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【Nanatsuya Shinobu’s jewel box】Spoilers for the Nodame author’s new release! Will there be an animated version?

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ew work by the creator of Nodame Cantabile! Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box” is a mystery story set in a long-established pawnshop in downtown Tokyo about the disappearance of a famous family and the mysterious synthetic diamonds. It has a different kind of charm than “Nodame”. In this article, we will explore the possibility of adapting “Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box” into an anime, with spoilers!

What is “Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box”?

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“Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box” is a romantic comedy and mystery manga set in a pawnshop and revolves around Shinobu, who has the power to see the “chi” of jewels, and Kenjo, who is engaged to be married through “pawnbroker”.
(“Nanatsuya” is a cryptic term for a pawnshop in the Edo period)

Author Tomoko Ninomiya is best known for her hit manga “Nodame Cantabile”.
Tomoko Ninomiya’s new manga, Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box, is a different and fascinating work from Nodame.
Currently (November 2019), the book is up to volume 9, and as of volume 7 publication (May 2018), the total number of copies published has surpassed 1 million!
In these days when “decluttering” and “tidying up” are so popular, the pawnshop is the center of attention as a place to organize one’s belongings.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of an anime adaptation of the popular manga “Nanatsuya Shinobu’s Jewel Box”, with spoilers.

【Nanatsuya Shinobu’s jewel box】Character summary! All of them are as individualistic as their counterparts in Nodame!
Shinobu Kurata

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She has a mysterious power to feel the “chi” of jewelry. Influenced by her grandfather, whom she loved, she wants to take over the long-established pawnshop “Kurataya” in Ginza.
She is a member of the kendo club in high school. He is a senior in high school, but is often mistaken for a junior high school student. He is more interested in Japanese style than Western style.
She has been engaged to Kenjo, the “pawnbroker” of Kurataya, since before he was born.

Akisada Kitagami

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He is 28 years old and handsome, and works at the Japanese branch of the long-established French luxury jewelry store “Dugarry”.
He was the heir to a prominent historical family, the Kitakami family, but was pawned off by his grandmother, Akiko, at the age of 5 and grew up in the Kurata family.
As the key to the breakup of the Kitakami family, he is looking for the “red stone with bird-shaped inclusions”, a family heirloom that his grandmother showed him when he was a child.

Takaomi Kuze

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He is the owner and jewelry designer of the jewelry shop “HULALU”.
Although she is not aware of it, she has the power to purify the ‘bad chi’ of jewelry. (Only Shinobu can see the ‘chi’ of the jewels.)
Kenjo and I have known each other since we met in London, and together we are searching for the Red Stone of the Kitakami family.

Kotetu Kawamura

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22 years old, a buyer of jewelry.
Abandoned by her mother, she was in an orphanage, but thanks to Kenjo, she entered a jewelry school. After graduation, she travels around the world as a collaborator and buyer for Kenjo and Takaomi.
The tiger’s eye compass she wears belongs to Haruko, who is thought to be Toratetsu’s mother, and it is thought that Haruko had some kind of relationship with Kenjo’s uncle, Yoshimi.


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A charismatic and popular model with an unknown background.
She became close to Kenjo when she became a campaign model for Dugari.
She has a feud with her brother Shobu, and even claims to have no family. Everything about her past is a mystery to her.

Shobu Aoyama

He is the older brother of Noiwa, a French businessman.
He comes to Japan to expand his business in Japan and contacts Noowa.
He has many mysteries to solve, such as his involvement with the mysterious synthetic diamond and his search for “Toratetsu”.

Yurie Kurata

Shinobu’s mother. After divorcing Shinobu’s father, Eiji Ozawa, she came back to Kurataya with Shinobu.
She loves brand-name goods and is skilled at authenticating them, but has a bad habit of using pawned goods without permission.

Tamotu Kurata

He is Yurie’s older brother (equivalent to Shinobu’s uncle).
He runs the pawnshop “Brand Deep Impact”, which handles brand-name goods and jewelry bought from Kurataya.

Shibunobu’s grandfather

The 12th generation owner of Kurataya. Deceased.
He was entrusted with Kenjo as a pawnshop at the request of Akiko Kitakami, whom he admired.
Because she wanted her descendants to remain in the Kitagami family tree, she made it a condition that if she pawned him off, her grandson would become Kenjo’s fiancee.
Before his death, he had done a lot of research on the dispersed Kitakami family, and left behind what Kenjo and others called the Bernard Report.

Shouko Kitagami

Kenjo’s grandmother.
She pawned Kenjo to Kurataya, but the next day, the Kitakami family’s house was burned down and the rest of the family went missing.

YOshimi Kitagami

Kenjo’s uncle.
He disappeared half a year before the Kitakami family split up and burned their house down.

Ichiko Akimoto (maiden name: Yoshii)

He is a wealthy family member who is said to have a red stone. (It was later determined that the Akimoto family’s red stone was not the same as the Kitakami family heirloom.
In fact, he has been staying with the Kitagami family since he was a child, and is acquainted with Kenjo’s uncle, Yoshimi.
In addition, Akimoto’s mother, Etsuko, and Akisada’s grandmother, Akiko, were close friends, and so he was secretly working for Kenjo.
Setsuko, the second daughter of the Akimoto family, is a classmate of Shinobu’s and a friend of his.


She is a regular customer of Kurataya and an employee of “Manmarutei”, a bento shop in the Ginkyu Shopping Arcade.
She is believed to be Toratoru’s mother, Haruko.

Kouji Naitou

A gemologist at AGI Laboratory.
Meisada’s friend and strong ally in jewelry appraisal.



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