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【Forest of Piano】 Anime 2nd broadcast decision! Highlights and characters Summary 【Winter Animation in 2019】 # Forest of Piano

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Anime 2 of TV anime “Piano no Mori” broadcast decision!
At the time when the Chopin Competition got excited, one period of animation finished, there are many people who were concerned about the continuation.
This time we will summarize the highlights introduction and characters of the 2nd stage animation of the “Forest of Piano” which is the focus even in the winter animation of 2019.

What is [Forest of Piano]?

出展 :

The TV anime “Piano no Mori” is the original work of a manga artist, “Piano no Mori – The perfect world of KAI -” drawn by Professor Makoto Ikko, a cartoonist.
Also in 2007, an animated movie played by actress Aya Ueto acting as a protagonist ‘s Kai role was released.

The series “Piano no Mori” was started in the cartoon magazine Young Magazine Upper’s in 1998.
However, since the magazine has been discontinued, serialization was continued by transferring the publication to cartoon magazine Morning from the 81 th story of 2005.

Even after that it will be temporary holiday or every other weekly series but it will be an irregular series, but I posted a final story at Morning No. 49 in 2015, and it was a safe completion.
In addition, the book compilation is 26 volumes, about half of them is spent for the Chopin Competition, the stage for the second stage of animation.

Animation 1st period Synopsis

A boy / Ichinose Sea (Kai) who lives with his mother and Reiko in red light district, is poor, but raised with her mother’s love as a single person.
The fun of such Kai is to play the grand piano placed in the forest.
It was a Kai who could not read the score even though I did not officially learn the piano, but I was a genius on the piano performance.

One day Kai gets along with Amemiya who is a transfer student and a good pianist.
Amemiya who felt Kai ‘s talent for piano saw Kai as a close friend and rival.
One day, Ayakino of a former pianist, a music teacher at elementary school who heard Kai’s performance, thinks that he wants to grow Kai.

Kai who realized the pleasure of having the audience listen to the piano with the first competition was encouraged to take lessons with the aim of participating in the Chopin contest in accordance with the teachings of Akino.

And a few years later.
In Poland, there was a figure of Kai at the Chopin International Piano Competition tournament.
At the target Chopin Competition, the battle between Kai and rivals will begin now!

Introducing the characters of the second stage of animation!

· Ichinose Kai  Voice responsible: souma Saitou

The protagonist Kai of this work grew up as a toy instead of a grand piano that was abandoned in the forest (later known as Ajino abandoned), and has a genius talent for piano.
However, Kai, who lives with his mother in the entertainment district, can not afford to learn the piano, only Reiko’s mother knows its talent.

Kai will be learning the piano in full swing by Ausen Nobusuke which is a music teacher of elementary school of Kay ourselves.
Then, Kai who knew the pleasure of having people listen to the piano by participating in the first competition, begins to teach at Ajino, “I want to be able to eat at the piano.”

The moon is flowing ….
Kai who won the Chopin International Piano Competition participation, stepped on the land of Poland.

· Shuhei Amemiya   Voice response: Natsuki Hanae

Ameya met with Kai at a primary school where she was transferred and became a best friend and rival.
I have a father of a famous pianist and I am also aiming for a pianist myself.
Besides Reiko, I am Amemiya who first admired Kai’s talent, but I have a complex feeling that I get jealous while getting drunk with Kai’s piano.
While attracting attention as a young pianist, he went to the Chopin Competition’s first round for the first judging at the same time as Kai.

· Ajino Sosuke Voice responsible: Junichi Suwabe

Akino that appeared as a music teacher at elementary school Kai attended.
Although he was active as a young pianist expected not only in Japan but also overseas as a future young pianist, he gave up the way of the piano by injuring his left hand in an accident and throws his own piano into the forest.

After he heard Kai ‘s piano playing the piano he threw away, he felt that talent, he later becomes a master of Kai and grows Kai into a pianist.

· Reiko Ichinose In charge of voice: Maaya Sakamoto

Kay’s mother, a good understanding person of Kai.
A beautiful and brutal woman who raises living by water trading while breeding Kai with one hand.
I trust Kay ‘s talent acknowledged in Ajino and trust Kai and live separately.

· Yoichiro Amemiya Voice responsible: Hideyuki Tanaka
Shuhei Amemiya’s father, famous domestic pianist.
I know Ajino in the active era and I highly appreciate Kay’s talent who is his disciple.

· Saga Takeshi In charge of voice: Kouji Yusa
Judge of the piano contest for the first time Kai participated in elementary school.
A fan of Kai ‘s performance.

Participants of the Chopin International Piano Competition

· In charge of pan · way voice: Yuichi Nakamura

As a Chinese pianist, he was given a gifted education as a adopted child of Big Millionaire Bao Hao, but his origami is complicated.
Since we aim at playing Ajino in the active era, we will burn a rivalry heart to his disciple Kai.

· Lef · Shimanovski voice responsible: KENN

Polish pianist, grandfather is one of Polish’s leading pianists.
I am also expected as a winning candidate from the surroundings with the help of that.

· Karol Adamski’s responsible voice: Konoyuki Konishi
He is a Polish pianist with a talent so-called “Chopin’s reincarnation”.

· Sophie · Olmesson voice responsible: Mariya Ise

It is a beautiful woman who is also active as a model at French pianist.

· Kousei Hirata In charge of voice: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
It is a Japanese participant who got acquainted with Kai at the Chopin Competition and is acting with Kai even after losing in the primary.
It is a friendly personality.

Other relationships

· Voice of Victoria Voice: Hayamizu Lisa
It is a gossip newspaper reporter who does not look like a spectacular Chopin contest.
It is a very worrisome point what is the aim.

· J = J · Celou voice responsible: Shimada Binn
A world renowned conductor. A friend of Akino and a good understanding person.



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