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【Kamen Rider W】For Masaki Sugata, Kamen Rider appearance is black history? Looking back on the character I was playing, I tried to get to the bottom of it

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Did you know that the debut film of successful actor, Masaki Suda, is Kamen Rider W?
Masaki Suda who broke the record for the youngest starring in the Kamen Rider series and showed an outstanding performance since then.
In this article, we look back on the character Phillip, played by him in “Kamen Rider W” and summarize the relationship between Masaki Suda and Kamen Rider.

The youngest leading role in the Kamen Rider series

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Kamen Rider W” was broadcast in 2009 and had a double starring role of Ren Kiriyama and Masaki Suda.
Masaki Suda was 16 years old at the time when he played Phillip, one of the main characters.
It became the youngest starring role in the Kamen Rider series combined with Showa and Heisei. This record has not been broken even as of 2019’s Kamen Rider Zero One.

What is Philip played by Masaki Sugata?

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Left Shoutaro-Philippe is a hot topic as a double protagonist, but what kind of character was Phillippe played by Masaki Sugata?
Explain the character Phillippe, played brilliantly for a year by 16-year-old Masaki Suda.

Information gathering is the main

Shotaro, who runs Narumi Detective Agency with Philip, is a man of action. He travels to places on his own and often gets involved in disputes.
Philip, on the other hand, is a cautious person and mainly gathers information. He has the ability to access a database called the “Earth’s Bookshelf” and collects information from there that will help him solve the case.
The way he calls up a large number of bookshelves with the line, “Let’s start the search,” is so mature that he doesn’t look like a 16-year-old actor.

Rescued from a secret society

Shotaro and Philip did not start out running a detective agency together.
Philip was in a secret society of the Sonosaki family called “Museum”. Philip was captured by the Museum and was in a state of amnesia, but Shoutaro rescued him and they started working together as a detective.
Why was Phillip in a rival secret society? The mystery will be revealed in episodes 38 and 45.

Philip is a member of the Sonosaki family! And it was dead

Phillip’s real name is Sonozaki Raito, as revealed in Episode 38. As his last name suggests, Philip was originally a member of the Sonosaki family.
He is the son of Ryubei Sonosaki, the head of the museum. The experiments of Ryubei Sonosaki had caused his amnesia.
The fact that he was a member of a hostile organization is shocking enough, but even more shocking is the fact that Philip is dead. In episode 45, Philip is revealed to have fallen to his death in the space where he could communicate with Earth.
Just before he tumbled to his death, Philip’s body became a data source as he communicated with the earth. He was able to collect information on the “Earth’s Bookshelf” because he was communicating with the Earth just before he fell to his death.



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