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【Kantai Collection】Who is the most popular ship girl who has been figured the most often? Announcing the Top 10!

Pick up the popular ship girls from the point of view of figurines from the ‘Kantai Collection’!
We’ve put together a list of the top 10 ships that have been figured the most times in the past!
Who is the ship girl who became the most commercial figure and came to the Admiral’s room?


In addition to the position of Yutate’s buddy, a member of the Nishimura Fleet that was organized during the Battle of Leyte, and a lucky ship, the second ship of the Byakuro class, my daughter destroyer Shigure is ranked 7th.
In addition to these various titles, she has a cute and somewhat intelligent appearance, and a cool but gentle and soothing personality, she is quite a popular shipgirl.
In the second season of the anime, she was chosen as the main character, and most admirals would have agreed with her.

As of November 2019, there have been six commercial figures released as commercial figures, and if you add in the prizes, that’s nearly 15 figures.
The first Gusuma scale figure was released in December 2015, so it’s the same timing as the evening figure.
Since he is a partner, he is often made into a set of figures with Yutate, and many admirals may have both of them in a lineup.

There are a lot of newly drawn figures, and there is also a plainclothes ver. that is based on a newly drawn illustration from the “Daughter Type November 2016” supplementary poster, which can be said to be the richest in terms of variation.


Even now, Yukikaze, who is still renowned as the best lucky ship of all the girls, is tied for 7th place!
Figure adaptations were quick, with the Funny Nights (Aoshima) scale figure released in June 2014.
Since then, there has been a steady stream of figure adaptations, with a total of six commercial figures being released.

The figure development has stopped after 2017 due to the lack of limited graphics, but “Engano Point Battle Difference Mode” in 2018, “Swimsuit Mode” and “Summer Girl Mode” in 2019, so future figures are expected to be released.
The ‘Swimsuit Mode’ and ‘Summer Miss Mode’ have a good reputation, and there may be a lot of requests for the figures.


Akagi, the ship’s most iconic aircraft carrier and a prestigious single-engineer, has a top-notch figure count.
One of the earliest of the ship’s figures, the Nendoroid Akagi was released in May 2014, with a total of six more figures to follow.
The Nendoroid has been re-released due to its popularity.

Akagi-san is impressive for her calm, smiling, seamless appearance, but at the same time, she’s also well-known as a foodie character, and the Purukura Smartphone Stand features a three-dimensional version of that image of Akagi-san.
Akagi Koji and Akagi Keiji Boshi, which were implemented in 2019, have yet to be made into figures, and fans will be eagerly awaiting them.


Nagato, one of the Big 7 whose presence has increased with the implementation of the redesign, is also ranked.
At events, there are probably many admirals who take care of the “Nagamon Touch”, aka the chest heat gun.
She has a soldier-like appearance and personality, but also has a sense of clunkiness to her, and is active in various works as a ship’s daughter who can be a good looking girl in both serious and gag situations.

The first figure of her was figma Nagato, which was released in March 2015, and six commercial figures have been released.

The rarest of all is the Nendoroid Young Nagato, a figure of the young Nagato in her younger days.
It was sold in advance at the 4th “Warship Watching” ceremony, and was then sold for a limited time through the official Good Smile Store.
As it has now been sold out, there is a premium for it.


Along with Akagi-san, Kaga-san, who represents the township’s aircraft carriers as a single-engine fighter, is also ranked.
She is one of the coolest ship girls, and her calm atmosphere and unusual aura has continued to receive tremendous support from the early days to the present.
She’s also known for her “Cape Kagamisaki” character song, which is a delicious story in many ways.

The first figure was the “Nendoroid Kaga” from September 2014, and this product was also re-released.
The total number of figures is seven, surpassing Akagi’s.
With two new figures set to be released in 2020, it can be seen that the current demand for these figures is very high.



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