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Seishun anime 10 choices! Masterpieces filled with gossily friendship of sweet and sour romance and chest attention

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We have selected 10 selected works out of youth animation depicting sweet and sour romance and friendship plays that teens boys and girls are playing!
It is not love animation or love comedes, we will deliver masterpiece animation that makes you feel unique momentum and pale atmosphere “Youth Animation”!

Seishun pig pigeon does not dream of bunny girl senpai

出展 :

Broadcast in the fall of 2018, directed by Souichi Masui · TV anime produced by CloverWorks.
The original is light novel “Young pig pigeon series” that Dr. Kamoshida Souichi (writer), Professor Mizoguchi Cage (illustration) publishes from Dengeki Bunko.
In 2019, the theater animation “youth porcupa will unveil the dream of a yumeemi girl” will be released as a theatrical animation which imaged the original 6-7 volumes.

This work is a theme of a mysterious phenomenon called adolescent boys and girls called adolescent syndrome, a theme struggle with everyday by the main character ‘s youth porcupor’ Azusagawa Sakuta and the people around him It is a story where is drawn.

Puberty syndrome manifests in various forms, a popular actress from a child role, Mai Sakurajima  is not recognized from others and becomes like a transparent person, and Sakuta’s junior ·  Koga Tomoe rewinds time and causes the phenomenon of repeating the same period, and Sakuta’s friend Futaba Rio  brings up the Doppelganger phenomenon in which you are two.

These adolescent syndromes do not emerge accidentally, they arise to respond to their intense troubles and feelings, and symptoms disappear by solving it.

In other words, puberty syndrome is the embodying of the problem of the onset character and the cry of the heart.
Sakuta responds to that cry and will be busy.

Sakuta usually does not put much emotion on the table and at first glance it is the hero of the “boyfriend system” that many people talked about, but in fact it is a hot-blooded boy who has a hot thing in his mind thickly, Because he is friendship, the appearance of stupidity going fierce owing to affection for love is exactly a young pig bastard.
Of course, this work which he is the hero is also in the middle of youth animation.

From the coloring world tomorrow

出展 :

Original animation by P.A. WORKS production which was broadcasted in autumn 2018.
Director Toshiya Shinohara of “Kuroshitsuji” “From Nagi no Asu from” took command, and Yuko Kakihara of “orange” “clean moon” is in charge of the series composition.
Character original plan is Fly of illustrator who handles ‘weak character Tomokazaki-kun’ etc. Yuki Akiyama is the character designer.

While setting in Nagasaki prefecture, this work of fantasy world view where magic exists exists as a hero with Tsukishiro Hitomi, who is at the distance from magic while being a wizard’s family line.
When I was young I could not see all the colors, so she closed my mind by that, time slipped to the past by the mother of my grandmother Kohaku, and in that era the photo art department (later Magical Photographic Art Department I changed my mind to face magic and to regain my mind … … a story with a calm tone is drawn.

Although it is a work in which magic appears, magic itself itself “faint change of daily life and visual effect of becoming an accent” such as weak things are popular, fantasy feeling is modest.
More than that, it is mainly the process by which Ehimi builds human relationships through daily life at the photo art department, regaining the mind and color.

There is no such thing as a special big incident being angry or a maddrum love drama being unfolded …,
A pale and beautiful youth like pastel color is drawn.

I want to return your voice

出展 :

Original animation produced by Tohokushinsha and Madhouse released in 2017.
Ishikawa, a director of “Iriya’s sky, UFO summer” “Overload” directed by Naoyuki Ito, and “Hana no Tsurugi” “Hanano Cherry Quartet – Hananouta”, is in charge of the series composition.
Mr. Toshnaoi Aoki who handled numerous characters for children’s programs such as “Ugougo Ruga” and animated character design as “Dried sister!” Mr. Umaru “” Mr. Takagi who is a good teacher “Ms. Aya Takano is serving.

This work set in Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture is a story in which seven high school girls make miracles by “Kotodama”.
The main character · Nagisa Yukiai made a mockery of DJ using the broadcasting equipment found at the uninhabited coffee shop “Aquamarine”, and when I heard that voice, Yazawa Shion  from her Mother Akane is a manager of Aquamarine, listening to the fact that the coma still continues in a traffic accident 12 years ago, from the thought that if the vermillion wakes up, the Nagisa radio “Aquamarine Planning the resurrection of … “This is the story.

The story is a youth of the royal road, there are almost no romance elements, it collides with the friendship of the girls, and it depicts one fantasy fantasy.
It is recommended for those who want to see the young girls’ youth animation that love does not entangle.



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