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【Voice Actor] Uesaka Sumire has announced the top 10 characters played by her! Which character is the most famous?

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Here is a ranking of the 10 most popular and well-known characters that Sumire Uesaka has played so far!
Which of the popular voice actors, who is good at Russian and is nicknamed “Sumipe”, is the best known? You’re a character!
Announced in countdown format from #10!

No. 10: Nonna

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This character appears in “Girls & Panzer”, which started airing in October 2012, a year after Uesaka-san made her voice acting debut.
Instead of the main character’s side of the story, she is the vice captain of Pravda High School, a character that was originally meant to play a supporting role, but now she is a Garupan character that every anime fan knows, and she is more famous than most anime heroines.
She has a cool personality with the nickname “Nonna of Blizzard”, but her attitude of standing up for her captain, Katusha, in many ways has always been highly appreciated by Galpin fans.

And the best feature of her is her fluent Russian.
Her Russian is so good that anime fans who didn’t know Uesaka-san at the time could tell from her Russian that this voice actor is fluent in Russian all at once.
In that sense, it can be said that Uesaka Sumire is one of the characters in which the characteristics and charm of the voice actor are most apparent.

No. 9: Chairman of the Public Safety Commission

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She is a character from the gag anime “Aho Girl” that aired in 2017.
She doesn’t have a name and is credited as the “head of the Kazoku Committee”, so it’s easy to think of her as a choice character, but she’s a full-fledged main character.
Moreover, he is one of the most popular characters in the series.

Because she is the head of the public morals committee, her grades are always on the top of the class and she has a very strict personality that forces her to obey the school’s rules… but she falls in love with the main character so much that it’s a shame for her to fall in love with him, stalking him is just a matter of time, she peeps in on the main character while he is taking a bath, and she doesn’t want to break up with the younger protagonist so she appeals to him to stay on.
It’s no exaggeration to say that she is the ultimate type of regrettable beauty.
She has been featured in gag anime such as “Poptepic” and “I’m going to be a twin-tailed girl”. Uesaka has also appeared in several gag anime such as “Poptepic” and “Ore, Twintails. and characters.

No. 8: Colette.

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The daily romantic comedy “This Art Club Has a Problem!” aired in 2016. He is one of the main characters in
In a word, she is an “idiot child” and her dream is to be a hero.
In spite of that, she is a genuine troublemaker and causes trouble and turmoil in the art club at every turn, so in a sense, she is a character who collects the title.

Uesaka plays a lot of different characters, but I got the impression that she’s especially into playing an innocent and uninhibited character like Colette.
And since she has many opportunities to play a foreign character, she is even better suited to the role.
She’s a character that left a stronger impression on fans than her fame.

No. 7: Kawakami Mai

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She was the heroine of the Kyoto Animation production of “The Phantom World of Muaijitsu no Phantom World”, broadcast in 2016, and the signature character of the work.
In the face of her overwhelmingly large breasts, many anime fans were left with an inferiority complex.

She is one of the gifted opponents of humanity’s enemy, Phantom, and is the leader of the Brain Function Error Countermeasure Office Team E.
She is a year older than the main character, Ichijo Haruhiko, who is one year older than the main character, Ichijo Haruhiko.
Other senior characters played by Uesaka-san include Cybelle from “Juliet of Boarding School” and Monroe from “Koisuru Asteroids”, but Mai is probably the most famous one.

She has a very winning personality and moves before she thinks.
He used to be known as a team crasher because of his roughness, loyalty to his own desires, and selfishness.
However, he’s not a total failure of character, and he’s cute in his own way.

No. 6: Peachy Maci.

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The idol of hell, who appears in the popular “Cold Tale of the Devil’s Lamp”, which has long since developed into an anime in 2014.
Idol characters are usually portrayed mainly as glittering on stage, but in her case, the depiction of her backstage scenes of directional troubles and unsuccessful and faltering scenes are more noticeable.
She said in an interview that she started playing the role right around the time of her debut as an artist, so she was able to empathize with the characters and enjoy playing them.

She is a natural and naive character with a good and bad temperament, and she gained popularity in a different way than what she aimed for, and in a way she was loved by the gods of idols.

By the way, the original story will be completed in volume 31.



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