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【Dropkick on My Devil!】Crowdfunding for the realization of the third phase! A Thorough Examination of the Possibility of Success

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A crowdfunding campaign for a third season of “Dropkick on My Devil!” has been decided upon. We thoroughly examine whether or not the third season will actually happen!
We also discuss the possibility of a third season if the crowdfunding isn’t a success!

Realization of the second term in a new style

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The black comedy “Dropkick on My Devil!”, serialized by Yukiwo in COMIC Meteor since 2012, has taken a very different path from the usual works and has become a popular anime.

The path to becoming an anime is a standard one, and it didn’t just explode in popularity …… after a certain point, but steadily and gradually gained fans.
By the time volume 6 was released, the total number of copies sold had surpassed 300,000, and a TV anime adaptation was announced in December 2017.
It was broadcasted in the summer school of 2018.

The Blu-ray and DVD sales of the first season of the anime were far below the level that is usually considered the borderline for a second season, but director Hikaru Sato said that if the first and second volumes sell 2,000 copies combined, a second season can be produced.
However, the director, Hikaru Sato, said that if the first and second volumes sold 2,000 copies each, they would be able to produce a second season. “Evil God Chan” was distributed exclusively worldwide by Amazon Prime Video, and the sale of the exclusive distribution rights provided a certain amount of funding, so it seems that the borders of past works were not really relevant and a unique second season line existed.

Then, at the event “The Final – Amazing Sabbat 2019” on January 20, 2019, the number of tickets successfully reached 2,000, and the announcement of the production of the second season was made on the spot.

After this, “Evil God-chan” continued to slowly increase its fame on its own terms.

In March 2019, the first crowdfunding (CF) project to raise money for the production of character songs and goods by the three angels, Peco, Popolon, and Pino, was a success, raising over 5 million yen against a target of 3 million yen.
As a second project, a CF to make a CD of the song “Jimbocho Aika” that was played in the last episode of the first season was conducted, and it became a feverish success, raising over 26 million yen against the target of 10 million yen.

Furthermore, Aina Suzuki, who plays the role of Jyakushi-chan, is from Chitose City in Hokkaido, so in December 2019, in collaboration with Chitose City, we held a project to produce “Jyakushi-chan Dropkick Chitose Hen” if we raised over 20 million yen in hometown tax donations. As a result, an extraordinary 180 million yen was raised.
There was a rumor among anime fans that “Jyakushin-chan is an anime with a fat customer,” and it attracted attention as a slightly abnormal and popular anime.

Crowdfunding for the third term

On August 8, 2020, “Evil God Chan” held its first main live music event, “Sabatonic”.
This online event was held on the video distribution platform “Stagecrowd”, and featured songs related to Evil God-chan such as the 2nd season OP “Violence as Time” and the 2nd season ED “Love Satisfaction”, as well as “Geki! Teikoku Kegakudan” and “Connect” were performed, and many fans were moved when the first season OP “Ano Musume ni Dropkick” was sung as a surprise at the end.

The last part of the event was the announcement that “CF will be conducted from September 2020 for the realization of the third season.
As I mentioned above, Evil God-chan has conducted two CFs so far, both of which have been successful.
Therefore, when this project was announced, the fans shouted with joy, “The third season is confirmed! When this project was announced, the fans seemed to rejoice, saying, “The third season is confirmed!

However, the scale of this project is completely different from the past two CFs, so it is not necessarily a promised victory.
Now, let’s examine from various angles how likely it is that a third term will actually be realized.

First of all, the stock, there is no problem with this.
At first glance, it may seem that the stock for the first season has not yet been accumulated, since the second season consumed only the middle of volume 12 and volume 15 has been released as of August 2020, but there are still several episodes that have not been visualized between …… and volume 12. There are still some episodes that haven’t been visualized up to volume 12, and even if we were to make a third season using only volume 12 and beyond, the stock up to volume 16 and 17 would be enough, and considering the pace of Evil God Chan’s release, we should be able to finish it by the first half of 2021 at the latest.

Next is the schedule of the production company and staff.
In recent years, this has become a bottleneck in many cases due to the effects of the new Corona, but in the case of “Evil God Chan,” it should be fine when it is announced that the CF will aim for a third season.

The biggest focus is on how much money the CF can raise to make a third season possible.

The production cost of late night anime varies from work to work, and in recent years it is said to be around 10-20 million yen per episode.
Therefore, if you make 12 episodes per school year, it would be 120 to 240 million yen, and if you make 10 episodes, it would be 100 to 200 million yen.

It’s impossible to predict exactly, but in the case of Evil God Chan, although there are quite a few action scenes, it’s not the type of anime that costs that much to produce in total.

In addition to this, broadcasting costs, advertising costs, and other costs are required.
Being a late-night anime, with not so many stations broadcasting the first two seasons, Evil God-chan should require less broadcasting costs.
In addition, the collaboration with Chitose City is expected to save some money on advertising and publicity costs.

However, in the case of Jyakushin-chan, they are actively involved in events, merchandise sales, and the operation of the fan community “Jyakushin Club,” and these costs will also be necessary.
Taking all that into consideration, I’m just guessing, but I think we might need at least 200 million yen in total.

The question is whether or not this amount can be raised through CF alone. …… It probably won’t work that way.
However, the circumstances and motivation of the investors are different between hometown tax payment and CF, and we cannot easily say that 200 million yen is within the range of …… based on the results of hometown tax payment.

However, there is no need to raise 200 million (or more) only by CF.
In the first place, anime is usually sponsored by companies, not fans, and “Jyakushin-chan” is no exception, with several companies investing in the first and second seasons as part of the “Jyakushin-chan Dropkick Production Committee”.

Of course, it’s not easy to get the same number of sponsors or the same amount of money as in the previous two seasons, so the CF may be meant to make up for that.
In addition to that, we should be able to continue to receive revenue from Amazon Prime exclusive distribution, goods, events, and various projects, as well as membership fees for the Evil Club, which were the sources of revenue until the second term.
Therefore, the amount of money we need to raise for CF is probably going to be well below 200 million yen.

If we can show through the CF that “Evil God-chan has the power to raise this much money” and that “there are still fans who are passionate enough to unite to reach the target amount,” it will be easier to attract investors.
Therefore, the CF is not only for raising funds for the third term, but also for visualizing the depth of the fixed fans.
Of course, if the target amount is achieved, it will be in the news, so it will also serve as an advertisement.



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