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【A Place Further Than The Universe】in-depth examination of why so many fans are anticipating the second season!

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The original anime “A Place Farther Than the Universe”, which aired in 2018 and was critically acclaimed by many anime fans with a storm of emotions, was completely completed in its first season.
Despite this, we’re going to thoroughly examine why so many people are still waiting for the second season!

A moving story that goes beyond the high road

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Winter 2018 was the coolest year in the anime world in recent years, with the birth of many popular works, including “Yuru Camp△,” which is about to have a second season and a theatrical version, “Violet Evergarden,” which has become one of KyoAni’s most popular works with a big hit theatrical version, and “An’anburu,” the No. 1 hit anime for women in 2018. Stars! which was the No. 1 hit of 2018, and a number of anime with Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sales averaging over 10,000 copies.
A Place Farther Than the Universe”, which depicts the crying and laughing days of four high school girls aiming for the Antarctic Continent, is one of those blockbusters.
Each of the four volumes sold around 10,000 copies, and the stable sales with almost no one dropping out showed the high popularity of the series.

This work, nicknamed “Yorimoi,” is an original anime produced by Madhouse with Atsuko Ishizuka as the director and Juki Hanada as the series composition.
Initially, it was touted as “The main staff of the popular anime “No Game, No Life” have gathered! However, there were many anime fans who were not familiar with the unfamiliar story line of “a high school girl going to the South Pole”, and it was not expected to be one of the coolest. However, once it started airing, the fast-paced dialogues, the perfect balance of comedy and seriousness, and the fiercely moving scenes, as well as the exquisite direction, created a storm of praise mainly on SNS, and by the end of the show, it had become a popular work that was trending every time.

One thing in particular that received great praise was the relationship between each character.
In anime, a foursome of all-female characters would usually be very close and goofy all the time, but in this work, the friendships are life-sized, and the process of nurturing a relationship that is grounded while struggling with distance is carefully depicted.
This is something that is shared with Yuru Camp of the same school.

As mentioned above, there are many touching scenes in this work, but it is also important to note that many of them are not necessarily standard “tearjerker” scenes.
The best example is the climax scene of episode 12, “A Place Farther Than Space.

Hose Kobuchizawa, who has come to Antarctica in pursuit of his missing mother, discovers a computer that he has kept as a memento of her death, and finally realizes that her mother is dead when he finds an email on it.
The time HOSE spent thinking about her mother, the days when she clung to the hope that she might still be alive, and the reality that her mother is no longer with us, were expressed through the description of the unread e-mails that gradually piled up.

The beautiful and refreshing moving story was praised not only in Japan but also overseas, and was selected as “Best TV 2018 International” by the New York Times in the United States.

Even after the show was completed, the number of fans increased further through reruns

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Although Yomoi’s reputation and sales are unquestionable, there was no talk of a second season or sequel after the broadcast, and no new developments have been announced since.
Also, immediately after the broadcast, there were actually not that many voices wishing for a second season.
The reason for this is simple: the story was completely completed in 13 episodes.

The four main characters, Mari Tamaki, Hōse, Hinata Miyake, and Yūzuki Shiraishi, each had their own goals and motivations for going to the South Pole and returned to Japan after gaining many things.
At that point, everything that needs to be depicted in the film has already been depicted.
This is a firm conclusion shared by most people who have seen this film.

Many fans of popular works want to see the rest of the story, even if it’s just a snippet, but Yomoi is a rare anime that has come to such a complete conclusion that there is no room for even a snippet.

However, around March 2020, there was a sharp increase in the number of people searching for “A Place Farther Than the Universe 2nd season” and “Yoriwai 2nd season.
The reason for this is unknown, but it may have been due to the fact that AT-X was broadcasting the entire season from March 1st.

Also not to be overlooked is the fact that Yorimoi was ranked third in the “All Works No. 1 General Election” conducted by d-anime store in December 2019, with results announced in March 2020.
Of the 3,000 anime that were voted on, it is nothing short of an accomplishment for an original anime that only aired for one school year to be ranked third.
It is proof that even two years after its broadcast, it continues to remain in the hearts of anime fans.

At the same time, the fact that the number of fans continues to increase through reruns after the broadcast is also a factor.
In April 2018, immediately after the original broadcast, BS11 started rebroadcasting it, and after that, AbemaTV, Nico Nico, Nittele Plus, and AT-X broadcasted it all at once.
Furthermore, from June 2020, it will be rebroadcast on Nittele Plus.

With so many broadcasts, there is no doubt that the number of new fans is increasing, as anime fans who did not watch the original broadcast or people who are not anime fans have heard about it and have been exposed to it.
The reason why the number of people who want to see a second season is increasing is because the number of fans is increasing, and also because the fans who were rekindled by the news of the rerun have an honest feeling of “I want to see the new one! This is probably due to the fact that the number of fans is increasing, and the fans who were rekindled by the news of the rerun have an honest feeling that they want to see the new version.



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