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【My maid is too usable! 】 Why is the eyeball of the right eye of Kamenko Tsubame? # Uzamaid

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Fall 2018 Autumn laughable everyday comedy animation among animation “My maid is too usa!

Here, I will spoil the reason for the right eye’s eye zone of another main character “Kamoi Tuname”.

What is Kamoi Tubame?

Kamoi Tsubame “My maid is annoying! Another 28-year-old former SDF who was the main character of this work and became a maid of Russian half-beauty girl Takanashi Misa.

Tubame is a very good person and is a former SDF so the physical abilities are very high, muscles are much more muscular women than general men.

Also, the appearance is often said to be a beautiful woman, in addition to doing general household chores such as cooking, the clothes I made on my own are also very popular on the net.

Because of that, girls from Misha ‘s friends envy me about swallow.

But, swallow is famous for having a definite disadvantage that Misha is unbearable.

Tubame is like a little girlfriend

At first glance it seems to be a perfect maid, but in reality it was a superstar.

He was always a criminal act and stealing a young lady or strangling a beautiful little girl such as Misha.

Once I met Misia who happened to be playing in the garden, I love Mischa at first sight.

Then, after knowing the information that Misha’s house is looking for a housekeeper, the Tubame just left quit the SDF visited Takanashi family to become Misha’s maid.

From that time on, Tubame caught Mischa as a maid of Misha, and started to send everyday to make me love Misha with transformational behavior.

Why is the eye zone of the right eye?

Tubame has an eye zone with rose embroidery on the right eye, but the reason why he is doing this eye zone was unknown.

In the opinion of the net, there were various opinions such as whether the swallow is Nakaji disease or for fashionable, but the truth was surprisingly heavy.

Actually, Kamoi Tubame came to take an eye zone because he lost sight of his right eye.

The reason for quitting the SDF is because it made it difficult to carry out his duties with blindness of the right eye, which makes me surprisingly serious reason.


Because it is thing about the Tubame I thought that the right eye’s eye zone was attached for a unique reason, but it was unexpected that it was sick indeed.

Although it was a duckweed swallow that seemed to be a panacea who could do anything with high physical ability, I did not think that the reason why he was wearing an eyeball was blindness due to illness.

I’d like to see more of Tsubame’s past stories, so I’d like to expect that the second stage of animation will be broadcasted

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