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20 cartoons with interesting stories! I’ve compiled a list of anime with great foreshadowing and excitement.

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A selection of 20 of the most popular anime titles, especially those that have received high marks for their interesting stories!
We’ve got a wide variety of genres & types of anime, from high fantasy to modern day, works with great foreshadowing, works with great endgame excitement, and more!

Re: Life in a different world starting from zero

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It is based on a popular novel by Novelist Naroaro, which was adapted into a TV anime in 2016.
It is a story about the main character, Natsuki Subaru, who has been reincarnated in another world and uses his “return to death” ability to seek the best path while repeatedly suffering a bad ending.

The story of success through failures and setbacks has been the high road in many works for a long time, and it tends to be avoided in recent years, but this work makes use of the characteristics of returning to death to depict the setbacks in a more horrific and graphic way, and on top of that, by making it a “past that didn’t exist for anyone other than the protagonist”, the tragic feeling of the protagonist is strengthened.
This gives the story depth and makes it a masterpiece that draws the audience in.

The second season is scheduled to air in 2020.

Attack on Titan

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An anime adaptation of a historical mega-hit manga.
It is a story about the struggle between the giants that threaten humanity and the human race that uses their wits and ingenuity to fight against the giants despite their fragility…that is the summary of the beginning.
From the middle to the end of the story, we are confronted with a lot of truths that are completely different from the previous stories.

It’s one of the most acclaimed works in recent years in terms of storyline, with lots of foreshadowing, surprising twists and turns, and an epic tale of apocalypse.
The fourth season of the series is scheduled to air in the fall of 2020.


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It is an anime adaptation of a novel written by Urobuchi Gen as a spin-off of the popular game Fate/stay night.
The story depicts the Fourth Holy Grail War, one year before the Fifth Holy Grail War, in which the main story takes place.
The main character is Emiya Kiritsugu, the foster father of Emiya Shirou.

The story of this game was also highly acclaimed and was a huge hit, but “Fate/Zero” has received even higher praise for its high quality both as a story and as a salvage of the main story.
It may be the most popular entry in the Fate series.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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This is one of the most representative original anime of the 2010s that changed the history of magical girl anime.
Gaiaku is a normal story about magical girls who gain power in exchange for a wish and fight against a creepy witch, but after the horrible death of Tomoe Mami, it reveals its original face as a dark fantasy.
Furthermore, a grand cosmic problem and the fierce life of a girl lurk in the background, and it continued to shake the emotions of the viewers like never before.

The film version’s story was controversial, but with its numerous foreshadowing elements, unexpected twists and turns, and human drama, it was a masterpiece that received tremendous acclaim in every respect.

Code Geass series

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An original anime series, the first of which was broadcast in 2006, “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”.
It is a revenge story of the main character, Lelouch Lamperouge, set in a world being ruled by the Holy Britannia Empire. and the battle between those with special abilities called “Geass”.

As a dark hero film, it is a popular twin to “Death Note” and has a large international fan base.
The genre is science fiction battle, but the action is only one of the attractions of the work, and the main Dish is a complex story of Lelouch’s strategy and the various forces involved.
In 2019, a completely new theatrical version of Code Geass: Resurrection of Lelouch was released to great reviews! It was.

Full Metal Alchemist

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This fantasy follows the journey of the Elric brothers, who have lost part or all of their bodies in exchange for violating a taboo.
This mega-hit manga series, which has sold 70 million copies worldwide, has been adapted into two animated TV plays a role in the series.

The first anime adaptation, which aired in 2003-2004, was at a time when the original series was still in the process of ending Therefore, the second half of the anime is developed with the original storyline of the anime.
It is a completely different story from the original with its own settings and many original characters, but it has been highly praised. Winner.

FULLMETAL, the second anime adaptation of FULLMETAL, which aired from 2009-2010. ALCHEMIST” has been adapted to coincide with the conclusion of the original story.


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This is a dark fantasy based on the manga about the vengeance journey of the black swordsman Guts.
Like Hagaren, this one, too, has had two anime adaptations.

The first one was from 1997-1998 under the title of “Kenkaze Denki Berserk”, the most acclaimed Golden Age Arc adapted to film.
It was broadcast in a late-night slot, which was just beginning to increase at the time, but the sexual content was as modest as it could be.

The second time around, the Golden Age Arc was adapted into a theatrical anime, and the TV anime was adapted from the Absolution Arc and beyond.
Unfortunately, the chapter on the Lost Children, which was very popular with fans, was completely cut.

Astra on the other side

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A science fiction survival story about nine boys and girls who are thrown out into far-off space during a planetary camp and try to return home while crossing the stars.
The original work is a 5 volume manga, and it was envisioned before the series was published that it would be a short, concentrated series that would be drawn to the end.
As such, it does not feel live, and all of the settings and stories are meticulously prepared.

What makes this work unique is that it is very easy to get into for a science fiction work, making it a great introduction to science fiction.
The storyline, with its various large and small foreshadowing, regular unexpected developments, and other twists and turns will make you want to see the rest of the story as soon as possible.

Youth pig guy doesn’t dream of bunny girl seniors

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A science fiction romantic comedy based on a light novel.
The story is about a group of men and women who suffer from the “adolescent syndrome”, a supernatural condition that reflects the inner workings of their own minds. It depicts adolescence, love, and family love.

Although there are tricky elements, the adolescent syndrome itself is the embodiment of emotional struggles and worries. Therefore, the main focus is on human drama rather than science fiction elements.
The bravery and determination shown by Sakuta and the heroines in the midst of problems and crisis situations. and the emotional outpouring is intensely moving to the viewer.

A city without me

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The main character, Satoru Fujinuma, a manga artist who has the ability to avoid danger by going back in time called “re-screening” (revival). (Satoru Fujinuma) travels back in time 18 years to save his murdered mother and becomes the key The story is about the true story of the kidnapping of the
It belongs to the mystery/suspense genre.

Since the murderer of the mother and the kidnapper of 18 years ago are the same person, the purpose and the end point of the story are very It’s simple, but there’s a lot of foreshadowing in the process of getting there, and it unfolds very quickly It will not bore the viewers at all.
This is a masterpiece that I recommend to those who feel uncomfortable with the mystery genre.



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