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What is the No. 1 anime that unintentionally gets your heart racing?

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We’ve picked out the most popular anime based on girl’s manga to bring you the top 30 rankings!
We’ve put together a variety of works, from romance and adolescent anime that will make your heart skip a beat, to bizarre anime with extrapersonal beings!

No. 30: thought, thought, pretended, dumped

出典 : Ⓒ2020アニメ映画「思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ」製作委員会 Ⓒ咲坂伊緒/集英社 : アニメーション映画『思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ』公式サイト

The anime movie is scheduled for release in 2020.
It is based on the manga by Sakisaka Io, which was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, and is a school and love story.

It is a story about a high school girl, Ichihara Yuna, who is extremely shy, in contrast to Yamamoto Akari, who can get along with anyone, Yamamoto Rio, who is Shuri’s brother-in-law and has romantic feelings for her, and Inui Kazuomi, who is Yuna’s childhood friend and a natural boy.
Yuna is in love with Yuna and Shuri is realistic, but their friendship and their complicated relationship can be enjoyed in a refreshing way.

There are some heavy descriptions, but basically it is a heart-pounding story.

No. 29: Tokyo Miu Miu

出典 : ©講談社/「東京ミュウミュウにゅ~」製作委員会 ©征海美亜・吉田玲子/講談社 : アニメ『東京ミュウミュウ にゅ~♡』公式サイト

Based on Mia Seimi’s manga “Tokyo Kuroneko Musume” (under the name Mia Seimi at the time), the manga was originally written by anime writer Reiko Yoshida and drawn by Seimi, and was serialized in Nakayoshi.
It was made into an anime from 2002 to 2003, and a new anime titled “Tokyo Miu Miu niu? is scheduled to be produced in 2020 under the title “Tokyo Miu niu?

The genre is a battle heroine story.
It is a story about Momomiya Ichigo (Momo Miya Ichigo), who is in love with her classmate Aoyama Masaya (Aoyama Masaya), gets caught up in the “μ Project” to fight against the alien invasion, and together with four other girls in the same situation, they form a team “Tokyo Miu Miu” and try to exterminate the aliens.
Ichigo has merged with the genes of the Iriomote Bobcat and has developed a constitution that allows her to grow cat ears and a tail when her mind is overloaded, and the only way to unlock the aliens is to exterminate them, so she fights to return to her original human form and confess her feelings to Aoyama-kun.

Although there are many elements of a beautiful girl’s battle force, the root of the story is a girl’s heart.

No. 28: It’s nice to say you like it.

出典 :

It is a TV anime aired in the fall of 2012.
It is based on the manga by Hazuki Kanae, which was serialized in Dessert, and the genre is a school and love story.
It has been made into a live-action movie in 2014.

It is a story about a lonely girl, Tachibana Mei (Tatebana Mei), who has fallen into distrust of people due to a past experience of being framed, and has always been alone after she enters high school, but she accidentally kicks Kurosawa Yamato, the most popular guy in her school.
There are many heart-pounding scenes and emotional scenes, and the story can be called a classic girls’ manga.

No. 27: 3D Girlfriend: The Real Girl

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The TV anime was aired in 2018-2019 in two divisions and two cools.
It is based on the manga “3D Girlfriend” by Mao Nanami, which was serialized in Dessert, and is in the genre of school and romance.
A live-action movie was released in 2018.

It is a love story centering on Tsutsui Hikari, an otaku who loves two dimensions, and Igarashi Iroha, a beautiful gal with flamboyant heterosexual relationships in contrast to him.
It is also a coming-of-age ensemble drama that depicts the stories of several other couples.

By the way, it is not a 3DCG anime.


出典 :

A sci-fi coming-of-age love story that aired in the summer of 2016.
It is based on a manga by Ichigo Takano-sensei and was originally serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, but was later transferred to Monthly Action.
It was adapted into a live-action version in 2015 and was a huge hit.

The story is about the main character, Takamiya Naho, a high school girl who receives a letter written by herself 10 years in the future and struggles with her classmates who also received a letter from the future in order to avoid the death of the new student she will eventually love.
The letter from the future is the key to the story, and it can be said that it is a work in which the science fiction element has gained support, which is rare in shoujo manga.

No. 25: What’s wrong with me being popular?

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The TV anime aired in the fall of 2016.
It is based on the manga by Junko-sensei, which was serialized in Bessatsu Friend, and the genre is reverse harem.
A live-action movie is scheduled to be released in 2020.

It is a story about Serinuma Kae, a rotten girl who loves BL and has an obese body, who lost a lot of weight due to the shock of her favorite character’s death, and as a result, she becomes a beautiful girl and is being wooed by the good looking guys in her high school.
It is a light story but full of heart-centeredness.

By the way, the abbreviations are “Watamote” and “Watamote”, which is the same as “it’s your fault that I’m not popular”, but in recent years it has become more common to abbreviate “Watamote” to “I’m not popular with you~”, so it is now differentiated.

No. 24: The Wolf Girl and the Black Prince

出典 :

It is a TV anime that will be broadcast in the fall of 2014.
It is based on the manga by Ayuko Hatta, which was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, and the genre is a romantic comedy.
It was also made into a live-action movie in 2016.

It is a story about Erika Shinohara (Shinohara Erika), a “wolf girl” who talks about her love story with eloquence but actually has no experience in love because she is older than her ears, and Sada Kyoya (Sata Kyoya), a popular guy in the school but actually a dark-hearted and dusky handsome guy, who starts out as a fake couple and then gradually falls in love with her really.
It is a comedy so it is a fun story, but at the same time it has a lot of heart-pounding elements.

No. 23: Still, the world is beautiful.

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The TV anime aired in the spring of 2014.
It is based on a manga by Shiina Jo-sensei, which is serialized in Hana to Yume, and is in the genre of otherworldly romance.

Set in a fantasy world where the decrease in rainfall is a problem, the story is about the fourth princess of the “Principality of Rain”, Nikeh, who is a poor, isolated country, but whose royal family has the ability to make it rain, and she is married to Libi, the Sun King and still a boy in the “Great Land of Sunshine”….
Not only is this anime a fantasy, which is not often seen in shoujo manga in recent years, but it also has the pointed elements of “political marriage” and “oneshota” that make it unique.

No. 22: Ore Monogatari!

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It is a TV anime that was aired in two cool seasons from spring to summer 2015.
It is based on the manga by Kazune Kawahara (original work) and Arco-sensei (drawings), which was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, and is in the genre of an adolescent romantic comedy.
A live-action movie was released in 2015.

It mainly depicts the romance between Takeo Gouda, a big boy with a kind heart and big heart, contrary to his rugged appearance, and Rinko Yamato, a pretty, calm, and petite beauty.
Takeo’s best friend, Makoto Sunagawa, who is handsome both inside and out, has always been in love with Takeo… There is a side affection element, but there is no awkwardness at all and the story is basically cheerful.

No. 21: Skip Beat!

出典 :

It is a TV anime that aired from 2008-2009.
It is based on the manga by Nakamura Yoshiki, which is serialized in Hana to Yume, and has been published up to 45 volumes (as of May 2020), and is still a very long-running work.
The genre is romance and entertainment.

The story focuses on the love triangle between Kyoko Mogami (Kyoko Mogami), who entered the entertainment industry in order to take a second look at her childhood friend, singer Shotalo, who used her as a housekeeper, top actor Ren Tsuruga, and Shotalo, who is reunited with Kyoko, who has become an entertainer, and who is the first person to have romantic feelings for her.
Although the story is drawn in a light comedic style, there are many serious scenes and heart-pounding scenes.



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