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The Nonconformist of the Demon King’s Academy will be animated! A handsome man and demon king fantasy from Narrow

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Update 1/24/2020!

Picking up the anime adaptation of The Nonconformist of the Demon King’s Academy – the founder of the most powerful Demon King in history, reincarnated and attending the school of his descendants!
We’ve put together a summary of the film, which is pioneering its own unique appeal as a demon lord story!

Illustrated by the creator of the Ship’s Shimakaze

出典 :

The Nonconformist of the Demon King’s Academy – the founder of the strongest Demon King in history, reincarnated and attending the school of his descendants – is a light novel work by Shu Sensei Aki.

The series began in April 2017 on Novelist Naro-Naro, and as soon as it began, it was ranked #1 for the day, #1 for the week overall, and #1 for the month overall.
In December of the same year, the book version of the work was announced early on, and it was released by Dengeki Bunko in March 2018, with an announcement of a comicalization at the same time.

Illustrations and character design for the book version were done by Shizuma Yoshinori-sensei.
He is a famous artist who has designed many ship girls such as Shimakaze, Yamato, Nagato, and Nagato in the very popular game “Fleet Korekshon -Shippon-“.
He has also created illustrations for popular novels such as “Marginal Operation” and “The Book of Magic to Start from Zero”.

The comic version of the game is drawn by Haruka Kayaharu.
He is the winner of the Special Grand Prize, the highest award in the 29th Square Enix Manga Awards.

Both the book and comic versions by this stellar team of creators have been huge hits, with the series totaling over 850,000 copies in October 2019.
It has been steadily gaining fans since then, making it one of the most sought after demon king stories of all time.

The story of a demon king turned into a handsome human and a warrior

出典 :

At the beginning of the story, four figures are gathered together in the Demon King’s Castle Delzogade.

Sitting on the throne is the Demon King Anos Voldigord.
He is the main character of this story.

And facing off against Anos are Kanon, the human hero chosen by the Holy Sword, Reno, the Great Spirit, and Militia, the God of Creation.
All of them are world-leading beings.

Anos proposes to make peace with them.
He divides the world into four worlds: the human world, the demon world, the spirit world, and the divine world, and separates each world with a door that will not open for a thousand years.
Although the proposal implied that each race would be cut off from each other, it also included the hope that after a thousand years, the grudges against each other would disappear, and interaction might be possible again.

However, in order to make this possible, an enormous amount of magical power is necessary.
Anos tells him that he will make it happen by turning all of his own life into magical power.

While it is possible to reincarnate into another body, the next time he awakens will be in 2000 years.
Still, he was tired of it.
As a demon king, he has to make fighting his identity and this era.

In response to this offer from Anos, the heroic Kanon objected to his approval and defeated Anos and destroyed him.

2000 years passed, and Anos was reincarnated as a human baby born into an ordinary family.
After the reincarnation, Anos retained his magical power and immediately used the Kurst spell to change his body into the form of a boy.

After a month of learning about his current situation, Anos received an invitation from the ‘Academy of the Demon King, Delzogade’.
It seems that the place that used to be the Demon King’s Castle is now a facility to make the one closest to the ancestor of the Demon King’s blood, who is descended from the tyrannical Demon King (Anos before his reincarnation), reign as the ‘Demon Emperor’.
It seems that the officials at the Demon King’s Academy, who didn’t know the fact that Anos was reincarnated, sent an invitation to him because they didn’t know that he was the one with the blood of the ancestors.

In order to learn about the demons of this era and his own descendants, Anos and his parents moved to Dilheid, which is located in the Demon King’s Academy Delzogade.

Anos goes to the entrance examination of the Academy with reasonable expectations, but compared to the time before his reincarnation, magic in this era seems to be greatly degraded, and even the pure-blooded demon royals are proud and weak.
Moreover, the name of “Demon King of Tyranny” was forgotten for 2000 years because people were too afraid to speak of it, so it was passed down to someone else.
Because of this, no one recognized him as the Demon King even when Anos called himself the Demon King, and Anos himself was regarded as a “misfit” who didn’t even know the Demon King’s name, and he became a “nonconformist” to the Demon King since the Demon King’s Academy started.

Of course, Anos, who is a pure Demon King himself, doesn’t care about it, and starts his life at the academy while harboring doubts about the existence of Avos Dilhevia, who has been passed down as the Demon King in his place.

The highlight of this work is the magic that Anos controls.
In addition to “Growth”, he also uses outrageous magic such as “Ingal” to bring back the dead, “Yggulum” to reanimate the dead as zombies, and “Levide” to locally go back in time, giving the character an invincible feel.
In addition, there is a scene that is reminiscent of the famous line from DRAGON QUEST: Dai no Daibouken that says “That wasn’t Melazoma…that was Mera”, and there are many episodes where you can fully enjoy the strength of the character.

The cuteness of the female characters is also one of the attractions of this work.

Misha Nekron, who appears in the heroine’s position, is a quiet and meek girl.
She is Anos’ classmate and his first friend after his reincarnation.

Misha’s twin sister, Sasha Nekron, is in contrast, aggressive and confident.
She says and does aggressive things to Misha for one reason or another, but in reality, she is very sisterly and kind.

In addition to these sisters, various types of beautiful girls have appeared in the series, such as the half-spirit, half-demon Misa Iliologue, and Eleonor Bianca, the older sister of the third year of the “Heroic Academy”.
They are not only cute, but also have various fates, so their episodes are worth reading.

But the cutest one might be Anos’s mother, who was reincarnated.



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