.
In fact, this secret is closely related to her stage name.

According to her, the name Yuuki Setsuna was borrowed from two other names, Yuki and Setsuna.
These two names belonged to characters from light novels that Setsuna liked.
In other words, she was also an otaku idol who loved anime, games, and novels.

Her enthusiasm is as strong as her love for school idols, and it’s no surprise that she records and watches late night anime on repeat.
He seems to especially like works with hot plot twists.
He also watches Nichiaasa without fail.

Incidentally, in the anime, when the main character, Yu Takasaki, was charmed at the opening live, it was portrayed as if it were a battle anime, which seems to reflect Setsuna’s taste.



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