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Kaguya-sama wants to make you tell her] Is the essence of Shirogine Goko a genius? Clunkers? Thorough examination

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Update 4/13!

A thorough investigation into the true nature of student council president Shiragin Miyuki, the male protagonist of “Kaguya-sama wa Kucheraseitai” and unusually popular for a romantic comedy character!
He ranks first on every test, but he’s also a bit of a clunker. We’ll get to the bottom of which one he really is!

Miyuki Shirogane Miyuki Character Overview

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He is one of the main characters in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Tsuetate” and is the president of the student council of Shuuchin High School.
He was born and raised in an environment that is far from affluent, but his father took the liberty of submitting an application for a special scholarship, and so he entered the Shuchiin Academy, an integrated junior and senior high school, from the senior high school level.

His appearance itself is well-groomed, but his eyesight is quite poor due to the effects of long hours of study, and he has a complex about it.
Her family’s economic environment is not good, so she shies away from paying attention to fashion, and as a result her fashion sense is devastating.
He is also extremely athletic and clumsy and has no sense of music, and he has many weaknesses that he often trains to overcome.

His only weapon is his studies.
Especially before tests, he always works hard at his studies, and has always been ranked first in his grade.

This is because of her strong fondness for Shinomiya Kaguya, the vice president of the student council.
Kaguya is a perfect person with excellent talents in every way, and he believes that he has to get better grades than her in order to be on par with her.

However, due to his pride, he thinks that confessing his feelings to her is a defeat, and since Kaguya has the same opinion and feelings for him, they have been in a state of “not being together even though everyone around them thinks they are a good match for each other”, which is a rare thing in the world, but at the school festival they confirm their feelings for each other and successfully start dating.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Makoto Furukawa.

In the truest sense of the word, “hard-working genius

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TOP | TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

His school, Shuchiin Academy, has a deviation of around 77, which in reality is the same as the top-ranked high schools in Japan such as Kaisei High School, Kobe High School and Keio High School.
It is one of the most elite schools in Japan.
In reality, this is the same as the top-ranked high schools in Japan, such as Kaisei High School, Kobe High School and Keio High School.

However, this achievement does not come from the time he entered high school.

Chairman Shirogin entered a school from high school to university as an outsider.
Although he was admitted to the school on a special scholarship, he was barely able to get into the school by passing a make-up exam, as he was the lowest-ranked student there.
Of course, there is no doubt that he was a good student when he was admitted to an elite school, but at least at the time, he was far from the top of his class.

He perceived himself as a “talentless person”.
He had a strong sense of inferiority to Kaguya, who was already a genius when he entered the school, and it seems that he felt a clear difference between himself and Kaguya, who was a genius, to the point that he despises himself as an “outsider with no merit”.

However, Chairman Shirogane got inspired.
In order to become a person who can stand next to Kaguya, he set a goal to surpass her in test scores and take the first place, which he achieved in his third test.
What’s surprising is the rate of his growth: after starting out as a make-up student, he quickly ranks 9th on his first high school test, then 4th, then 1st.

However, this makes me wonder the opposite.
If he can grow so rapidly, why didn’t he improve his academics by studying before the entrance exam?

The reason is obvious.
He’s clumsy and needs several conditions to get the hang of it.

There are three main types of geniuses: Type A, which surprises people with ideas and actions that no one can predict; Type B, which is a much faster learner than the average person; and Type C, which grows rapidly after a certain point in time.
Type A is the most standard type of genius, and Secretary Fujiwara is probably the closest to Type A in this story.

Type B corresponds to Kaguya, who is very good at processing information from the outside.
They are able to quickly learn what they are told and see and do everything immediately.

In contrast, C types are good at processing their internal abilities.
Although they are not good at taking in information from the outside, once they learn it, they can apply and develop it in various ways, and they quickly run up the stairs.
The clumsy Chairman White Silver is by far the most common type.

The definition of “hardworking genius” is vague, but there are at least three talents that can be considered minimum requirements.
The talent to set the right direction to work hard, the talent to continue to work hard, and the talent to reproduce the abilities that you have acquired from time to time.
We will exclude “not bothering to work hard” here because it is a matter of preference in that field, not of effort in general.

Of the A-C types, Type C falls under the category of genius of effort.
Unlike Type A, which is uninhibited, and Type B, which goes through everything smoothly, Type C takes a lot of effort to learn, so they have to examine the methods and means of mastering it.
And from there, they have to keep repeating trial and error until they master it, and by demonstrating a high degree of reproducibility to what they have learned, they can finally get results.

If all you have to do is complete this process, you are simply a “hard worker”.
But in the case of Chairman Shiragin, he is a “hardworking genius” because he can achieve outstanding results quickly through this process.

This is clearly shown in the many training sessions that are part of the popular series of this work.
Due to his clumsiness, Chairman Shirogane has many weaknesses, but he overcomes them all in just a few days with the help of Secretary Fujiwara.
This is the kind of speed that only a genius of hard work can achieve.



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