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[Rizero] Is Echidna a key player in the second season? Examination of The Greedy Witch.

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Echidna, one of the new characters to appear in the second season of the “Re: Zero to Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu” anime Here’s a summary of what we’re talking about!
We’ll examine who she is, what kind of character she is, and how important a position she holds in the story of Lisero!

エキドナ キャラクター紹介

A female character from “Re: Zero to Hajime no Isekai Seikatsu”.
She has “white skin and long hair that seems to be completely drained of color,” and her skin is pure white.
On the other hand, her eyes are black, and she wears a jet-black dress like a mourning dress.

Her true identity is the Greedy Witch, who has acquired vast amounts of knowledge in pursuit of all possible wisdom.
It is said that among witches, there is a great deal of interference in history.
Nevertheless, she has an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, as she calls herself “The Right of the Desire for Knowledge,” and has an insatiable appetite for new knowledge and phenomena.

He is one of the few people who understands that Subaru has the ability to “return to death”.
He is very interested in Subaru, who can see various futures that do not normally exist due to this ability, and tries to contact him actively.

Because he considers satisfying his intellectual curiosity as his top priority, he does not hesitate to show his ruthlessness by binding Beatrice, an artificial spirit he created, to a forbidden vault for 400 years under an ambiguous contract in order to achieve that goal.
She interferes with Subaru without hesitation, and gives him advice, while at the same time showing a badass attitude of not lying and leading him in a direction that suits her own needs, which is also due to her thirst for knowledge.

However, she is not dry and rationalistic in every way, and she is aware of her own bad character, and has respect for the other witches of mortal sin who have dealt with her for many years.
She also has common sense and sensitivity, such as her hostility and dislike for Satera, the Jealous Witch who destroyed them.

Her first persona is “Boku”, or “Bokko”.
However, she uses this only in front of the main character, Natsuki Subaru, in order to attract his attention, and her original first person is “Watashi”.

Although he possesses a complete version of the Book of Wisdom, which is able to capture all the information in this world and even the events that will occur in the future, he refuses to use it because it will prevent him from experiencing the “joy of knowing” once his knowledge of the universe is complete.

A witch who is easy for Subaru to treat?

Although not already of this world, he is an important figure in “Re:Zero to Hajime no Isekai Seikatsu”. There is a “Major Sin Witch” whose existence has been hinted at even in the first season of the anime.
Although they were never seen in the first season, their influence is everywhere in the anime, including the Jealous Witch, and was sometimes manifested.

Echidna was the first of the Witches of the Deadly Sins to be clearly visible in the series.
And at the same time, she is also a key character in the fourth chapter, which will be visualized in the second season of the anime.

At the end of the first season, right after the Battle of Petelgeuse in “Laziness”, Rem is attacked, and is eaten out of existence and forgotten by everyone except Subaru, and goes into a sleep that she never wakes up from.
Subaru and Emilia return to the village of Mather’s Domain in order to rest her in the Rozwar Mansion, and find that Ram and the others who went to the “Sanctuary” have not returned.

They head to the Sanctuary to look for Rosewall and Ram, but on their way, they enter the Sanctuary.
On their way, however, a blue sparkling stone given to them by Frederica (a maid who works at the Rozwar Mansion in place of Lem, who has vanished from existence), which is needed to enter the Sanctuary, emits light, and they are transferred to a mysterious forest.
After passing through that forest, Subaru has an encounter with Edna.

When Edna reveals herself as a witch, Subaru feels even more intimidated than when she encountered the white whale, but Edna has no hostile intentions, and she invites Subaru to a tea party, provides him with some information, and even gives him a souvenir.
The souvenir is a “qualification to take on the trials of the ‘Sanctuary'”.
This qualification is a means of breaking through the crisis that is to come, but it is also a trap to satisfy Echidna’s thirst for knowledge.

Echidna is always favorable to Subaru, sometimes acting as if she is aware of him as the opposite sex.
Therefore, from Subaru’s point of view, he felt that she was someone he could talk to for a witch, and that she was even easy to treat.
He shows embarrassment, such as staining his cheeks, and sometimes he even acts in a way that seems natural.

However, such an attitude of Echidna is all about cajoling the person who can satisfy his lust for knowledge, Subaru.
After all, Subaru is able to experience every possible pattern of events because she is able to repeatedly take measures through death reversion to say, “If I act like this at this time, this is the result”.
By making a contract with Subaru, she was trying to experience everything he observed and satisfy her desire for knowledge.

She is incapable of understanding human emotions and is only producing ease of contact by imitating the tracing of others.
She doesn’t understand human emotions and doesn’t care about others being hurt and suffering for her own purposes.
They are truly human beings.

Although echidna lacks empathy, it doesn’t mean she is pure evil.
It’s an unavoidable trait to completely disregard the minds of others in the process of prioritizing the fulfillment of the desire for knowledge, but it doesn’t mean that she has no feelings for others.
At the very least, his fraternal love for the other mortal sin witches seems genuine, and he doesn’t feel so much of a suspension as absolutely incompatible with humans.

Nevertheless, as Subaru describes her as “beyond human knowledge, incomprehensible, a monster,” her desire for knowledge is still different in its intensity.
This is the face of the “Greedy Witch”.



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