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Why aren’t they making a third season of [Horizon on the Border]? Was it that blockbuster project?

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An in-depth look at why the third season of the popular light novel “Horizon on the Edge”, which was a huge hit in both the original and the anime, was never made!
We’ve figured out why the anime adaptation died out after the second season despite its unblemished track record, and we’ve also discussed the possibility of a third season in the future!

The original story is as thick as “The Blunt”

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Horizon on the Border is a fantasy work published by Dengeki Bunko.
A total of 32 volumes (29 volumes of the main story plus 3 extra volumes) were released during the period 2008-2018, with a total of over 2.6 million copies published.
It is a popular light novel nicknamed “Sakai Hora” that was well known to many readers.

The author is Minoru Kawakami.
He used to work as a game writer before debuting as a novelist, and after winning the Gold Prize in the “3rd Dengeki Novel Award” in 1996, he started to work as a light novelist as well.

Kawakami’s works share the same worldview of “Urban World”, and they are divided into the series “FORTH”, “AHEAD”, “EDGE”, “GENESIS”, “OBSTACLE”, and “CITY” according to the era.
Sakai Hora” is the series that depicts the “Genesis” era, and it is the story of human beings who left the devastated earth in the previous era and traveled to the heaven (space) in the “EDGE” era and returned to the earth again.

The earth has been over-repaired by a conservation system called the “Environmental God Group” and most of the earth has become a harsh environment, and the only region where people can live on it is “Shinshu” in the far east, which is based on the motif of the Japanese archipelago.
The protagonist, Aoi Tori (Aoi Tori), is a student at the Ariadust Teaching Institute, a school within the giant air city ship Musashi, which is located in this area, and the story centers around him and encompasses a variety of disciplines, including battles, romantic comedy, geography, and political economy.

It is likely that the reason why this Boundary Hora sold better than other series with the same worldview is because of its diversity.

The first series in the series, the CITY series, was a complex and unique world with an addictive quality that those who were able to get into the series were able to get lost in it.
The next game in the AHEAD series, “Chronicle of the End”, was relatively easy to get into, but at the same time it was a solid work.
The FORTH series, Renjyo-Oh, is a general literary work based on a video game, so the field seems a bit different.

Compared to these works already on the market, Sakai Hora is not so much a beginner’s game as it is an easy one to get into.
There are robot battles, battles between humans, gags, and erotica… At any rate, this is a work with such a variety of interesting things in it that it is easy to say we tried to pack it all in.
What could have been a miscellaneous and unorganized work in the first place, is well-balanced by creating opportunities for each character to show off their skills and developing it as a big story.

And the content is supported by an overwhelming amount of text.
The number of pages per book is far more than a normal ranobe, and even at 543 pages in the first volume, it is already double the average, but the number of pages increased to 771 in the second volume and 905 in the third volume, and the fourth volume, “Horizon on the Edge of the Border II <bottom>,” recorded a personal best of 1153 pages.
Since then, he has always published at around 900 pages, and although there are a total of 32 volumes, the volume is three to four times that amount of text.

The sheer thickness of the paperback is so great that it has been called a “blunt instrument”.
This is a trend that has been seen since the time of the End of the End Chronicle, but with the popularity of Sakai Hora, it became a hot topic of discussion in many places.

The first and second seasons were both huge hits… but the third season was never made and was completed.

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It deals with a variety of genres and has strong characters, and is a perfect match for the anime.
The first season aired in 2011 was a very high quality work, and was highly praised by fans, and recorded big sales of over 20,000 copies of the whole volume on Blu-ray and DVD (disc).
Furthermore, the second season that was broadcasted the following year also sold over 20,000 copies, and the momentum never wavered, so naturally the third season was only a matter of time.

However, after that, the third season didn’t come to fruition until the original work was completed in 2018.

A case where the second season averaged over 20,000 copies but never made a sequel is “K-On! There is almost no precedent for this, except for works like “Code Geass: Lelouch”, which was completed in two seasons.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”, there are even cases where a sequel is made even though the work is complete.
The second season of Sakai Hora started half a year after the first season ended, so it was probably split into two cool seasons, but even so, it is extremely unusual for a hit anime like this not to have a sequel.

However, that doesn’t mean that there was no anime production at all after the second season.
When the BD-BOX was released in 2018, one of the extras was a completely new bonus animation based on the original work, Horizon on the Borderline XXI-PV.
The production was, of course, by Sunrise, who made the book.

As such, Sunrise is not abandoning the film adaptation, nor is it an NG on the part of the original.
Then why in the world wasn’t a sequel to such a successful anime made?



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