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[Promised Neverland] Gilda is a traitor! What is the identity of the serious glasses character? [Spoiler]

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The popular work “The Promise Neverland” serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. This time we have compiled information about Gilda, the honor student character with glasses, from “The Promised Never Land”. What kind of girl is Gilda, who has been accused by readers of being a traitor?

Basic information about Gilda

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Gilda is an edible child who, like Emma and the others, grew up in Grace-Field House. Her age is 10 years old, so she plays the role of the older sister in the house. She and Gilda are good friends with the main character Emma, who is one year older than her, and she often takes care of her younger siblings.

Gilda’s Voice Actor

The voice actress who voiced Gilda in the TV anime “Neverland of Promise” is Lynn, and her agency is Arts Vision. She is half Japanese and half American, and is a popular voice actor who is quite beautiful. Her best known works include the role of Kirisu Mafuyu in “We Can’t Study” and “Do you like your mother, whose normal attack is a total attack and two attacks? Such as the role of Medi in

How good is Gilda’s ability?

Gilda is a bespectacled character with a shy personality, but her abilities are among the highest in the House. In Grace-Field House, tests are held daily to measure brains. Emma, Norman and Ray, who are called “Full Score” in the film, are geniuses who score a perfect score of 300 on this test.

However, Gilda is not to be outdone by the “full score” either, scoring in the 200 range after the three of them. Furthermore, she is so insightful within her siblings that she is followed by the genius Norman. So Gilda is a reliable older sister who is able to judge things calmly.

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Theory of Gilda’s insider emerges

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First, in the first episode, a young girl named Connie left the House to go to her foster family. However, Connie had forgotten her beloved doll, so Emma and Norman went to the gate to deliver it to her. There, they witnessed Connie’s disfigured form. They also found out that they were edible children raised to be eaten by demons.

Emma and Norman then planned to break out of the house. In contrast, their mom, Isabella, is convinced that someone has seen their dealings with the demons and has decided to increase her children’s surveillance. First, she called Emma and her friends’ enemy, the adult Sister Krone, to step up her surveillance of the children as a whole.

However, Isabella makes no pretense of identifying the witnesses. Why is that? Normally, he would have direct control of the witnesses who were disruptive. With that in mind, Norman figured that Isabella had already identified her target at this point.

Furthermore, Norman was convinced that there was an insider among the children. What if the insider existed and Emma, Norman and Ray had been tipped off that they were planning a prison break? What if he’s still monitoring the actions of the three of you? It would explain why they have Sister Crone keep an eye on the whole thing and let the three of them swim around with their prison break plans.

In the midst of all this, we see Sister Crone giving Gilda a meaningful look. This scene led to the emergence of the “Gilda’s insider theory” among readers of Neverland of Promise.

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