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【 Genshin】Which device should I play on? An in-depth explanation of the advantages and disadvantages, and what devices are recommended by heavy users.


”Genshin” is an open-world action RPG developed by Chinese game maker miHOYO. In just four days since its launch, the mobile version alone has been downloaded 17 million times, making it one of the most popular software titles in the market.

In addition, the simultaneous release of “Genshin” on a wide range of devices, including PC, PS4, iOS and Android, has become a hot topic. A Switch version of the game is currently under development, so the scope of play is expected to expand even further in the future.

In this article, I will explain the merits and demerits of each device and recommend the best devices to use.

If you’re wondering what device to play on, or which one is the most comfortable to play on, please take a look!

Advantages and disadvantages of each device

There are many choices of devices you can play “Genshin” on, but don’t you think they are all the same? In fact, just because it’s a smartphone app doesn’t mean you can play it comfortably on your phone!

There are various advantages and disadvantages depending on the device you use to play!

Benefits Demerit
・Anywhere you want to play.
・Gather with friends to play.
・Low difficulty in operation
・Small screen
・Not very easy to operate.
・High charge consumption and heat generation during play

The appeal of playing on a smartphone is the ease of playing anywhere, but on the other hand, that is the only advantage.

In high-definition mode, it is impossible to play for a long time due to the non-negligible level of charge consumption and heat generation. Playing at high FPS is also tough, and it is not suitable for those who want to play at 50-60 FPS.

The controls are not great, but the controls themselves are easy to understand, making it a good choice for those who want to enjoy “Genshin” easily. It might be a good idea to try it out on your smartphone before deciding whether or not to play it in earnest.

Benefits Demerit
・Bigger screen than a smartphone, no matter where you are
・Enough to explore the MAP.
 ・Heavy to play with in hand.
・Not very easy to operate.
・High image quality consumes more charge and generates more heat

I use a tablet (iPad Air) to play outside of my home. At high quality settings and 60FPS mode, I am concerned about charge consumption and heat generation, just like a smartphone. Also, it is hard to say that 60FPS is actually achievable.

This also applies to smartphones as well, but I am concerned about the poor operability. Many people will be using both thumbs to play, but in that case, you cannot perform two operations at the same time.

For example, when you try to rotate the camera to get a better view of the enemy, you can’t attack or switch characters smoothly. I also felt many inconveniences in combat, such as the one-tempo delay in evading attacks by canceling them.

If you’re just exploring the map, it’s easy to start and you don’t have to choose a location. However, it is not suitable for conquering highly difficult unexplored areas or field bosses.

Benefits Demerit
・Play at high quality and 60FPS
・Precise manipulation is possible.
・Enjoy on the big screen
・No need to worry about charging or heat generation.
 ・Need to get used to using a keyboard.
・Expensive if you have to start from scratch
・Some situations require complex operations.

Depending on the specs of your PC, there is currently no other choice but PC to play “Genshin” in the highest quality and at 60FPS. The fact that you don’t have to worry about heat generation and charge consumption is also one of its attractions.

In addition, the action during battles in “Genshin” is appealing and is a fundamental part of the game. Therefore, being able to precisely move the characters at 60FPS is a great advantage.

On the other hand, using the keyboard to control the character takes some getting used to, which is fine if you have some experience playing games on PC. However, if you have never used “W”, “S”, “A” and “D” to move your character, it will take some time to get used to it.

Since there is no keyboard customization feature in “Hara-Kami”, you will have to get used to the pre-set layout. This is also one of the factors that make it difficult for those who are new to PC operation.

Benefits Demerit
・Easy to operate
・Relatively inexpensive to obtain
・No need to worry about charging or heat generation
・No need to subscribe to PS Plus.
 ・Cannot share save data with other devices
・Slow to load
・Cannot play at 60FPS

Although PS4 is not as powerful as PC, it is suitable for long hours of play at home. Also, the PS4 is relatively inexpensive to get nowadays.

Normally, online play on PS4 may require a paid subscription to PS Plus, but this is not necessary for “Haragami”. Also, the controller controls are familiar and easy to use, so even novice gamers will be able to get used to them quickly.

One thing to keep in mind is that, as mentioned in the disadvantages section, it is not possible to share save data, as the save data on the PS4 is independent, so it is currently not possible to use the same save data to play on a PC or other device.


I recommend playing “Genshin” on PC!

So far, I’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each device and explained its features. I’ve played “Genshin” on all devices, and I recommend playing it on the PC!

Why playing on PC is recommended?

I believe that the greatest appeal of “Genshin” lies in its action-packed combat. For this reason, I believe that you can only truly enjoy “Genshin” when you can freely move your character using the keyboard controls and the smooth 60FPS graphics.

Another reason why I recommend this game is that “Genshin” supports ultra-wide monitors, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent open world on a large screen.

Specifications required for comfortable play

The official recommended specs for “Genshin” are as follows
CPU Intel Core i7
GPU GeForce GTX1060
16GB memory
These are the official recommended specs, but if you want to play the game at the highest quality and 60FPS, you will feel a little underspecified.
Therefore, it is better to prepare a GPU with GTX 1660 super or higher at least.


In this article, I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of each device for playing “Genshin”. If you want to enjoy “Genshind” in the best possible environment, I recommend playing it on a PC.

If you want to enjoy “Genshin” in the best possible environment, we recommend playing it on a PC. However, there is also the issue of budget, so please choose the device that best suits your needs based on the information explained in this article.

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