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Blade of the Demoness] Loveable and charming! The Breathing Handler of Love: Summary of Mitsuri Ganroji’s charm



Name: Kanroji Mitsuri
Grade: Pillar
Birthday: June 1
Age: 19 years old
Height: 167cm
Weight: 56kg
Birthplace: Iikura, Azabu District, Tokyo (now Azabudai, Minato-ku)
Hobbies: Cooking, and never losing at menko
Favorite thing: Cherry blossom cake
She is one of the pillars at the pinnacle of the Oni-katsu-sha squad.
She is a female squadron member with the nickname “Koibashira.
She fights using the “Breath of Love”.
She has a unique constitution with muscles that are eight times more dense than those of normal people.
Because of her constitution, she was born strong and was recruited into the Onikiri Corps because of her constitution.
The reason for joining is “to find a husband to spend the rest of my life with”.
She is a rare female character in the Onikiri Squad who has no connection with demons at all for the reason of joining the squad.

My hair turned an unusual color (anime spoiler alert)

Ganroji Mitsuri is a strong woman with a density of muscle mass eight times that of an ordinary person who was born with it. The other thing that makes her different from an average person is that she is a glutton.
She can take in more food than three sumo wrestlers can eat.
This gluttony is also the reason why her hair color has changed.
Eating 170 cherry blossom cakes a day changed the color of her hair from black to peach.
The reason for the change in hair color is a typical story of Mitsuri Ganroji, and it is an event that makes us love the character.

She has a morbidly romantic nature.

She has a personality that makes it easy to fall in love with anything she feels attracted to, so much so that the name of the pillar is derived from the name of the “love pillar”.
Her reason for joining the Onikiri Squad is in the search for her future son-in-law. She is in love with one of the best members of the Onikiri Squad, the Pillar.
The cuteness of this character comes out in the girlish reason why she is in love with the pillar: she wants to be protected by someone stronger than her.
After enlisting in the army, she made an effort to meet the pillar and became one of the pillars herself because she wanted to meet him, and this is also a point where her cuteness stands out because of her dedication to love.


Kindness to your fellow man (anime spoiler alert)

Kanroji Mitsuri is sometimes looked at strangely by the people around her due to her innate peculiar constitution.
Also, before she joined the Onimashooting Squad, she was set up on an arranged marriage when she was 17 years old. The other man was overwhelmed by the color of Ganroji Mitsuri’s hair and her unusual strength, and because of her unusual constitution, he was able to make her look like a person. I have had experiences where my blind date broke up.
Because of these experiences, I hid my peculiar constitution and lived in a state of blindness to my own identity.
Regarding this constitution, he told the head of the Onion Killer Squad, Sanyashiki Teruya, “Great, you are loved by God. Be proud of your strength. Those who speak ill of you are only envious of your talents.
These words have convinced me that this is where I belong, and I have enlisted.
He is so grateful to have been given a place that allows him to be himself that he considers his fellow members of the Onikiri Squad to be like family.
There is a scene where he takes a stand to protect the protagonist, Sanjirou, who is in a tight spot in the battle with the four half-tengu in Sangen no 4.
In this charming episode, her kindness can be felt in the scene where her tender feelings for her companions come out more than the fear of the demon’s attack.

The scene that manifested the bruises (anime spoiler alert)

There is a scene where he fights against the demon Hate Rakuiten, created by the half-tengu.
The demon hates Hate Raku-Ten and loses consciousness from the monster’s sound waves. While he’s unconscious, he is attacked by a demon called Tanjiro.
When Priestess and the others return to consciousness, they stand before their friends again after hearing the sight of their friends protecting them and the encouragement of Kojiro’s voice to Amuroji Mitsuri.
Afterwards, he says, “I won’t let my friends die. I don’t care if it’s Jougen or not, because the Onimatsutai is my precious place! I will never let a bad guy beat me! Brace yourselves! I’m going to get serious! and gets into a battle stance.
Not wanting to be thought of as inhuman after Tanjiro’s words, he releases the power he has been holding back and fires a serious blow at the enemy.
In doing so, the bruise speaks up to Ganroji Mitsuri and succeeds in defeating the demon.
This episode is fascinating in that it is the first time we see Mitsuri Ganroji in battle, and we get to see her in a battle scene.
The scene where she overcomes her own trauma and awakens her powers as an oni-kiri squad member as a result of her actions for her friends is a story that makes us love Mitsuri Kanroji because of her kindness.



Although she is a female member of the Onihilation Squad, she is a character who is as good as her male counterparts.
She is the only female in Onimatsu-no-Blade, and she has a feminine charm, such as making the protagonist Tanjirou, who is slow to fall in love with her, bleed from her nose.
She has feminine gestures, personality and crushes easily, which is a rare feminine aspect in Blade of Onibyūraku.
I think her feminine side is a character that is full of elements that will grab the hearts of male readers.

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