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Why is Harumichi called the charismatic woman of the yuri world?

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Yuri anime has now become a staple of today’s yuri scene, such as 2020’s “If Guess Who Goes to Budokan, I’ll Die” and 2019’s “I’ll Soon Become You,” but have you ever heard of a charismatic figure in the world of yuri that can be considered the pinnacle of the genre?

Harumichi of the popular anime ‘Sailor Moon’, Haruka Amano Haruka and Michiru Kaiou Coupling. Also known as Uranep (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune).

In this article, why are they both called charismatic in the world? I’d like to take a closer look at their historical background and their intense relationship.

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The history of the national anime “Sailor Moon” and its history

I don’t think there are almost any people who don’t know the name of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
However, now that the 2030s have arrived, the number of people who know about it may be decreasing.
So, let’s first look back briefly.

It was serialized in the shoujo manga magazine “Nakayoshi” from 1992 to 1997. It was also made into an anime at the same time and was a huge hit.
The author is Naoko Takeuchi. The setting of a woman transforming and fighting as a squadron was groundbreaking at the time, and was later adapted into a shoujo manga It is needless to say that this work had a great influence on anime for girls.
Later on, Ojamajo Doremiya, Pichi Pichi Pitch and Precure were also strongly influenced by this work. It is said to be inspired. (Sometimes the production staff is covered.)

The national anime Sailor Moon was a huge hit and is still immensely popular today, but there is a story about a scenario that is unique to this era.
The scenario between the original and the previous work has been altered a bit.
Because the anime was not as popular as it is now, the scenario was changed based on the original work to make it more appealing to everyone.
This story is based on the Sailor Moon anime that was aired in the 1990’s and was a huge hit in the 1990’s. The main character of the work is Usagi Tsukino Usagi.

The main character of the work is Usagi Tsukino. In the initial setting, she is a bit of a goofy and crybaby eighth grader. She appears as an ordinary junior high school student, but as the name of the title suggests, she has been transformed into “Sailor Moon”! You will be fighting the enemy by
He is a junior high school student during the day and an ally of justice at night (actually, the time of day is not limited to night…). The main plot of the story is that he lives a double life as a junior high school student during the day and a justice fighter at night (not limited to the time of day, but…), and is at the mercy of cause and effect and fate from his previous life. It is.
The people who will be fighting with him are his girlfriend, Tuxedo Mask, and the nine Sailor Senshi.

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Haruka Tenou is the “Flying Warrior Sailor Uranus, whose guardian is the Star of the Sky, Uranus.

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Haruka Tenou is a high school student at Mugen Academy.
She has been paired with Michiru Kaiou since her first appearance, and the scene where she appears after her transformation with the appearance of an ideal handsome man and an ideal beautiful girl with the line “Invited to a new era…” was already charismatic.

He wears a boy’s uniform, and his hobby is riding motorcycles and his non-combat lines include “Talking in bed is only to be heard in bed” and “Kitten” and “Kitten,” and everywhere else, women He, or rather she, is the perfect handsome guy that you swoon over. As his partner, Michiru Kaioh, has described him as hating handsome men, he gets miffed when a handsome man appears on the scene. Their childlike expressions are also fascinating, such as

Michiru Kaiou is “Sailor Neptune, the embrace warrior with the planet Neptune, the star of the deep sea, as her guardian.

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Michiru Kaiou is a high school student at Mugen Academy.
Unlike Haruka, she appears wearing a normal schoolgirl sailor suit, but compared to the Juban Junior High School uniform worn by Usagi Tsukino, she looks more mature.
If Haruka is the embodiment of the ideal boyfriend, Michiru appeared as the embodiment of the ideal woman.

Michiru Kaiou enjoys playing the violin as a hobby, and Michiru Kaiou performing at the concert was a real prize.
Haruka has an aspect as a pianist, and the viewers must have been enthralled by the way they played together.

She also has a star in her name that has the star of the sea in its guardianship, so she is confident in her ability to play with water. The He won a swimming matchup with Ami Mizuno, who has fought as a water warrior in previous series. It also describes his abilities. (Only in this fight, Ami Mizuno is adding and subtracting, and Michiru is aware of this, and she’s not the only one. (Pointed out).



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